"I checked for Danielle, she isn't anywhere!" Kitty exclaimed. Danny shook his head.

"I'm going to Clockwork." He told them.

"I'll come with you." Ember offered. Danny took her hand and they flew to Clockwork. They entered the tower only to find a horrific sight.

"Oh my god." Ember buried her face in Danny's shoulder. There Clockwork was on the floor cut in two. He was a ghost so the only thing they saw was green goo flowing out of him. A note was left next to him.


I know you are going to be the one to find this. I'm sorry about this but I didn't have a choice. I have joined Johnny and Sam. I know it's hard to understand but I've always hated humans and I wish them to be gone. And yes, I know I will die, but that is a risk I am willing to take. I love you and I hope you can forgive me for this.



Danny shook his head in disbelief. Clockwork was dead. And Danielle was going to die to, unless he stopped them.

"This war can't wait a week." Danny told Ember.

"But we aren't ready." She told him.

"There is nothing stopping them now! They have Danielle and if they succeed in merging the worlds then Earth will seize to exist along with the ghost zone. We need to fight. Now."

"What if we are to late?" Ember asked.

"Then I'll do what ever it takes to save you all." He kissed her. She kissed back with everything she had and they flew back to Danny's room.

"Skulker, Kitty, get ready for battle. It's time, I can't explain why but we need to fight this war, and stop them right now. Grab my hand." They each grabbed Danny's hands as he transported them to the castle. Skulker went to round up the army as Kitty went to get the ice bears. Danny and Ember prepared the battle suits. Once they were ready for battle Danny and Ember waited outside of the castle.

"Danny, if we don't make it today, or if something goes wrong, I want you to know that I love you, even if you can be a dipstick sometimes." Danny smiled and hugged her.

"I love you too." They stayed like that until Kitty and Skulker arrived with the armies. Ember kissed Danny as he flew up.

"Today, we aren't fighting for freedom. We aren't even fighting to save the humans. We are fighting to save both dimensions. We are fighting because humans have portrayed ghosts to be evil for so long, that that is what we have become. I think what most of the ghosts have forgotten is that they were once human, or a living creature on earth. Today we fight for who we used to be and who we are now!" The armies cheered.

Danny, Kitty, Ember, and Skulker touched either their crowns, necklaces or rings. Black ghost power shot from each of the items and connected it to another. Danny's to Ember's, Ember's to Kitty's, Kitty's to Skulker's and Skulker's to Danny's. They felt the power surge through them the power brought them closer towards each other until they were standing in a circle. They each took off their royal items and touched them together in the middle of them. Black power glowed from them and a flash of light emitted. When the light died down they were each holding a weapon. A weapon that reflected who they were. Danny's ring had become a black sword. Ember's necklace became a whip that was on fire... blue fire. Kitty's crown became a black knife and Suklker's crown had become a black ecto gun. The four ghosts smiled at each other and took off towards the battle grounds. Something told Danny that Johnny and Sam where already there waiting.

When they got there, Danny's suspicions were confirmed. Johnny and Sam where there along with the entire ghost zone ready to fight. Danny knew how to fight all of theses ghosts Undergrowth's roots needed to be frozen. Nocturn needed to be woken up and frozen, Desiree needed to be wished away etc. Danny had told everyone how to defeat the ghosts and it was time to end this.

"Ready?" Danny asked. Kitty, Skulker and Ember nodded. "CHARGE!" Danny screamed. Their army and the ice ghost bears flew towards the battle field. Johnny and Sam signaled for their army to go to... while they stayed behind.

Danny's adrenaline was pumping as he killed his first ghost - Undergrowth. His ghost powers had been bonded to his swords so which ever power he thought, was executed when he swung his sword and made contact with them. Danny flew past hitting every ghost that came his way. Danny thought it was almost too easy. At some point he caught up to Skulker. They fought together for a long time. They were making progress until they reached Desiree. She was fighting with everything in her and none of Danny's army could stop her. He realized that either Johnny or Sam made a wish so that she was invincible.

"I wish I could defeat you!" Danny yelled. Desiree smirked.

"Sorry, but I only grant my master's wishes." Desiree sent a blue ray in the complete opposite direction of Danny. He looked to see who she hit... Ember.

"EMBER!" Danny screamed as he saw her fall. He flew over to her only to be stopped by technus. Technus sent electricity flying towards him. Danny blocked it with his sword it reflected back at Technus, who got electrocuted and fell to the ground in agony. Danny finally reached Ember. He touched his sword to her forehead and her features re-animated.

"Danny move!" She screeched as Nocturn sent a blast of sleep towards them.

"No..." Danny murmured as strong as his army was they weren't strong enough. Desiree was invincible, and Nocturn had put half of Danny's army to sleep. Danny saw that Ember was now fighting Spectra with Kitty and Skulker was still trying to beat Desiree. Danny saw green ooze flying in every direction. There was no way they were going to win. Not unless he killed Johnny and Sam... and who knows if they had made a wish making themselves invincible. Danny looked down and saw that Clockwork's anklet was back. Danny's eyes widened. When realization hit him... Clockwork was dead and someone had to take his place. And that someone was him. Danny flew above the battle and yelled.

"STOP!" Everyone looked up at him as he froze time. He unfroze Ember, Johnny and Sam. Ember, Johnny, and Sam flew above the battle.

"You don't have to do this." Danny told Sam and Johnny.

"Yes we do." They shouted together. Danny looked at Ember and grabbed her hand.

"Then let's end this." They closed their eyes and grabbed Johnny and Ember. They transported themselves to an ice berg in the middle of the Emocean. Danny didn't waste a second. He flew towards Johnny and attacked. Johnny pulled out a sword as well and the fought. Johnny thrust his sword towards Danny who flew beneath the ocean. A storm at sea was starting as Johnny and Danny battled it out beneath it. Johnny kicked Danny's sword out of his hand and Danny tried to swim away. Johnny grabbed Danny by the neck and was about to bring the sword through his head when they heard a voice. Use the anklet Danny... It was the voice of clockwork. Danny froze Johnny in time and swam to his sword. He knocked Johnny's sword out of his hand and put his sword to Johnny's heart. He unfroze Johnny.

"Please don't! I-i'll do the right thing! I'll join your side!" Johnny whimpered. Danny shook his head.

"You already had that chance." Danny plunged the sword into Johnny and let all of his powers pulse through out Johnny. Johnny screamed in horror as he felt his body begin to pulse. He was like a ticking bomb. Danny pulled the sword from Johnny and flew above the water. Ember and Sam stopped fighting as they heard an explosion. Sam's eyes widened as she flew beneath the water. She screamed and flew out of the water, hurling herself towards Danny. Danny raised his sword ready to fight her, when Ember struck a cord on a guitar. Her whip transformed into her life death guitar. She struck the death cord and aimed it at Sam.

"Sorry baby-pop, can't let you hurt him." Sam was hit with the cord and her eyes fluttered closed. She fell beneath the ocean and remained with Johnny, both would have to re-live their lives on earth.

Danny and Ember kissed as they realized that it was over, they had won. And then a realization struck Danny.

"Danielle! We have to go before she merges the worlds!" Ember grabbed Danny's hand as they transported themselves back to the battlefield, time had somehow unfrozen it self. Ember went to help Skulker defeat Desiree, now that her master's were dead, she could grant any wish. Danny flew towards an odd looking machine that Danielle was stepping into.

"DANIELLE! DON'T DO IT!" He screamed as he reached the machine.

"Danny it's to late! I've already activated it!" Danny had to think fast. If it took a half human half ghost to merge the worlds, what would happen if the balance wasn't even. Danny flew into the machine with Danielle.

"Danny! What are you doing! The machine will explode and we'll both die!"

"Well we'd die anyways if you went through with this plan!"

Ember and Skulker had just defeated Desiree and Kitty had defeated Nocturn, the rest of the ghosts had realized what had happened and they fleed.

"Where's Danny?" Ember screamed to Kitty. Kitty looked towards the machine with sadness. "No!" Ember yelled flying towards the machine. Skulker caught her by the waist and made her stay.

"There's nothing you can do." Skulker stated sadly. Ember watched in horror as the machine exploded, with Danny inside. When the smoke had cleared Ember flew up to the machine. There was green goo everywhere.

"No! Danny!" She cried.

"Your life death guitar! Use it!" Kitty screamed. Ember transformed her whip into her life death guitar, set it to life and aimed it at the machine. She struck the cord and waited. Nothing happened.

"It's to late. He was already born as a human on earth." Ember stated miserably. Kitty hugged her as she screamed and cried.

"He was brave. He saved everyone." Skulker said. They stayed there standing by the machine for hours. Finally they went back to Danny's room. When they opened the door they were met by a wonderful surprise.

"DANNY!" Ember screamed. She launched herself into his arms and kissed him. "How are you still here?" She asked crying.

"Well apparently I couldn't die when I had Clockwork's anklet on. It got destroyed, but it kept me safe." Danny explained. Kitty, Skulker, and Ember surrounded him in a hug. They pulled away and decided to go to the Emocean. They sat there for a long while. Suddenly Danny chuckled.

"What?" Kitty asked.

"It's just kind of funny how things turned out." Danny told them, they all looked at him quizzically. "I mean I hated being a half ghost, and all of you tried to kill me. But now I'm a full ghost and we are kings and queens of the ghost zone, if someone had told me that this would be my life 2 years ago. I would have laughed in there face." Danny told them. Ember took his hand.

"And now?" She asked.

"Let's just say that it's good to be Danny Phantom."

~The End~

Wow! I can't believe it's finally over! Can you? I'd like to thank all of you for sticking with me through this year and a half. You've all supported me and I'm so glad that I had the chance to write for you :) Watch out for my other stories! Because there will be plenty of them!

~Oceana Mist