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Songs used:

Colorful Wall (Boy to Girl) by Len Kagamine

White Canvas (Girl to Boy) by Rin Kagamine

Melt by Miku Hatsune

Spinning Song by Rin & Len Kagamine

From a Place You're Not There by Rin & Len Kagamine

If you couldn't tell by now, I am a complete and total vocawhore. And I'm proud, damn it.


This white room, white wall with me that has nothing, that can't do taught me the world in repeated short time


Colorful. White. Wall. Canvas.

When Neji saw her, it was after he'd escaped from the hospital for the third time that week.

Neji hated hospitals; it was to be expected, since he'd spent most of his life in them. He used every opening to get away, and when he did, he would run to the park, or into the city, sneaking into his favorite bookstore, wrapped up in literature until his father found him, a stressed, worried frown on his face. His father was always worried now; he rarely ever smiled, and when he did, it was a forced, sad attempt. For today's escape, Neji went to the park, the green leaves moving in time with the soft breeze.

Neji closed his pale eyes, letting the wind caress his face, and adjusted the pale blue bandanna on his head, so the wind can rustle what was left of his hair; a few dark, limp strands swinging tiredly with the wind. Before, he believed his hair to be a hassle, something that irked him; now, he yearned to have all of his hair again, to feel the heavy weight of it on his shoulders, tying the thick hair into a low ponytail.

Cancer was an evil, evil thing; it stole anything and everything from you, either swift and mercifully or in a cruel, agonizingly slow manner.

The wind was soothing, its hypnotic brushing over the leaves sending him into a light doze. The silence was…very…calming…

"MERUTO tokete shimaisou

Suki da nante zettai ni ienai... dakedo"

Neji's eyes slowly opened, as a high voice reached his ears, rising, and then fading away. He turned his head to where the voice originated, slowly pushing himself up from the bench, readjusting his bandanna.

He wanted to find out who was singing this song.

Neji moved to the center of the park, where there was a large fountain, jets of cool water shooting upward into the sky. And standing on the large rim of the fountain was a girl.

She wore all white, the pure color making her tan skin glow, and her chestnut hair almost black. Her arms were outstretched; fingers splayed wide, her smile wide as she sang.

"MERUTO me mo awaserarenai

Koi ni koi nante shinai wa watashi

Datte kimi no koto ga...suki nano"


I know. Isn't the world a little more enjoyable?

(You're smiling when you're singing)


Around the fountain a crowd stood, listening on happily as the girl sang about first love, her steps light as she skipped around the fountain's edge. Neji shuffled, hesitant to go forward; he wanted to go forward, to join the crowd…but…it was best if he just stayed here. Making his decision, Neji leaned against the trunk of the tree next to him and watched. Just then, the girl turned on her heel, and her hazel eyes locked on his.

She didn't miss a note in her singing, but her smile, if possible, grew even wider, color spreading across her cheeks.


I know. Isn't the world a little happier?

(A red blush spreads across the smiling face)


Seeing her smile, Neji couldn't fight back the smile that had spread across his face. He did not know this girl; he didn't know her name, what she liked, what she hated, or where she lived. But, he knew that even though the girl didn't wear a thread of color on her, she seemed to leave rainbows in her wake, her aura a warm, golden yellow. Like sunlight. Neji sat down and closed his eyes, pressing his back against the rough bark. For the first time in a while, he felt peaceful, the feeling a light, green thing.

"You and I couldn't be any more opposite…" he whispered

She wore no colors, yet she left colors where ever she went, and he was dressed in bright fabrics, but could only see in shades of gray.


You're singing. About the colorful world

You're singing. With a faint sweetness

You're singing. About the discolored world


The thing that clings, life

The thing that touches, appearance

The thing that loves, always

The thing that fell, word


When Tenten saw him, she was at the fountain in the park, singing like she usually did.

Tenten loved to sing; she'd been singing ever since she was small; she wanted anyone to hear, everyone to hear. Tenten wanted to tell everyone the joys and sorrows, good times and bad, which happen in this world. She wanted to show them the beauty; to see the world through her rose-colored glasses. And so, to reach them, Tenten sang.


It reached. It all reached.

Outside, inside, you, me

I grab "now" and sing. Sing everything.


Every time Tenten went out, she never wore colors. Sometimes she wore white, other days gray and black on really rare days. Every day, no matter the weather, she went to the park, stood on the rim of the large fountain located at the center of the park, and began to sing. The people who passed by loved her singing, one telling her as she sang that she, "trailed colors wherever she went" Ever since then, she stopped wearing colors; why bother, when there were rainbows in her blood, following her in a thin trail.

That day was just another day for her, and she'd gone to the park, like she usually did. She was standing on the fountain, singing about the joy of first love, when she saw him. He was standing in the shadows of the trees, his hands in the pockets of his faded blue jeans. His pale green shirt rippled in time with the breeze, along with the thin dark strands of hair that were waving underneath his blue bandanna. His pale eyes were tired, rimmed with dark circles, and he was hunched inward on himself somewhat, as though the mere act of standing tired him.

Tenten felt an odd stirring, a soft noise as the world just seemed to click into place, and her face warmed as she stared, never missing a note in her singing. This boy, dressed in colors yet transparent and gray, was important. It was as though she'd been waiting for this day, and she smiled brightly at the boy as soon as his eyes locked onto hers. His eyes went a bit wide with shock, but he couldn't seem to stop the answering smile that had spread across his face. That smile had made the world brighter, the colors around her whirling into a kaleidoscope.

She didn't know this boy that much was definitely for certain; but she knew that this gray ghost was hers now. She wanted to know his name, where he was from, what he liked, what he hated, and why he looked so tired. But for now, all she could do was sing. And so she did sing, never tearing her eyes away from the boy.

'We're so different,' Tenten mused to herself, 'and yet…we're the same, somehow. Aren't we, my gray ghost?'


Outside, inside, you, me

I sing "now"


"MERUTO eki ni tsuite shimau...

mou aenai chikakute tooi yo dakara

MERUTO te wo tsunaide arukitai!

mou BAIBAI shinakucha ikenai no?

ima sugu watashi wo dakishimete!

...nante ne"

Neji watched as the girl hopped off the rim of the fountain, beaming. Grabbing the edges of her skirt, she gave her small audience a clumsy curtsy, happily giving her thanks. As the crowd thinned, the girl began to move, a light skip in her step, as she quickly traveled towards Neji. He stiffened as she grew near, his nerves rising, but he couldn't find it in him to get up, to vanish before she got there. But before his mind could reconnect to his body, she was there, in all her colorful glory, her hands behind her back as she stared down at him, smiling.

Her kindness was yellow, warm, and her eyes sent red fire to Neji's face. He coughed, "can…can I help you..?" he questioned, raising one eyebrow as he stared up at her.

She shrugged, "I dunno," she replied, her grin widening, "can you?" In the blink of an eye, she'd crouched down, so that they were looking at each other equally. She coked her head, her chestnut bangs flopping clumsily across her forehead, giving Neji the strange urge to swipe the bangs away.

"My name's Tenten" she said suddenly, "Just Tenten. Age sixteen. Who're you?" Neji continued to stare at her, discovering that her eyes had flecks of gold in them, that shined when the sun hit them just right.

It astounded him; everything about her was just golden.

"Neji," he said slowly, "Neji Hyuuga. I'll be seventeen next month." 'If I even live that long,' he added bitterly, silently. Tenten nodded, "it's nice to meet you, Neji!" she said happily, holding out a hand, "let's be friends, okay?"

Neji stared at her hand like it was going to snap at him, before hesitantly reaching out, and grasping her small hand. Electricity seemed to shoot between them, the spark a bright, fluorescent orange, and the feeling made Neji jump slightly.

Tenten giggled, and swung their joined hands together, "so, riddle me this," she chirped, "how come you're out here, all by your lonesome?" His shoulders stiffened a bit, before Neji shrugged, his outward appearance nonchalant, "no reason," he said smoothly. Tenten's eyes narrowed; she only knew Neji for a few minutes, and already she could tell when he was lying and when he wasn't.

"Don't lie to me," she chided, "so, what, did you run away or something?" Neji's nonchalant façade melted into a grimace, "not…exactly…" he hedged, avoiding her piercing eyes. But he felt Tenten's gaze burrow under his skin, and he sighed, "I ran away from the hospital." Tenten felt her eyebrows rise, "the hospital? What're you doing there?" Neji felt a little spark of something go out of him, and he looked down at his hands, which were thinner than he remembered; he needed to eat some more. "I…" he said softly, "I-I'm…I have cancer. I've had it for a while, so…it's no…I'm getting the treatment, so…"

Tenten pursed her lips and nodded, placing her chin on her knees, "I understand. Okay."

Neji looked at her, somewhat surprised. That was it? No pity? No sympathetic words, or how sorry she was, looking at him like he was dead already? No…no…there was…nothing. It was as though he'd just told her about tomorrow's weather, not the fact that he was dying. This girl…Tenten…she was an enigma; a mystery to him. Tenten suddenly looked down at the black watch on her wrist and gasped, shooting up to her feet, "shoot! Neji, I have to go home now; my uncle said I have to come home early this time!"

She shook off whatever dirt was clinging to her skirt, before offering a hand to Neji to help him up. Slightly stunned by her quick movements, Neji quietly took Tenten's hand, feeling that orange spark between them, and let het pull him to his feet. "It was nice to meet you, Neji," Tenten said, squeezing his hand softly, "can I see you again tomorrow?" Neji's brows wrinkled as the thought; tomorrow, he had to go through more chemotherapy, and the sessions always made him violently ill afterward. "I'll…I'll try…" he finally answered, looking down at his feet.

The smile Tenten gave him made him freeze, blinded by the brightness of it, "great! I hope I'll see you again, Neji!" Giving his hand one last squeeze, she turned, and began to run, heading toward the gates of the park. Neji stared after her until she had all but vanished from his sight, the orange tingles still spreading through his hand. He blinked. Blinked again. Blinked some more.

But no matter what he did, Tenten's bright smile would not fade from his mind's eye. His vision hazy, Neji slowly made his way back to the hospital, his thoughts wrapped up in the white enigma that oozed color.

Tenten was…different; the most out there person he'd ever met.

Her bright attitude was almost…refreshing. And he'd only known her for such a short amount of time! When he'd finally re-entered the hospital, his nurse pounced on him, looking over him to make sure he was alright, before practically dragging him back to his room, berating him all the while. After lecturing him, his nurse quickly deposited him in his room, before leaving with a huff, her pink hair trailing over her shoulders. Neji stared after her before sighing quietly as she left the room; Sakura Uchiha is a nice nurse, the nicest he's ever had, but sometimes, she could be a real pain.

Sitting on his bed, Neji leaned into the pillows, turning to look out the window at the blue sky, and the few birds that flew by. As he lay there, Neji began to feel restless; it started as a twitch of his fingers, which grew to a small amount of fidgeting, which led to him sitting up, his heart hammering for something. But what? Then, he saw it. A dark blue spiral notebook, lying innocently on his nightstand. His sketchbook. Without even thinking about it, he reached out, sighing as he picked up the notebook, feeling the calm, blue relief it brought him. Neji looked around again, and picked up a sharpened pencil in one of the nightstand's drawers.

Then, flipping the sketchbook open to a new page, Neji pressed the pencil against the white, white paper, and began to draw again for the first time in months. When he finished, what stared back at him was a drawing of Tenten, her smile still so bright, even on paper.


I'm drawing. The "world" you gave me.


Tenten tucked her chin into her palms, as she stared up at the sky, and counted the birds that flew overhead, sailing underneath the white puffs of cotton in the sky. After she ran out of birds to count, Tenten stood up with a sigh.

Neji was late. Three hours late, to be exact.

Tenten tried, but she just couldn't stop the disappointment that rose in her, pressing against her like a grey stone. She knew she shouldn't have been disappointed; she only met Neji yesterday. But she couldn't help herself; it felt as though she'd known him for years, not just twenty minutes.

Tenten should've known that Neji wouldn't show up; but she couldn't help but hope that maybe he'd come...

"I ran away from the hospital"

Tenten's head snapped up as Neji's voice echoed through her mind, the tone tired and gray. 'Of course…' Tenten wanted to smack herself; she'd completely forgotten that Neji was in the hospital, 'and that is where I'm going to go!'


"The hospital always has extra doors…" Tenten murmured to herself, "that way, no one will see me, and I won't have to go ask for help!"

Smiling, Tenten quietly slipped through one of the doors into Konoha Hospital. She wandered around the large halls that were too bright, the floors too shiny, looking in every room for Neji. Two hours and three different floors later, she found him. He was curled up in his hospital bed, his back facing her. He was wearing a white t-shirt and beige shorts, his pale blue bandanna gone, showing her the few patches of hair that clung valiantly to his scalp, the washed out strands spread out on the pillow.

He looked tired, broken…sick.

Sharp and fast, sadness rose up in her, sharp and blue and painful, leaving a large lump in her throat.

Tenten swallowed the painful lump down, and tentatively took a step into his room, shutting the door quietly behind her. "N-Neji…?" she whispered, keeping her hand wrapped around the doorknob. His body jerked, as though he'd been electrocuted, before he slowly turned on his other side to look at her, his eyes wide with shock. "Wh-what…" he rasped, "what're you doing-how on earth did you-why-?"

At his sputtering, Tenten's lips curled into a smile, and she laughed softly, "surprise!" she said happily, "I came to see you! It took forever and a half trying to find your room, but I did it!" She placed her hands on her hips and grinned, proud of her accomplishment.

Neji slowly got over his shock, and sighed, shaking his head, "you're…you sure are something," he sighed, relaxing into his pillows. Placing her hands behind her back, Tenten moved over to Neji's bed, sitting down at the foot of the bed, "so…how are you?" It was such a simple question, but for Neji it was a heavy, loaded question to answer. He sighed, choosing his words carefully, "well…I had some…tests done today…" He closed his eyes, remembering the news that his doctor had told him after his chemo treatment. "My…my doctor said that there hasn't been much improvement and…the cancer isn't…going away. If something doesn't change soon, then…I'll have a year. A year and a half, at the most."

At the foot of his bed, Tenten had become a statue, her eyes wide as she absorbed the painful information.

'A…year…?' It was hard to believe, to comprehend. One year. Three hundred and sixty-five days they'd have together. Such a small amount of time.

Tenten's breath left her with a shaky whoosh, "that's…that's not a lot of time…" she whispered. Neji shook his head, eyes bitter, exhausted, "no…no it's not…" he whispered in return. They both fell silent, and Tenten didn't notice that she'd been hugging herself, until Neji grabbed one of her hands. She never realized just how cold he felt; it was as though all of the blood in his veins just…stopped.

And it scared her.

"Tenten…it'll be fine…don't worry…I'll be okay. It'll all get better soon."


It won't heal. It won't heal. It won't heal.

Hiding that scar that won't heal

It won't disappear. It won't disappear. It won't disappear.

Holding the pain that won't disappear.


Tenten turned her hand, so she could lace her fingers with his, the frown on her face never disappearing. "Will it?" she finally asked, her voice small, "be okay, I mean? Will it really?" Neji's frown deepened, "I'd like to think so…I really hope so…there's a lot…a lot I still want to do…"

Tenten's frown deepened, "you're making it sound like there's no hope…like you're really going to…to…" Greif cut through her with its silver bite, and she quietly cried for her almost-stranger, who was already turning into something, in such a short amount of time.

Tenten pressed her hands to her face, feeling the traitor tears slide silently down her face, and she didn't jerk away, as Neji slowly, hesitantly wrapped his arms around his almost-stranger and held her close. What-could-be's and what-should-be's floated around their minds, but they focused on the what-can-be's, Tenten rocking as she quietly cried.


Hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me.

More tighter. Tighter

Until, until, until, until, until, until, until, until, until, until, until,

Life. Until it colors


The cruel world his hurting you

I'll laugh. So you can laugh

You're worrying about immobile me.

I'll think. So you can sing.


"…Where going where?"

Tenten rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, "we're going to the zoo. And then, we're going to get ice cream. You've been to the zoo, right?"

Neji, who had looked at her when she made her silly request, rolled his eyes right back at her, before turning back to his sketchbook, finishing the shading of the way the sun hit Tenten's hair as she stood on the fountain. For the past month, Tenten has been coming to the hospital to see him, and every time, she always had a new place that she wanted him to see. Last week, she'd taken him into the woods, showing him a large river that ran by softly.

"Today was a lucky day," Tenten had spoken, dipping her feet into the cool water, "sometimes there are bugs all over the place. One time I was sitting here, and about an hour later, I looked down, and there was a huge spider on my shoulder." She'd shuddered, "I didn't come back here for a month."

Neji chuckled softly, and sat next to her, their fingers almost-but-not-quite touching, orange sparks arcing over their fingers. Now, it was a new visit, and with it, a new adventure. Neji placed the colored pencil he was using down, closing his sketchbook with a sigh, "two hours," he warned her, tying a dark green bandanna over his head, "two hours, and then we go for ice cream. Got it?"

Tenten grinned, happy that she got her way, and Neji's room glowed from the yellow in her smile, "okay, Neji! C'mon, c'mon! Let's go!" With a tiny huff, Neji grabbed her hand, and let her yank him off the bed, down the white halls, and out into the blinding brightness of the world.


"Inochi wa toki no naka wo

nagare nagarete

tokoshie no kiroku wo

futae no rasen ni tsumugi yuku

watashi wa kono uta wo

utai katarite

setsuna no kioku wo

hito no kokoro ni kizami yuku"

Neji stared at Tenten's sad face, slowly eating his ice cream cone as she sang.

They stayed at the zoo for two hours, just as Tenten had promised. They wandered through the entire place, paying a visit to all of the animals. After each visit, Neji had to sit down, fighting the nausea that was turning his stomach inside out. He used to love the zoo; honestly he did, especially the tigers, their stripes rippling as they practically glided across the ground.

Now, the sour smell surrounding the zoo was overwhelming, when normally no one would notice it at all. When Tenten saw him, his head in his hands, taking deep, calming breaths, she grabbed his hand, and they quietly left the zoo.

Now, they were back at the park, and Neji sat at the bench, watching Tenten sing.


I know. Isn't the world a little more scary?

(The eyebrows are crunching while singing)


"Inochi wa toki no naka wo

nagare nagarete

tokoshie no kiroku wo

futae no rasen ni tsumugi yuku

watashi wa kono uta wo

utai katarite

setsuna no kioku wo

hito no kokoro ni kizami yuku"

A lone tear slid down Tenten's face, and she quickly swiped it away as she continued to sing about loss and memories and letting go.


I know. Isn't the world a little more sad?
(The smiling face's eyes are watering)


Having finished his ice cream cone, Neji wiped his sticky fingers in the legs of his jeans, never taking his eyes off of Tenten. She still radiated that warm gold glow, but the edges seemed to be washed out, turning into a shade of grey.

She was sad. And he was the cause of it.

He sat back, gripping his elbows in a loose hug, as murky brown regret washed over him. Just then, Tenten turned her head to look at him, and he jerked his head down, staring at his lap, memorizing the faint stitching patterns in his jeans.

"Shizukana shizukana mori no oku de

kasukani kirameku furubita kagami ni

chiisaku chiisaku fureta boku wa…

Kimi no basho sono sekai boku to onaji keshiki

kimi no basho onaji sora tada watashi dake soko ni inai"


You're singing. About the colorful world

I receive it. The clear emotions

You're singing. With a faint sweetness

I receive it. The soft shine


"Futari wo wakatsu kono kagami no

mukougawa onaji basho bokura utau

tsutaete (tsutaete) kono utagoe

kikasete (kikasete) kimi no oto

itsuka wa (itsuka wa) todoku yo ne to

ima mo koushite utatte imasu"

Neji slowly looked up, and saw that Tenten was still looking at him, rocking on the heels of her feet. When he finally locked eyes with her, the smile she gave him was as radiant as it was when she first met him. He didn't have to feel so guilty…it was alright…everything was fine. It felt like the first day he met her; he couldn't help but smile back.

"Eien (towa toka) shinjitenai kara

itsuka wa (itsuka wa) kagami ga kowarete

kimi e to (kimi e to) aeru you ni

ima mo shinjite utatte imasu"


You're singing. About the discolored world

I receive it. The colorful discoloration



"Tenten. Did you bring it?"

Tenten raised her arms and grinned, the smile a Cheshire smile. Hanging off of her arms were rows of paint, two large paintbrushes taped to the inside of her thighs. Neji shook his head, amazed, "how were you able to sneak it inside?" Tenten shrugged, "I told them it was for the children's ward. They believed it. Isn't that surprising?" Tenten giggled and Neji grabbed her wrist, tugging her into his room, "It's not, really," he said as he shut the door, "this hospital's kind of weird." While Neji locked the door, Tenten dumped the cans of paint onto his bed, ripping the taped paintbrushes off her legs.

"Soo…tell me what this is for again?"

Neji went quiet, staring past Tenten, out the window, lost in thought. Finally, he said, "I was…I was just tired of the walls. They're too white; I want some color."

For some reason, what he said made Tenten warm, and her lips curved into a soft smile. "Well," she said, popping the lid off the yellow paint can, "if it's color that you want...then you'll get color" With a face that was comically serious, she held up the second paintbrush, "alright, partner, grab the brush, dip it in, and start swinging."


Two hours and six cans of paint later; Neji's hospital room was a kaleidoscope, the whirl of spattered colors almost making him dizzy. Gone was the unbearably blinding white in his room, and in its place was a brilliant rainbow, the colors dimmed by the darkness filling the room, the moon their only source of light.

Tenten puffed up with pride, "this is pretty good," she said happily and wiped her nose, leaving a streak of blue across her cheek, "I'm proud of us." Staring at the smudge of blue across her face, Neji chuckled quietly, and grabbed one of his bandannas, a soft yellow cloth, using it to wipe the paint off of her face. Tenten stared at him as he wiped the paint away, a thoughtful look in her eyes.

She looked away for a second, considering, before looking back at him, the thoughtful look in her eyes never going away. "I love you," she finally spoke, her eyes narrowing slightly, her expression serious. The way she said it wrapped him up in deep crimsons and husky oranges, and left him speechless. Tenten seemed to like the way it sounded, so she said it again, "I love you," she repeated, pressing his hand against her face, the bandanna wedged between her skin and his hand, closing her eyes.

Neji didn't know when he'd cradled her face between his hands, or when he slowly pulled her close and kissed her, so wrapped up he was in the reds and oranges and warm, warm gold and he couldn't believe she loved him.

And suddenly, he was saying it; over and over and over, "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouI-" between breaths and kisses, until no one know who was saying what but it was always there, a gentle metronome, "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouI-"

When did the paint cans fall to the floor? They were so loud, they would wake someone up, but they didn't care, the bed was so soft, and they were alive, the world coming together and simultaneously crashing around their ears, but their metronome went on and on. "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouI-" And soon there was skin sliding on skin and even the air was silent, their whispers like a prayer.

And oh, it hurt, but it didn't matter, because they were alive, and the soft yet scratchy sheets were entirely too loud to them, before the world was silent again, harsh breaths and reverent whispers the only noise, and they cried. They cried and cried and cried, tears mixing in with sweat as their carefully built wall of denial finally crumbled, for they had found the truest of trues, and it was being ripped away from them as he was preparing to go to a place where she would never be able to follow. But through their tears, their metronome went on, the rhythm barely broken by the stutter of their tears. "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouI-"

Tenten cried, while she memorized the feel of his skin beneath her hands, his hair sliding through her fingers like spider's silk. Neji cried, too, as he burned her scent-cinnamon and vanilla and Tenten- letting her loose hair run through his fingers, crushing the strands of hair to his lips.

They cried, and they died, and they were reborn again and again and again.

And through the night, their metronome played on. "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouI-"


I'm drawing. The "world" with life


Tenten was at the fountain, waiting for Neji, when she felt it.

It was subtle; a small chill in the air, but when she felt it, Tenten grew cold, the metallic chill sharp, making her bones rattle and ache. Without even thinking, she shot up, and ran to the hospital, her pounding heart all she could hear, along with a name, a robotic, desperate chant in the corners of her mind, 'Neji, Neji, Neji, Neji, Neji, Neji-'

She sprinted, flying into the doors as they opened, rushing past the front desk, ignoring the cries of the woman sitting there, only one thought in her mind, one name engraved in her heart, 'Neji, Neji, Neji, Neji-'

Tenten ran up the stairs, not patient enough to wait for the elevator, her legs shaking as she finally reached his room.


Sing. Sing about everything

Sky, wind, rain, sunlight

Sing about "now". Sing. Sing about everything

Sky, wind, rain, sunlight

Sing a "song"


I'm drawing. The "world" you gave me


Tenten wanted to scream, to cry out his name, to do something, but all she could do was stand there and stare, her heart breaking and being ripped out at the same time, yet continuing the faithful beat, its rhythm matching the syllables of his name, 'Ne-ji, Ne-ji, Ne-ji, Ne-ji-'

Stifling a sob, Tenten shakily moved over to Neji's still body, the weak rise and fall of his chest the only thing telling her that he was still alive, but only just. Careful not to jostle him or the breathing mask on his face (there were so many tubes...), Tenten slid into the bed, and curled up against his side, closing her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she smiled, catching their mixed scents, forever burned into the sheets. "You must've had a fit," she whispered, "so that they wouldn't change your bed. Hospitals are too sanitary sometimes…"

Neji didn't answer, his chest rising and falling, rising and falling, each weak breath sounding unbearably painful.

The tears burned Tenten's eyes, and she tried not to cry, clenching her jaw until her teeth ached, "he'll be fine," she whispered fiercely, "he'll be okay. He'll wake up any minute, telling me to get off, because I'm heavy. But he'll be joking, of course; he-he doesn't m-mean it…" Tenten clenched the fabric of Neji's hospital gown in her fist, "six-six months…" she choked out, tears finally spilling over, "we-we only had six months. It was s-supposed to be a year. It was supposed to be-to be…You were going to get better! You'd be okay, and then we'd move in together, and I'd teach you how to sing and play the guitar, so then we'd sing at the park together, and then we'd…we'd…"

She stopped, a strangled sob erupting from her as she began to cry.


I can't say it. I can't say it. I can't say it.

I can't say the true words


I'm in agony. In the "world" with life


All Neji knew was pain.

Every breath was pain, every thought was pain, every movement he made led to a pain so great, that it almost made him wish for death. But he couldn't die; he wasn't supposed to die. He was going to get past this, and get better. For both of them.

"…months. We-we only had six months."

That voice, that familiar voice, washed over him, relaxing him and bringing him more pain at the same time. Tenten…

"It was s-supposed to be a year," her voice, clogged with suppressed tears, continued, "It was supposed to be-to be…You were going to get better! You'd be okay, and then we'd move in together, and I'd teach you how to sing and play the guitar, so then we'd sing at the park together, and then we'd…we'd…"

Her voice cut off into a strangled sob, and her tears, warm, lonely and bitter, bitter purple, soaked through, touching his cold skin. "I-I don't want to let you go!" she wailed brokenly, "I just-I just got you; I j-just found you. You can't leave me now, because I love you, and it hurts!"

Neji burned with everything he was; he burned, he ached to hold her, to tell her he was sorry, that he didn't want to go either, that he wanted to stay, and see what they would become.

But apparently, fate did not set those plans in stone.

And so,instead of trying to hold her, Neji remembered. He remembered the only things that he would know; the scar on the back of Tenten's thigh, shaped like a question mark (which, to him, just emphasized just how much of a mystery she was), her scent, and the way she said his name, making it sound like a song. He remembered her smile, her laugh, everything about her that was just so golden. He remembered the taste of her tears. Neji remembered it all, and wrapped it around him like a blanket, reveling in the comfort that the memories brought him.

Neji quietly burned, lying in his white-white agony, as he told her that he loved her in his own mute way, before quietly, unwillingly slipping away, heading toward a place where she couldn't go.

And Neji stopped burning.


I'm in agony. In the "world" you gave me


Tenten felt it the moment Neji's heart stopped, the organ weakly beating the syllables of her name one last time, before he quietly slipped away.

It was as though he was telling her he loved her, one last time.

As soon as he was gone, the grief smothered her, overpowering and heavy and as black as night. She didn't even know that she had started to scream, a broken, keening wail that alerted the nurses, Nurse Uchiha the first one to barge in. Tenten couldn't stop screaming, the pain too much as her colors slipped away.

Suddenly she was seeing in shades of grey, trapped in a monochromatic world. Her rainbow was gone.


I can't see it. I can't see it. I can't see it.

I leave the heart I can't see.


Sakura slowly edged towards Tenten, who was sitting in one of the plastic chairs, the light gone from her eyes. "T…Tenten…?" she called out softly, clutching the dark blue notebook in her hands.

Slowly, as though the simple movement stole all of her energy, Tenten turned her dead, hollow eyes onto the nurse, who flinched away from them for a second, before taking a step forward, holding out Neji's sketchbook. "It's Neji's," she explained, as Tenten hugged the book to her chest, "I'm sure that…well…he'd want you to have this." And with that said, Sakura turned, and walked away, back into the colorful mess that was Neji's room.

Tenten stared at the sketchbook in awe, tenderly running a hand over the cover, before slowly flipping it open. On the first page, there was a rough sketch of the bookstore he showed her, the large building filled with row upon row of books. The next page, a man, probably Neji's father, his eyes crinkled as he smiled. On and on she flipped through the pages, taking in each one hungrily, before she saw one page, and stopped.

It was a drawing of her, wearing the white dress, smiling on the rim of the fountain on the day they'd first met.

She turned the page, and saw another drawing of her, when they went to the river, her head tilted back, and eyes closed, a smile on her face. On the next page, she was holding an ice cream cone, her eyes closed as she stuck her tongue out at him. The next page, she was curled up in Neji's hospital bed, her hair a tangled mess around her bare shoulders, smiling peacefully. Page after page after page was filled with drawings. Of her, each one colored with exquisite detail. On the very last page was a drawing of them together.

Tenten's eyes were closed, her nose wrinkled as she laughed; Neji's eyes were closed, his expression happy, peaceful, as he pressed his lips against her forehead, his hands resting on her hips.

Tenten didn't know that she was crying again until one of her tears hit the page, sinking into the paper. Tenten closed the sketchbook and clutched it to her chest, desperate to hold on to this last piece of Neji as she cried.


Now, the wall has every color in the world.

Thank you.

Promise me.

Although, later, even a little…


Time passed, eventually, and the world began to move on.

Except for one girl.

She was standing on the edge of the fountain, wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. She never wore white anymore. Or grey. All she wore was black, and, on really bad days, she wore colors. But, even when she wore black, the only scrap of color she always wore, was the pale yellow bandanna tied to her head, still stained with the blue paint. And as she stood on the fountain, she sang, every day, about a scar that won't heal, a pain that won't vanish, and for someone to hold her, until her color returns.


It won't heal. It won't heal. It won't heal.

Hiding that scar that won't heal

It won't disappear. It won't disappear. It won't disappear.

Holding the pain that won't disappear.

Hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me, hug me.

More tighter. Tighter

Until, until, until, until, until, until, until, until, until, until, until,

Life. Until it colors


The White Boy, in the world given by the Colorful Girl, the one white lie.

The Colorful Girl, instead of crying, no longer smiles.

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