The Murders

p Angel paced in the small room where Stephanie was laying. Half dead. He has asked to be alone. To think. There had to be soem way to save her. He looked at teh clock 3 A.M. Kate must still be at the party. He remembered that she hadn't come with the other girls and looked at Stephanie. He had a nurse look after her then left for the house. /p

p The Mansion was deserted when he got there. He strolled thru the gardens looking for Kate. She probably got a ride home. As he turned he saw a figure dressed in black. He was wearing a cupid mask./p

p "Can I help you?" Angel stated. The figure shook its cherubic head and held out a dagger. Slicing into Angel's throat and chopping brutally at his heart./p

p The body was soon hiden. Adam checked his watch at his apartment. 3:23 A.M. Two deaths in 23 minutes. Angel, 'mysteriously murdered' and Stephanie, 'intoxicated past tolerancy' well, actually poisoned but they would never figure that out. His plan was almost complete./p