Chapter 9: Giving up the Prize

Before Roger could understand what was even going on, Vlad had other ideas. Since Stan wasn't going to hand over the red thermos peacefully to him, Vlad then began to fire some ecto-energy beams toward the two.

"Duck!" cried Stan as he grabbed Roger before one of the beams hit him.

"What the heck is this all about, I thought we were only suppose to get one ghost!" cried Roger.

"I know" replied Stan, "I thought that as well, but it seems this ghost wants this Danny Phantom for some possible evil scheme to take over this town."

"How the heck did you come up with that obvious scheme?" asked Roger.

"Don't know, it just came to me" replied Stan to which he then gave the red thermos to Roger.

"We're going to play keep away from this rogue ghost" replied Stan, "until I find a weak point."

As Vlad kept on firing his ecto-energy beams at where both Roger and Stan were hiding, Roger immediately leaped out with the thermos in his hand.

"Say, you want this, you're going to have to race me to the Mayor's office first!" laughed Roger.

"Roger, what the heck?!" cried Stan as Roger started to dash off.

"Oh so that's how it's going to be then" replied Vlad as he then split himself into four other versions of himself.

"You ghosts can do that?" asked Stan.

"Yeah, but I'm afraid you won't live long enough to save your friend" replied the first Vlad.

While the three Vlads were sent to attack Stan, Roger was running through the hallway trying to head toward the Mayor's office. He passed some security guards whom were sleeping on the job quite literally. Vlad still in his Plasmius form passed by and noticed them snoozing.

"Bah, you can't get good help these days, even when you're Mayor of this town" sighed Vlad.

Simply ignoring the two guards, Vlad heads off to search for Roger. Roger immediately then dashes right into the Mayor's office with no one looking.

"Ha, I made it, I made it, I made it!" laughed Roger as he was doing his victory dance.

"Oh really?" asked Vlad as he suddenly appeared right in the Mayor's chair still in his Plasmius form.

"B-B-But how the heck did you beat me?" asked Roger.

"Please, you think it's hard to figure out who I am?" laughed Vlad to Roger, "Give me the thermos and I promise I'll spare your life, and the life of your partner's too."

Roger hesitated a bit if he should give up the thermos to the strange ghost whom was really Vlad Masters. A few seconds passed and Vlad was getting obviously impatient.

"Don't keep me waiting, while I'm still young here!" roared Vlad.

"You can forget about it" replied Roger as he placed his hand on the thermos' hatch.

"Wait, what are you doing?" asked Vlad.

"Something that Stan and I should have thought about it a few minutes ago" replied Roger as he opened up the thermos.

Suddenly Danny Phantom himself popped right out of the thermos.

"Wh, where the heck am I?' asked Danny who was a bit dizzy as he noticed he was in the Mayor's office.

"Bah, do I have to do everything myself?" asked Vlad.

"You released me?" asked Danny who was a bit curious to why a Guy in White agent would help him.

"Let's just say I needed to give up a good prize" replied Roger to which he quickly hid behind a plant, "now do your thing already!"

Yet as Vlad was about to pound Danny, three Vlad clones were thrown right through the door and disappeared as they landed on the floor. Stan was obviously using his hi-tech laser weapon issued from the Guys in White.

"Roger, did you release him?" asked Stan to Roger.

"I had no other choice, I'm a coward!" replied Roger.

"Well, I think I know one way to make you two look good" said Danny as he then overshadowed Stan to which he then loaded up Stan's hi-tech weapon, "so how's this for some fire power?"

Suddenly with one blast from the hi-tech laser weapon sent poor Vlad crashing right out of the Mayor's office window and smashing right on a taxi which the Fright Knight formerly drove over. Danny then immediately took out Stan's BlackBerry and handed it to Roger.

"Quick, call your other Guys in White operatives" said Danny while still controlling Stan, "tell them we got a big ghost problem here in downtown Amity Park near city hall."

"Will do" replied Roger.

Within a few seconds as Vlad was regaining consciousness, he suddenly noticed the sound of sirens heading his way. They were unmarked government issued vehicles which held members of the Guys in White in them.

"Well, this is quite ironic!" cried Vlad as he was trying to attempt to flee from the scene while the Guys in White agents below were firing at him.

"Follow that new ghost!" ordered one of the Guys in White operatives as he gave chase.

About an hour later, even after Vlad managed to out maneuver the Guys in White, Vlad who looked like he was in a jogging marathon in his human form came into the scene with other Guys in White agents there noticing something different. Roger along with Stan were at the end of a table where Vlad also had managed to get CIA Deputy Director Avery Bullock to come to the meeting.

"Stan Smith, the Mayor of Amity Park, one of America's wealthiest has asked me to ask you back to the Agency" said Avery as he sat down.

"Glad to come back Sir" replied Stan.

"Good, you'll fly back next thing tomorrow morning" added Avery, "I'll see you there bright and early as ever."

"Let's make it a night flight then my full pay" added Vlad.

"What about me?" asked Roger.

"You Mr. Winklestein will be under surveillance" replied Vlad as he was leaving the scene, "the Guys in White do not take kindly to rogues like you."

"But I helped them fight two ghosts!" cried Roger as he started to whine toward Vlad.

"You hid most of the time" added Stan as he was following Avery Bullock.

"Gee, thanks for that wonderful defense" replied Roger in a sarcastic tone.

While Stan headed back home that night, the next morning, at least two members of the Guys in White participated in overseeing Roger's class. Even though the Guys in White irked Danny, it oddly didn't bother him knowing the Guys in White were the lesser of the two evils in keeping Roger from embarrassing him in front of the class.