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Chapter One

Lose your mind. Lose it now.

Lose your clothes in the crowd.

"The word 'anatomy' derives from the Greek ana (up) and tome (a cutting) — hence 'dissection' — and it can be defined as the science of the structure of a body learned by dissection. The word can thus be applied to any structure, and we can talk about the anatomy of a plant, an insect, or even a machine, but here the term will be restricted to the structure of the human being."

Blah, blah, blah.

Rubbing at the sleep from my grassy eyes I tried to concentrate on my Anatomy homework. However, the fact that it was twelve A.M. and I had only received four hours of sleep from the night before was certainly taking a toll on my ability to focus. That's college.

"Since earliest times, man may have been curious about the inner structure and workings of his body. Certainly the ancient Egyptians, in performing mummification, which involved preliminary removal of the viscera…"

What in the world is a viscera?

The soft sound of feet pattering across the carpeted floor made me look up from my homework. I caught sight of my small cousin Asia creeping toward me with a book held tightly against her chest.

"Shouldn't you be asleep," I grumbled as I smashed my book shut ultimately giving up. There is no way in hell I will be able to finish this. I'll just guess if there's a quiz tomorrow. It is not like I was retaining any information I had been reading anyway.

"I can't," stated Asia as she slammed the large book onto my lap. Picking it up I analyzed the cover. There was the face of a majestic lion with lemon lime colored iris's starring back at me.


"Duh…" she rolled her eyes like I was stupid and I resisted the urge to roll my own. Children these days.

"If you can read it then why are you giving it to me?" Asia glared at my frustrated tone. Usually I was nice enough to read to her whenever she wished, but she was giving me attitude and interrupting my homework.

She crossed her arms over her chest and explained, "I can only read the word Narnia!"

"Fine, fine." Giving in I opened the book to the first page. It was a list of characters and descriptions about them. Skipping past all that I came across a map. What the hay? Where's the story part? With a sigh I turned the page again and was happy to find the first chapter to "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe."

Asia climbed up on the leather couch I was sitting on and rested her back on the arm of the chair and stretched her legs out. I tossed my Anatomy book to the floor and copied her movements so that I sat across from her.

I think I read one page… and then we both passed out.

Bright lights exploded beyond my closed eyelids, which is what caused me to wake up. My entire body ached from lying uncomfortably on a loveseat with my six-year old cousin. I felt her too shift probably because of the sudden sun that came from nowhere.

"Unity you need to go to school."

"Shut the devil up!" I shouted as I threw my arm over my face to block out the light. An annoyed sigh came after my exclamation. Opening my lids slowly I was faced with my angry aunt with her arms crossed tightly over her chest -this was the same pose Asia did when I told her to read Narnia herself.

"Now," was all my aunt said before she stomped away from me. Opps. I thought she was the devil. She's more like the she-devil. I guess that's close enough.

Carefully I got off the couch as to not wake Asia up. I sluggishly made my way to the bathroom and showered as fast as I could, which wasn't that fast since I basically fell asleep standing up because the hot water felt so nice on my tired muscles. Then I tossed on a pair of washed out dark blue jeans, a white tee-shirt, and threw on a pair of sneakers.

On my way out of the house I grabbed my keys and stuffed my damaged Anatomy book into my tattered backpack. The sky was extremely clear and sunny this morning, but I didn't bother to pay much attention as I jumped into my car and drove the ten minutes to my university. See, most normal college students stay in the dorms, but my aunt (un)fortunately lived very close so my parents made arrangements for me to live at their house for the next four years. I curse them every day I wake up for this.

Turns out I did have an Anatomy quiz on the history of Anatomy. And I guessed on every question. Although, I am pretty sure I got the question about Egypt and mummification right. That's one correct answer.

"Hey Unity!" A girl twice my size jogged up to me dressed in a magenta sports bra and black jogging shorts.

"Sup Carol," I acknowledged as I traveled to my car. Lucky me, I only had one class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That's called lazy college planning. I made sure I gave myself time to sleep all afternoon.

"A bunch of people and me are going out tonight," she wiggled her golden eyebrows at me suggestively. "You up for it?"

I pretended to think about it, "Um… yeah. I definitely am."

"I thought you would be," she laughed bubbly.

"Text me where, when, and what I should wear."

"Will do," Carol picked up her jogging pace to pass me up. "I'll text you later girl."


We both waved. Hopping into my car I drove home. As soon as I got inside the somewhat mansion like home my rich aunt provided for me, I crawled into my bed and took a nap.

"Unity…" the sound of Asia's high pitched voice made my stomach churn. Why does everyone hate me? I gave her a sound of acknowledgement, but didn't bother to do anything more. "Can you read me the rest of Narnia? My mom's making dinner."

Reaching into my jeans I took out my cell phone to check the time, although I discovered I had a text from Carol:

Hey girl. Get ready for a long night of booty humping. Going 2 the Entourage! Dress comfortably skanky. B my dorm around 10. Love you doll ;)

The time was six o'clock, which meant I had enough time to read to Asia for a bit. I patted the spot next to me on the bed. She smiled as she jumped onto the foamy mattress and got under the covers beside me. This time I sat against the headboard and she positioned herself against my chest so that I could read with the book in her lap. I rested my head atop her dark brown waves as I lifted the thick paperback so that I could see the words.

"Where did we leave off?" Flipping through the pages I decided that we left off with, "Everyone agreed to this and that is how the adventures began…"

An hour later Asia interrupted my reading with a scoff, "That Edmund really is a spoiled brat!"

"Why do you say that?" My eyebrows furrowed at her in confusion.

"He told the White Witch everything!"

"He is just a kid," I shrugged my shoulders at Asia's offense towards Edmund's actions. "Trust me Asia. When you are that young and stubborn you will do stupid things. Actually, you don't have to be very young to be stubborn and stupid things. Most people make very moronic decisions on a daily basis."

"I don't like him all that much," Asia decided as she pointed at Edmund's name on the page. That is when I caught sight of the time on my alarm. I needed to get ready.

"Asia we are going to have to postpone this for right now," I shut the book and put it on the nightstand beside my bed. She crawled off of me and headed out the door not bothering to say anything to me. No goodbye or thanks for reading. She just left. Brat.

I decided on wearing a pair of tight dark leggings that reached my ankles and a cotton tee with a graphic design of a gray tigers face on the front. When doing my makeup I made sure to do it light; as I would be dancing, which resulted in sweat; thus causing my makeup to smear.

I left my natural wavy hair alone as it looked cute in the graduated bob. It was trendy yet classy at the same time. I sprayed myself with a fruity scent then called it quits at getting ready. If I fixed myself up too much it would be pointless as I would be drunk and smell like human bio mixed with booze by the end of the night anyway.

Slipping on my black leather boots I took my cell phone, purse, and keys and headed towards the front door.

My aunt shook her head when she saw me reach for the door handle, "Where do you think you're going? So I can tell my sister where you are."

"Dancing," I answered somewhat bitchily. My aunt had a tendency to try and control every part of my life. What days I went out, who I went out with, what time I was supposed to be home, that I am apparently not allowed to drink or have fun since I recently turned twenty-one-years-old. It got so bad that whenever she asked me anything I would just snap.

When I did not receive any sort of feedback from my mother's sister, I smiled happily to myself and started unlocking the door.

"Can you read me the rest of Narnia when you get back home?"

Looking down I saw Asia with the book tucked under her arms. Her bright blue eyes looked hopeful as she blinked up at me.

"Sure," I smiled at her. Opening the door I ventured out into the night. Then I slid into my car and drove the ten minutes to campus and sprinted to Carol's dorm room.

As I approached Carol's dorm I could hear the pre-gaming dubstep pumping from behind the door. I laughed as I lifted my fist to knock as hard as I could. I doubt that they could hear me if I screamed.


I smiled as Carol swung the door wide showing off a roomful of scantily clad girls. Carol held out a bottle of whiskey and shook it gently so the liquid splashed against the chilled glass. Oh, what a night of fun.


"Stop the car Bret," screamed Carol as she threw her arm around my shoulder. We were on the car ride back from the club. It was extremely blurry and bumpy in that car. The sober driver groaned when he heard my friend. "Bret…"

"Why do I need to stop the car?" He snapped edgily.

Carol and I looked at each other then started laughing. I clenched my thighs tightly together as I held back the pressing of my bladder.

"This bitch needs to pee," Carol drunkenly slurred. The car immediately trotted to a stop at the side of the road. Probably because we were in his car and I don't think the idea of me pissing in his leather seats of his Jaguar c-x75 appealed to him.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and crawled over the numerous people that were piled in the tiny car, which was far more than the amount of seats that were provided. One person slapped my butt and I yelped in surprise. As I finally got out the door I realized Bret was outside looking at me concerned.

"Are you okay?" his voice sounded so far away. "Here are some napkins…"

"You are so sweet Bret," I nodded my head dazedly and grabbed the Burger King napkins from his hand. There was a forest on the right of the car where he had pulled to the side of the road. Before I even realized it my feet were carrying me sloppily in that direction.

"Where are you going?"

"Pee. I'll be back in like two seconds. I'm not going on the road where everyone can see." That's how I found myself stumbling down the path of trees. I didn't even know how far I was in. I just kept going until I felt I was far enough. Unbuckling my pants I did my business as quick as possible. There was an uneasy breeze picking up from where I stood. I hadn't realized it was so cold outside.

My breath started to come out short as I started walking back up towards the car. This was a hill? I didn't know I was going downward…

I tripped on a fallen tree and scrambled to catch myself. My fingers reached out to hold onto something, but I just crashed down on my knees. I hissed as something jabbed at my kneecaps.

As I tried to stand something happened. I'm not sure how it did exactly, but I was beyond smashed so I'm not exactly surprised it did.

I fell back, down the hill I had been climbing. I screamed somewhat, not that entirely loud. Just out of shock and pain. And as I laid there on the cold mucky forest ground I thought of Asia and how I should be home reading her Narnia.

Then it was dark.

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