Ok, so this is kinda my take on the continuation after Lelouch's death. Well he doesn't really die because a mysterious man with a Geass rejects his death. The only twist is only one person will remember him. Lelouch chooses Suzaku. Now the two must try to make the world better and eliminate the Geass for ever. As the story progresses there will be a time when Lelouch and Suzaku are a couple. I will also include Kallen with a guy. So yeah!! Enjoy!!

He knew he had to die in order to atone for his sins. Lelouch Lamperouge, an alias for two other names. Lelouch was emancipated from his true family, the rulers of Britain, and given the false name Lamperouge along with his sister Nunally. The other user of this alias is the leader of the Order of the Black Knight, Zero, and the largest and strongest Japanese rebellion. Zero had killed many people, including one of his sisters Euphie. His goal was pure, but the way he achieved it led him to create evil.

"Suzaku, you shall kill me, as promised," said Lelouch.

"Do you absolutely want to do this," Suzaku replied. The room was full of nothingness. No emotion came from either guy.

"All the hatred in the world is gathered on me as planned. Then all you have to do is erase my existence and put an end to this chain of hatred." Lelouch handed the Emerald-eyed Knight of Zero the mask of the leader of the Order of the Black Knight.

"The Black Knights will have the legend of Zero left behind for them. Schneizel will work for Zero. And know the world can be unified at one table, not through military force, but through negotiation and talk. It can now embrace the future."

Suzaku grabbed the mask and stared at it, although not one sign of it showed, he was holding back tears. "And that's…"

"Yes. Zero Requiem."

The conversation continued between the two. Tears were both in each others hearts as the plan to kill the 99th emperor of Britain was finalized. The Geass was discussed as well as the gamble of the future. Was the Geass really the same as a wish? As the conversation came to an end, the two were nearly about to explode from forcing back the tears. The next day Lelouch will be killed by the hands of his best friend Suzaku, dressed as his worse enemy, Zero, the mask he created.


Lelouch looked up at Suzaku who had tears rolling down his face and dripping onto his chest.

"Suzaku, please do it," the purple eyed teen said. "Please kill me so the world may live in …"

"NO!" Suzaku screamed through Lelouch's sentence. "I refuse to kill you! I won't let you die!" At this, Suzaku grabbed Lelouch's arms and pulled him slightly forward so that there eyes were a foot apart. "I don't want you to die Lelouch. You're my best friend and I even think about you dying. The reason I was so lenient on killing Zero was so that you could live peacefully. Do you have any idea how hard is for me to find out you were Zero?!?!"

Lelouch pulled Suzaku in by his waist and embraced him, snuggling up against his shoulder and into the nape of his neck. "Suzaku…please!!"

Suzaku pulled Lelouch in tighter, nuzzling his lips into his friend's neck. Now the tears were pouring out of his eyes, soaking Lelouch's shoulder. "No…I can't kill you…I wont kill you!!"

"Suzaku," Lelouch yelled pulling him away so there eyes could meet. "In order for you to LIVE ON, I must be killed according to plan!" As if on cue Suzaku's eyes glowed red, accepting the command.

"Lelouch, why do you enjoy torturing me?"

"I don't Suzaku, but this is the only way I can continue on with my plan."

"Damn you!" Suzaku screamed. "You should know now that my body will do anything to live in, even when I'm still fully conscious! I don't want to see you die!"

"I'm sorry Suzaku." Lelouch pulled Suzaku back into his arms, kissing his neck. "Please cry on me, Suzaku," he said with loving tone. Suzaku kindly accepted the invitation and pulled him into his arms, placing one hand in the raven colored hair of the purple-eyed teen, and the other on the very bottom of his waist.

"Lelouch!!" Suzaku screamed his best friends name out in agony every minute or so, until his voice was so soar that it burned like fire.

As night ended, the boys found themselves lying on Lelouch's bed, Suzaku on top of him. Both boys were soaked in tears and there faces were as red as a rose. It looked like they had been crying all night, because they had.

"Suzaku, are you awake?"

Suzaku grunted as if saying "I am now you idiot."

"Today is the day. Get up and get ready. My parade starts at 10a.m."

"Do I have to," Suzaku moaned like a child. "I don't want to get up," he said as he rolled off of Lelouch and landed half-way off the bed. The calmness between the two was false; both boys were as tense as humanly possible.

"Sorry, but if you don't then I'll have to spank you," Lelouch said with a false smile on his face.

"I would rather be tortured in any and every way possible than kill you." That was is. The calmness was broken as sadness filled the room.

Lelouch lifted his chest up off the bed and stared down at the emerald-eyed hottie. Lelouch was gay, but still very far in the closet, and Suzaku was perfect for him. "Sorry that I commanded you to kill me. I wasn't thinking."

Suzaku flipped himself over so he could see his friends face. Suzaku was the same as Lelouch, gay and still very in the closet. He loved Lelouch; he loved his slender body, his calm aura. "I……its fine."

"No, it's not," Lelouch choked. "I shouldn't have ordered you! We could have thought of another way to do this! We could have…" Before he knew is Lelouch was back down on the bed, his face over Suzaku's, his lips on locked with the emerald-eyes lips.

"I'm sorry." Suzaku stood up off the bed and faced the wall. "I shouldn't have done that. Now let's just get this over with" Suzaku barley said the last words as he croaked on his tears and clenched his fist. He bolted out of the room before Lelouch could say anything and ran into his chambers, tears flying off his face.

"Suzaku!!!!" Lelouch started crying and clenched his own fist in his red sheets. "Damn you Suzaku!! Don't leave me!!" The boy was hysterical; he no longer wanted to die. He wished that he could have just renounced his title, but he knew he couldn't. All he could do was get ready for the parade, and know that Suzaku will be there to kill him.

The sword pulled out of Lelouch, at the other end was Suzaku, dressed as Zero. Lelouch's body fell and slid down to his sister Nunally as she burst into tears.

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