"Danny we need to talk." Sam pulled him over.

"Sam can we talk later I'm really tired." Danny pleaded.

"Danny, you're always tired lately, you barely even talk to me anymore. And I'm your girlfriend!" Sam yelled.

"Could you please calm down. My head already pounding." Danny put his hands over his head. He felt like he was going to collapse at any second. His head was pounding. Suddenly his knees gave out and he slumped against the wall and slid down. Then the darkness took over him. He faintly heard Sam yelling his name.

When Danny woke up he was surrounded by white. He looked around. He was in a hospital. Sam was sitting in the single chair. Her eyes were red and puffy and by the looks of it she hadn't gotten much sleep.

"Oh my god Danny! You're awake!" She ran over to him and kissed him. He kissed back and the spark was even less. She pulled away and stared at him.

"What happened to me?" Danny asked.

"Well, during school we were talking and you fainted. You've been out cold for a week. I was so worried! I should go tell your parents you're awake." Sam left the room. Danny was in shock and relief. Sam came back into the room and told him his parents were on there way over.

"So how do you feel?" Sam asked.

"Okay." Danny shrugged and Sam sighed.

"What?" Danny asked.

"Do you really want to know?" Sam asked.

"Yeah." Danny replied.

"You never talk to me anymore, and on the rare occasion you do it's one word and barely acknowledge me. Do you even like me anymore?" Sam asked.

"Sam, I don't know. I'm really confused right now. I think we should take a break." Danny sighed.

"Oh well okay then. I'm tired and I should get home. Good-bye Danny." Sam rushed out of the room, not quick enough for Danny not to notice the tears streaming down her face. He sighed, but was relieved he wouldn't worry about Sam when he left the mortal world.

Over the past few weeks his ghost powers had been triggering quicker and he hadn't had as much control. He had told his family about it. They did some tests on him and found out he was becoming a full ghost. His family estimated he had about another month in the mortal world before he had to go live in the ghost zone. Danny had contacted skulker and danielle and told them what was happening to him. Danielle told him she would go with him so he wasn't alone, and skulker swore he wouldn't hunt him anymore.

Danny didn't want to hurt Sam anymore than he had to, and he was afraid that she wouldn't be able to handle him leaving. He told his family about this and they agreed to move so everyone wouldn't have to deal with his disappearance. He was going to tell Tucker and that was it. Then he was gone.

Jazz came and took Danny home. Home to horrible news. His father told him he had made a mistake Danny didn't have 1 month he had 1 week. Danny was in shock. He contacted Danielle and Skulker and gave them the news. They said the preperations for him were almost ready.

Danny went to school and told everyone he was moving on Friday, that wasn't enough time to plan a party so they all said there good byes there.

On Thursday Sam went up to Danny and hugged him.

"I've known you for a really long time Danny. I'm not going to let a silly break-up make us not friends. I love you, but I know I have to let you go. Tucker told me. I'm really going to miss you." Danny wrapped his arms around her and tried to quiet her sobbing. He loved Sam but it would never work. People couldn't manage to stay together across states, let alone dimensions. He told her he loved her and then he walked home. Friday came before he knew it and he told his family good-bye.

Danielle showed up at 8:00 pm and went with Danny to the ghost zone. Skulker was supposed to meet Danny and Danielle by the entrance, when he didn't Danielle showed him to his new home.

Ghosts came and went over the next few weeks. Telling him they were sorry. Assuring him that they would be good now that he had saved there world along with his. He smiled at all of them and assured them he was fine.

Then she showed. Ember. The one who had started the feelings between him and Sam.

"Your the Halfa right?" She asked.

"Well not anymore. I'm full ghost now." Danny told her.

"So I guess you're not going to fight us anymore huh?" She asked.

"I'm still going to try to protect Earth from ghosts as best I can." He replied.

"Well there goes my plans." She mumbled.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. So how do you like the ghost zone? It's better than the mortal world isn't it?" She scoffed.

"Not really." Danny shrugged.

"God what's with you? You're all depressed. Do I need to make you and Danielle fall in love." She joked.

"Probably not, she's my cousin." Danny said.

"Wow you really are messed up. You need to get out of here for a while. Come with me." Ember grabbed Danny's hand and led him into the ghost zone.