The Year Without a Cupid

Disclaimer: I own nothing. David is drool worthy.

pIt was almost midnight and the only light came from the moonlight shining through the windows of the empty hall. He had remembered where the Gym was. Why wouldn't he? He hated it. Hated it with, with a passion. Yeah. That was the right word 'passion'. He thought to himself silently as he crept into the squeaky-floored Gym. He had so easily shut down the security system, they'd never see him. Funny. Wasn't that the problem in the first place? /p

pHe sifted through the closet in the boy's locker room. He knew it would be there. Like some sort of sick trophy. Oh, but he would make them pay. He would definitely do that. But what about Kate? She said she would dance with him, she didn't mock or jeer at him. He would have to think about that later, but first the mask. It was slightly bent, but workable. He put it on and checked the mirror, seeing if he could be recognized. Not one bit. Then again, they wouldn't recognize him without it./p

p His revenge would be perfect. It would be delivered in time. He had been thinking it for years, making every step an exact. Nothing could go wrong. Nothing will. His revenge will be very slow, taking them one by one and in the end they would know it was him. They had to. Or else the revenge will not have been found./p
He walked out of the Gym, mask swung by the string over his shoulder./p

p"This will be perfect," he said to himself throwing the mask in the car and hoping in,"just perfect."