Welcome to Chapter 1…now the story REALLY starts. The Suzaku and Lelouch relationship sprouts as my OC comes into play. Enjoy!!

Lelouch was dead. All of the hostages were set free by Suzaku dresses as Zero. The Black Knight had there reunion and Nunally was empress again.

"Zero," Nunally said in a commanding tone as he undid her chains. "Will you become my Knight?" Nunally was serious, this was the only moment where she wasn't crying. "Please Zero. You don't even have to tell me who you really are."

"Well my Majesty, I will humbly accept," Suzaku said as he finished unchaining her. "However I have one condition."

"What's that?"

"We must make it know that Lelouch became corrupted by the power of the Geass. The world must know of this power and your brother's name must be cleared." Suzaku cared for Lelouch, he loved Lelouch.

"I accept," said the pink-haired princess. "I know down in my heart that my brother didn't want to do this, he didn't want to kill all these people. If he had then he would have set up more means of security."

"Shit! Does Nunally know of his plan to commit suicide?"

The day continued on with Nunally announcing her return to rule, and that her savior, Zero, was now her knight. She also freed all charges from the Order of the Black Knights. Many announcements were made about Lelouch's death. As night drew near Suzaku requested to be alone. He undressed himself in his room and stood in front of the mirror, staring at his naked body.

"Why did all of this happen?" Suzaku fell to his knees and clenched his fist as tears formed in his eyes. "Why!!" Suzaku was screaming at his reflection, crying hysterically. He fell to his side and continued to cry, whispering the purple-eyed, and raven-haired boys name to himself. After about three hours of grieving him finally fell asleep.

"Suzaku. Suuzaakuu. Suzu wake up." The knight shot up at the sound of the mysterious voice.

"Am I dreaming?" He looked around and saw only blackness. "Who the hell was just talking to me, and where the hell am I?" He looked down to his legs to see if he was still naked, which he was.

"Suzaku get up already," said the haunting voice.

"Shit! This must be a nightmare!" Suzaku looked around frantically, sweat rolling down his body.

"Can't you recognize me Suzaku?"

"Where the hell, no, who the hell are you?" A pale figure started to walk out of the darkness in front of Suzaku.

"It's me Suzaku, its Lelouch!" The figure stepped fully out of the shadow completely to reveal a naked Lelouch.

"What the fuck!! You're dead!! I killed you!! I must be dreaming!!" Suzaku burst into tears of fright and sorrow.

"It's not a dream," boomed another voice that seemed like it came from every direction. "This is my world. The World of Z."

"Who the hell was that!!? Come on, wake up already!!"

"Don't be afraid Suzaku Kururugi. I won't harm you. In fact, I need you." A strange looking male stepped out from the shadows next to the naked Lelouch. He was very tall, super pale skin, black nails, black hair that fell to his eyes, and he had very dark blue eyes. The most frightening thin about his was the three Geass symbols: one on his forehead, one on his chest, and one right above his crotch. "My name is Z.Z. I am the most powerful 'witch' to ever exist."

"Uh, yeah, sure. Wake me when is over."

"This really isn't a dream Suzaku! Please believe me," Lelouch shouted.

"You're dead Lelouch!! I killed you with my own hands!!" Suzaku took a deep breath to calm down. "But if you really are alive, prove it to me."

"Last night, you cried in my arms for hours. When we woke up you kissed me, then ran away." Lelouch had a tear fall from his eyes.

"Le…lelouch? Is it really you?" Suzaku was crying again as well. Lelouch walked over to Suzaku revealing all of his body including his crotch. He bent down and gave Suzaku and hug, pulling him into his arms.

"It really is me Suzaku," Lelouch choked on his tears. "I'm alive."

"Awww. So touching…NOT! Can we please get down to business now?" Z.Z was frustrated and annoyed at the sight of the two. "Suzaku, I need your and Lelouch's help." Suzaku stopped his crying and looked up at the man.

"What do you need?" Suzaku stood up taking Lelouch with him.

"I need you…to rid of the Geass." A silence fell over the three boys.

"What do you mean 'rid of the Geass'," Suzaku whispered.

"Like you already know the Geass is a powerful weapon, too powerful for the likes of man. There are still Geass users in the world and they must be destroyed. That shrine where you entered the World of C, there are many more of them and as long as they exist the Geass will keep repapering."

"That is why you are here Suzaku," Lelouch explained. "We need your help to destroy these shrines and any other users of the Geass."

"But wouldn't that mean your death Lelouch? Why are you still alive if you will just need to be killed again," Suzaku asked.

"Because Lelouch was killed and repented his sins, meaning he is now no longer corrupted by the Geass. You see, my power is to reject reality. I simply wished for Lelouch to not die, so his soul was transported to my world. Here in my world I was able to take away the influence of the Geass while still keeping its power."

"But even if Lelouch is alive, he has no physical body," Suzaku complained. "Wait…on top of that…I'm Still Here!!"

"Yes, indeed. Also if you think about it, it would be kinda' strange for a dead emperor to be walking around."

"Which is why only you will remember me Suzaku," Lelouch said with a smile. "I was allowed to choose one person that would remember me so I choose you."

"But why me?"

"Because, you are the only one I can trust." Lelouch looked deep into Suzaku's eyes. "You, Suzaku, are the only one who had the ability to aid me. You are the only one who understands the truth." A moment of silence fell over the two. This moment which was really only 30 seconds seems to have lasted for an hour.

"The Geass is a creation of the Devil. I will help you."

"Good," stated Z.Z. "Now that that's over I can explain the plan. Suzaku, or should I say Zero, will ask the Princess for a knight of your own. I shall enter Lelouch's name into the data bank as one of the Knights of Round. If Nunally says yes, then Lelouch shall be named The Knight of Negative, if no then I'll intervene. We won't keep the truth of your mission a secret. Nunally must know of everything about the Geass. Keep in mind though that she won't recognize Lelouch as her brother. You should then request for someone to take your place as Zero. Showing how Suzaku is thought to be dead I will make no one recognize you either. You shall then go about destroying Geass in your own way. Sound good?"

"Got it," Lelouch said. Suzaku was about to speak, but was interrupted by Z.Z.

"Okay then. Suzaku, once you wake up get ready as normal and proceed to ask Nunally around noon time. Until then…"

The next thing Suzaku knew was that he was lying down on the floor of his room. "What had just happened? Was that all a dream?" Suzaku let out a sigh of relief. "I guess I should just follow orders."

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