Voldy Gets Owned
By: Crazy-Obsessed-Writer 52

A/N: One bored teenager+ a long bus ride + Random Harry Potter Icons = Horrible story. Yes, I was bored on the bus ride to school one day and I was looking at the pictures on my iPod and came across an icon. I will make it as my profile picture for a while. All it says is "What I think would be humorous would be if Harry pulled out a mandrake and Voldemort dropped dead." I saw it and decided to write a story based on it. It's a parody type thing that I wrote out of sheer boredom and I am aware that it's total crap. Anyways, I'm posting it just because I feel like it. Tell me what you think! Do you like it or should I quit humour forever? Likely the latter.

Harry ran to the greenhouses, huffing and puffing. He had just come back from the dead and had defeated the last horcrux. Now he hurried to the greenhouse, where his final weapon awaited him. He picked up the potted plant and smiled. The end was almost here. Harry picked up the potted plant and a pair of earmuffs and ran back up to the fighters being terrorized by Voldemort.

"Hey Voldy!" Harry yelled.

"Harry POTTER?!" Voldemort screamed angrily. "I thought I killed you already!"

"Well I came back, duh."

Voldemort screamed in frustration. Was this kid unkillable?

"Get out of the room, everyone," Harry called to the fighters. "This is something that I need to do alone. Get out of earshot."

Everybody stared at Harry for a moment until Ginny yelled,

"You heard the boy! Let's move it!"

Slowly all the fighters left the room, glancing over their shoulders as they did so.

Once the last fighter had filed out, Voldemort said, "This had happened too many times, Potter, Avada--"

Before he could finish, an earmuffed Harry pulled the plant out of its pot. The mandrake screamed and Voldemort and his death eaters fell to the ground, dead.

"And THAT'S how to kill a guy," Harry said, grinning at the dead body of his foe. He ran out to the great hall where everybody was waiting anxiously.

"He's dead!" Harry shouted to the room. He was immediately ambushed by hugs and kisses and screams.

"This calls for a celebration," McGonagall said. She got the elves to prepare a fantastic feast and the entire wizarding world celebrated. And that is the story of how Voldemort got owned.