This starts out pre-xenosaga 3 on the planet Shion goes to to meet with Allen. I'm sorry but I completely forget which Miltia it was.

Artemis awoke to her alarm clock ringing loudly. She cursed and pressed the snooze button, looking at how the clock read 5:15 am. She looked down incredulously at the clock, thinking why on miltia she decided to set it to ring so early. Her gaze shifted slowly down to her nightstand, on it a job application filled out in pen. She stared at it for a moment, her blood-red eyes narrowing slightly before she remembered instantly exactly why she set it to ring so early.

"Oh shit!" she audibly exclaimed, jumping out of her bed. She ran into her bathroom, flicking on the dim light. She pulled her chin-length black hair, which was cut in very subtle layers, out of it's messy ponytail. She parted it the way she always did, in such a way that her right eye was partially covered, before pulling it back into a neater, tighter ponytail. Upon realizing what she did and the futility of it, she groaned loudly before yanking the ponytail out and running into her shower. 'Why did I do that?' she thought angrily, turning the water on and hissing as ice cold water pelted her skin. 'What was the point of parting my hair just to put into another pony?...Especially considering the not showering part!....Just what the hell is sticking to my skin?' she thought, looking down. She gasped and immediately peeled off her night gown. She cursed loudly and washed, shampooed, and conditioned in that order. She dried off and ran back into her room, not bothering to dry her hair, but she instead pulled it back into another tight ponytail. She ransacked her closet for something to wear to her interview. Now mind you, she had a plentiful of clothes at her disposal, just none which she would describe as appropriate for a job interview, and she didn't want to wear any of traditional clothing either. In the end, she chose a pair of tight fitting black jeans and a simple v-neck red sweater that was long sleeved and reached down mid-thigh. She tied her black sash around her waist and sprinted out the door after throwing on her black leather jacket and some knee high boots with 3 inch wedges on the bottom. She sprinted all the way to the space port and when she arrived she got on the elevator that went up to where the durandal was docked. As the door closed, she sat on the couch. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Once the elevator was half-way up to the docks, realization dawned on her. She looked down at her hands, which were devoid of a certain paper. She had left her application form at home, and somewhere along her rushing to get ready, she neglected to put on any underwear at all. "oh shit!" she yelled, earning a scowl from a nearby woman who covered her child's ears. Artemis scowled back and looked at the time.'6:10.. I don't have time to go back and get it…oh well' she thought, laying back onto the couch 'winging it is much better then blowing 'em off I suppose..' she thought, as the elevator continued to ascend, she sincerely hoped she was right.

Artemis Focalor, she was 18 and today was the day she had her interview for a job in the Kukai foundation. She was to meet them at 6:30 am to conduct an interview. She had never been one to actually take getting a job seriuosly, but her original job was not working out to well for her. As the elevator came to a halt and she stepped out, she brushed the "hethen" comment the mother on the elevator made as she edged her child out of the elevator, off her shoulder. She drew in a deep breath and walked into the docked durandal, and wasted anbother 10 minutes seaching for the bridge because of her rather boyish trait of not wanting to ask for directions.


Artemis dashed through the hallways of the durandal, in the direction she finally determined to be the way to the bridge. As she was running through the halls, she noticed a red-haired boy with blue eyes walking towards her. Now if she wasn't as annoyed as she was, she probably wouldn't have tackled him out of her way shouting "Move Kid!". Little did she know, the 'kid' she had tackled had in fact been Gaignun Kukai Jr. himself. She ignored his screaming as she turned the corner, but couldn't help but wonder where a kid learned how to use such fowl language. She arrived on the bridge with no second to spare, however it took all her control to stop herself from ramming straight into Gaignun Kukai. He merely looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. She then noticed that she was staring and cleared her throat and immediately began trying to explain why she was almost late and why she didn't have her application with her. Gaignun gave a small chuckle and held a hand up to silence her.

"Don't worry about it." he started with a small smile. "I won't be conducting your interview, our little master will be, and he doesn't even know we have application forms." hearing this caused Artemis to calm slightly.

"Oh" she said simply, before asking "Who's this little master?"

"I am" a youthful males voice said from behind her. Artemis turned with a smile and said

"Hi I'm Art- Oh shit...." her face fell as she gazed at the boy she shoved out of her way earlier. He was looking up at her with a mischievous smile

"Hey 'Art'. I'm gonna have fun with this.." he said to her in a voice that made her want to tremble.


Gaignun Kukai Jr. was in a bad mood. He had refused to hire 5 people that morning and then he was bowl over by some girl who was sprinting through the hallways. But hi bad mood was clearing as he found that the girl was in fact his last interview and he could run it how ever he wanted. She sat in front of him, her eyes nervously looking down at the ground. The first thing he noticed since they were in here was her eye color. It was a slightly creepy shade of red, which made him doubt she was human, but if she was a robot, she wouldn't make it through the doors of the durandal unless she was known of or accompanied by someone. He also noticed that she wasn't wearing underwear. It wasn't an ability he was pruod of, for the most part, but his 'experiences' led him to be able to tell things like that.

"So...." he started, this seemed to get the girl's attention, as she slowly looked back up to him. "You applied for all around technician...right?" he recieved a nod in return. "Well....what does it entail. Tell me." he demanded, which caught Artemis off guard.

She stuttered for a moment before answering. "It ensues the repairs and checking of all technology used on the Durandal, and making sure they're up to stat"

Jr. nodded and stood up. "Do you think you can handle it?" he asked.

"Yes." she answered.

Although this answer didn't satisfy Jr. "You sure?"

"Yes." she answered in the same way.

"Really really sure?" he tried with a smirk.

"Yes." came the slightly anooyed answer.

"Ultra super, mega super, really really REALLY sure?" he asked in a singsong voice. It worked.

"YES! I'M SURE!DAMMIT!" she shouted standing up, before covering her mouth quickly and sitting back down.

Jr. smiled at this. "You're hired." he said simply.

"I'm sorry but you kept asking and- What?"

"You are hired." he repeated.


"You start tomorrow, 8am sharp, and pack your bags, we're leaving on a mission and we need a technician." he rhymed, walking out of the room. Artemis just stared at the door before standing up and walking out.

"What the hell just happened?" she asked herself as she walked out of the Durandal, back to the space elevator and sat down on the couch.


Artemis focused as she decided what to pack for her trip. She decided just to throw in a good portion of the things in her closet, clothes, straightening rod, shoes, and she made sure not to forget underwear. She stood after being satisfied with her packing and brushed some dust of her black kimono pants. She had changed into a male kimono when she got back to her house, it's top robes were white and it's kimono pants where black. She didn't know why she didn't like wearing Female kimonos, she just didn't. She walked and sat out on her porch, looking up at the setting sun.(I imagine her house to be just Like Jin's, without the books). She then heard the ring of the bell she put in the front of the house. She got up and walked around from the back, seeing a man That looked to be in his thirties waiting patiently. Artemis was a blacksmith by trade, and repaired and made many types of weapons.

"Hello." she said, approaching the man who was looking at the house. He turned to her with a smile.

"Hello." he replied. "I'm Jin. May I ask if you have any suitable swords for me?"

Artemis, despite being slightly stunned by this random customer replied "I have a lot of swords. Come in." leading him into her house, she walked into a room with many different types of weapons. Jin looked through the room in awe.

"You have a pletiful of weapons in here..And they're all in good shape, clean, no dust. Do you tend to these every day?"

"Yes" Artemis replied, walking over to a closet "As an 18 year old, you'd think I have better things to do other than sit at home all day and tend to weapons. I do go out with friends sometimes..but I have much more time to do this. It calms me down." she opened the closet door and pulled out several sheathed swords.

Jin, strayed from his examination of the bows and walked over and looked at the swords laying on the ground. He picked up a simple one, unsheathing it and testing how it felt. "This one..what do you call it?"

"Bo Yan. I found that just lying around and repaired it up a bit." Artemis replied.

"You've done an excellent job. You can't find swords like this in the U.M.N shops now a days." Jin said, sheathing the sword. "How much will it cost?" he asked.

"Just take it. No cost." Artemis said. Upon seeing him about to protest she continued "Not many people even use swords anymore. And on the off chance they do, they get them from a U.M.N shop. I like the moments when someone like you comes here and wants some of the old style blades. Besides, its been so long.. I haven't established a price on anything anymore."

Jin nodded and said "Thank you for your kindness. I hope we have the chance to meet again."

"Likewise." Artemis replied as she watched him walk away from her house. Only then did she notice it was dark out. "May as well get to sleep for tomorrow." she said, slipping out of her kimono and laying down in her bed, she fell asleep almost instantly.

This concludes the first chapter.