Chapter Thirty Two

The End.

Scrambling up from the sand I darted as quickly as I could from the beach and into Cair Paravel. I had no time to waste if this were my last night here. Pausing in the hallway I had been rushing through I eyed the intricate designs of the castle. The stained glass windows, alluring paintings, and such talented architecture.

How could I possibly embrace everything in Narnia in only a few more hours? Lunch had already been served! It was nearly dinner time. I had hardly enough room in my current schedule to give everyone at Cair Paravel a huge hug. Let alone travel to say goodbye to Genesis and Mena… what about my boys? Dreadalus, Eber, Özsen, Saleel?

I opened Susan's bedroom door without knocking. She had Edmund standing in the center of the room with his arms stretched out like a scarecrow and was putting pins in the fabric. If only she realized that Edmund would never where that tunic other than right now…

Lucy sat on the bed giggling at her older brothers sour face. When she saw me enter the room she waved me over. I didn't know what to do; cry, jump, scream, yell, do some other obnoxious action. Instead, I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and shakily made my way over to Lucy and plopped beside her.

"Finally," Edmund stated with a slanted smirk as he saw me. "Look at your nose! It's all red. You should have come in sooner."

"I got a little… preoccupied."

My mind felt like it was on ecstasy. I've never taken it personally, but I've heard it's a hell of a drug. These were my last moments in Narnia and I sat here watching Edmund get pins through his tunic.

"It is almost time for dinner," Susan muttered through a pin in her mouth. She took it out and stuck it into the fabric by Edmund's shoulder. He 'ouched' and Susan slapped his arm. "Well maybe if you weren't squirming I would not stab you!"

"Maybe if we were not doing this to begin with you would have nothing to stab," barked Edmund. Lucy snickered as I watched in a daze.

"Now Edmund, we are going to take this off carefully. I swear if one pin moves I am going to have you up early tomorrow doing this…" Susan threatened as she ushered Edmund behind her room divider. Lucy jumped up to join her sisters side as they both poked fun at Edmund as he whined about how the pins were poking him. He cursed under his breath as he stripped of his clothes and handed Susan each item then changed back into the green tunic he had been wearing previously.

Edmund frowned as he stood before me. I hadn't even realize he had until he reached a hand out to brush against my cheek. Blinking up at him he raised his eyebrows as to silently question my somber expression.

"Are you both coming?" urged Lucy standing in the doorway antsy to eat.

"Yeah," I answered for Edmund and I. Grabbing his hand I held it tightly as we both followed behind his two sisters. He pressed a kiss to my cheek and I smiled half-heartedly.

At dinner I sat beside Edmund, as usual. His hand was on my thigh and his thumb traced circles gently while I robotically ate my food. All the Narnians talked animatedly in an oblivious bliss. I wonder how they would be acting if they knew tomorrow we'd all be gone… Narnia would be left without any King or Queen to rule.

Peter seemed to notice my strange attitude and pushed his plate towards me. The gesture made my heart clench and I smiled taking a piece of one of the deserts on his plate. I'm glad I stole one of his toast this morning.

The golden haired king was the first to finish his food. He stood up from his seat and was about to announce his departure when I reached forward and grabbed his forearm.

"How about we all just… spend some time together alone after dinner?" I directed this towards all the monarchs.

Lucy nodded her head, "That sounds lovely!"

"How about in my study?" Peter proposed. I smiled up at him. "But I simply must use the bathroom. I will see you all there in a few."

I hurried to finish my food as Peter announced his departure to the Narnian's. I hadn't realized that almost everyone was finished with their plates and I still had a plate full. Even Lucy and Susan were on their last bites of food.

"Take your time," Edmund leaned down so he could whisper in my ear. I shook my head as I stuffed potatoes in my mouth. Although, I shoved too much and found it difficult to swallow. "See, that's why you should slow down. There's no need to rush."

If only he knew.

Susan stood from her seat, "Are you all ready to go?"

"No," responded Edmund. His massaging my thigh with his thumb ceased. "Unity has not finished her food."

I waved my hand, "No, no. It's fine."

"But Unity-" Lucy started as she watched me stand up from my seat. I dusted off the front of my dress while shaking my head. I had all the time to eat in my world. This little time I had left I wanted to spend with them. Talking, laughing, hugging, or whatever we would do in the time being. Cause in only a few hours it would all end.

"It's okay Lu! I'm not that hungry actually," I admitted. Honestly, I would have been perfectly content skipping dinner if they had not been there.

The youngest queen shook her head with a chuckle as I tugged on Edmund's arm to get him to stand from his seat. He shook his head unhappy that I would not finish my meal, but obliged to my tugging and stood. A chat started between Susan and Lucy while Edmund and I trailed leisurely behind the gossiping sisters through the hallways towards their eldest brothers study. My hand started to perspire when I looked out one of the windows and took site of the setting sun. The pink and purple hues in the vast sky made my heart ache.

Entering the study, Peter sat in an armchair sipping on a cup of tea with the fire ablaze in the corner of the room warming up the area. Lucy took a seat at Peter's desk chair while the last of us sat on the long couch.

"Nice of you all to join me!" muttered Peter as he set the glass tea cup on the table beside him. "I have been waiting in here for hours it seems."

"Oh, Peter please," Susan rolled her eyes. "It had only been a few moments."

"You are so dramatic, brother," added Lucy with a grin. I laughed lightly at the sibling banter.

Susan placed her hand gently on my kneecap, "Now, Unity dear, why did you want us all to get together after dinner?"

"To spend time together, you know, we don't do that often enough," I responded awkwardly.

Edmund grunted, "I don't know what you're talking about. Sometimes I think we all spend too much time together."

"Ed!" the youngest gasped. "How rude of you!"

"I'm only being honest," he chuckled.

"A little too honest," Lucy scrunched up her nose.

"So…" I interrupted the conversation. Wringing my hands in my lap I waited for all of the Pevensie's eyes to be on me before I continued. "I wanted all of you to know I've enjoyed all of our time together. Every memory. I love you guys a lot. Like a whole bunch."

Lucy beamed making me smile in return, "We love you too Unity."

"I love you as well Unity, but why do you sound so… melodramatic? Are you planning on leaving us again?" Peter jested with a playful grin. The happy expression on my face faltered. I was leaving them again. Not by choice this time.

Knock, knock.

Standing, Peter moved to the door quickly and opened it a crack. He opened it a bit wider to reveal a grinning Mr. Tumnus.

"Hello Mr. Tumnus!" greeted Lucy energetically.

"Lucy, good afternoon milady," Mr. Tumnus nodded his head in her direction. "Queen Susan, King Edmund, milady Unity, and King Peter."

The rest of us said are hello's.

"Come join us Mr. Tumnus," urged Lucy as she stood from the couch.

"I am afraid I came here to discuss an urgent event with Peter here about an incident in Galma," the faun frowned at the High King.

Susan stood as well, "Galma? What word?"

"There have been a few small attacks from Telmarines traveling across the sea," Tumnus explained sadly.

Peter nodded his head, "Please, Mr. Tumnus, inform Sir Orieous and call a meeting with the council."

Lucy shook her head as the door closed behind her dearest friend in Narnia, "Oh, I do hope that the Narnians in Galma are all right."

"Unity," the High King placed a strong hand on my shoulder giving it a light squeeze. "I apologize for this being so short. I know you wanted to spend time together."

"It's okay Peter," I smiled sorrowfully back at him. He frowned. Jumping up from the couch I wrapped my arms around the muscular man before me and embraced him with all I could muster. He tightened his arms around me and gently patted my back at my unusual affection.

The five of us left Peter's private room and my stomach clenched painfully as I saw him give us all a wave goodbye and he disappeared down a hallway. Susan turned to Edmund and I with a soft smile.

"Lucy and I are going to finish hemming those robes of yours Edmund. Would the both of you like to join us?"

Edmund groaned, "No, I would not like to join you."

Susan rolled her eyes, "All right. We will be in my dormitories if you need us."

The older woman squeaked in shock as I burled into her side wrapping my arms around her thin waist. Holding back my tears with more effort than I ever had given anything in my life I released Susan and tackled Lucy next. She giggled into the hug and I blubbered slightly, but was able to compose myself.

To play off my watery eyes I bumped into Lucy's shoulder and pretended to hit my eye on her necklace I pulled away slapping my hand against my eye, "Ouch!"

"I am so sorry!" Lucy tugged my arm from in front of my eyes. "Well, it appears fine."

I nodded my head, "Yeah. Clumsy me! Just bumped into it and it hit my eye."

"Yeah…" she raised her eyebrows.

"Come on Lu. We should hurry to get the tunic finished before bed so we don't have to do it tomorrow also," rushed Susan as she grabbed onto her sisters wrist. In a trance I gazed sadly as they rushed down the hallway. When they turned the corner I faced Edmund, who stood close beside me with a contemplating expression on his handsome face.

"I shall walk you to your corridors," he gave me a cheeky grin as he looped his arms through my own. The two of us casually strolled through the halls and I made sure to take my time. I put one foot in front of the either and swayed my hips dramatically and Edmund shook his head at my odd walking.

"What are you doing?" he questioned in amusement.

"Being sexy!"

Edmund snorted, "Oh yes, very sexy."

I pushed him and he laughed. I loved that man's laugh more than life itself. Or something along those lines. I could live if he became mute; as long as he was there.

"Well here we are," he muttered as we stopped in front of my door. I slid my hands through his own. Standing on my toes I pressed a soft, yet desperate, kiss onto his plump lips. As I parted from him only leaving a breath between us I stared at his closed eyelids.

"Please stay."

His chocolate bulbs opened hazily, "You never have to say please."

Smiling, I slowly made my way over to my queen sized bed waiting for Edmund to follow behind me like he has so many times before. Edmund locked the door and crawled under the thick covers beside me. I instantly snuggled into his side wanting to never let go.

"Unity," he started after a moments silence. "Is everything all right?"

No. Tonight would be the last night I would spend with Edmund. Maybe forever. I had no idea if we would ever see one another again. But I couldn't tell him that. I'd bear the unbearable burden alone just so we could share these last hours together happily.

"I just… love you is all," was my lame response.

"What?" he laughed.

"I love you."

"That's what has had you in a an off mood all afternoon? Love?"

"Well, I've been thinking-"

"That's something new!"

I scowled, but continued on like he hadn't interrupted, "-about us a lot lately. I mean, we haven't talked about this subject before, but… I am ready."

"Ready for what exactly?" Edmund asked as he tugged on a loose strand of my hair.

"For us to do the deed."

Edmund sat up on the bed leaning on his right arm so that the top half of his body hovered over me somewhat. A skeptical look crossed his face, "What deed exactly?"

I pushed myself up from my elbows and connected our lips. Opening my mouth to deepen the kiss Edmund instantly accepted the offer. His left hand rested on my hip as I brought my right hand to his cheek and thought of the way his skin felt smooth against my fingertips. I registered his breathing increase and the way when he exhaled it dusted over my upper lip. Then his fingers would twitch against my hip almost begging to grab the fabric covering my body.

"Edmund," I broke apart keeping my eyes shut at the lust that filled me. "I want to make love to you."

He laughed nervously, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," I peeked open my eyes to seem him staring down at me hard with those intense chocolate eyes. "Positive."

"I think we should wait until we are wedded," Edmund pressed as the hand he had on my hip escaped to caress my hand that was still against his cheek. He put his onto of my own squeezing the back of it gently.

I looked at him sadly. I wasn't going to pressure him, but I knew we never would be married. At least not anytime soon.

"Ed, I don't think… I think I will be gone before either of us have a chance to get married," I explained with a frown. He flopped down on his back onto the bed beneath him. "We don't have to do it if you don't want to. I'm not trying to pressure you into anything you aren't comfortable doing."

"It is not that I do not want to," Edmund sighed. "I just feel it is something that should be left for marriage."

"That is reasonable."

"I do really want to though."

"What if I promise you something?"

He nodded for me to continue.

"What if I promise that if we make love tonight that even when I go back to my world I will never have someone else that way. Ever. Then if we do meet one another again we will marry."

"… yes."

I eyed him unsurely, "You can tell me no."

"I like that agreement," he affirmed. He took my face in his hands causing me to fall onto of his chest. He squished my cheeks together and placed a kiss on my fish-shaped lips then pulled apart. "Do you love me?"

"Of course," I defensively grumbled. How could he not trust me? I felt a bit offended.

"I love you as well," then he kissed me again, however, more patiently this time. His lips forced there way against mine hard and his fingers left my face and tangled themselves into my messy hair.

That night we made love.

Edmund woke a few moments before me. The feeling of him running his fingers through my hair is what stirred my arousal. I blinked up at him and his lips were slanted in a lazy grin. I smiled.

"Good morning."

A blushed formed on my cheeks when I felt the cold air hit my back that was completely exposed to the man beside me, "Hello."

"How are you feeling?" Edmund's hand stopped running through my hair and moved downward to my back where he let his hand fall flat between my shoulder blades.

"Sore," I scrunched my nose. I did feel extremely sore. My muscles ached in odd places and the area between my legs throbbed somewhat.

"My apologies."

I chuckled, "There is no need to apologize."

For a moment I felt completely elated. Edmund and I had been closer than ever that night. Our breathing shallow, husky, and hot. The way our bodies seemed to start out awkward and tense then transformed into something so in sync and sensual. The taste of his tongue. The feeling of his muscled chest pressed tightly against my own with his slow thrusting that caused me to cry out in pain and pleasure all at once. We had been one.

And then reality sunk in.

"Would you like to go down to breakfast?" he asked.

"I will not be joining you for breakfast today," I sat up careful to make sure the sheet covered my exposed areas as I became self conscious. Edmund's smiled faltered and I tried to maintain a neutral expression.

"Why not?"

"I promised someone I would do something for them," I bit my lip as I took a chance to glance towards my curtained windows. I knew it exposed the beach in the distance.

His eyebrows furrowed, "Who?"

I wanted to bite my tongue, but I couldn't lie to Edmund, "Aslan."

"Excuse me?"

"Aslan, he asked me to," I whispered. "Don't worry about it. Join your siblings for breakfast and I will see you soon."

I kissed him delicately.

He shook his head, "Please, Unity…"

"Edmund, I love you and I will always love you," I laughed to try and hide the pain that swelled causing my heart to tighten in my chest.

A pained look crossed his features, but we both knew. We knew no matter how much we begged, pleaded, cried, or fought we would both leave Narnia. Neither of us belonged in this world. I know I did not… I learned that a long time ago.

"I will love you forever," he kissed me again. Smiling against his lips I nodded my head in agreement.

"Susan will come looking for you soon."

He did not say anything in response. Instead he started to gather his clothing and pulled them on. Luckily, I got a chance to see the ripples in his back as bent over to pick up his tunic. Also his exposed muscled chest as he pulled it over his head causing his hair to go in every direction as he it went through the hole. Then he tossed his legs over the side of the bed and tugged on his trousers, but I allowed him privacy for that.

When he finished dressing himself a tense silence surrounded us. He walked around the bed to the side I laid on and looked down upon me. A half grin found it's way across his lips and he placed a passionate kiss onto my mouth. I lifted my upper body and wrapped my arms around his neck. Edmund tugged me up so that the sheets fell to the ground and left my naked body pressed against him.

He rested his forehead against mine and looked into my eyes, "I love you."

"I love you too."

"You look quite beautiful," his eyes cast downwards and I blushed. He bent down and picked up the sheet and wrapped it around my shoulders. Although, not before sneaking a peak at my entire nude body.

Edmund left me with one last kiss before walking towards the door. And that was it.

My feet felt hot as the trudged through the sandy beach. I kept my eyes out towards the vast waters taking in the view. Oh, such a beautiful sight.

"Dear child," I didn't bother to turn my head as I came to a stop before the lion. I continued my staring at the quaint crystals of the sea. "Are you ready?"

No. I wanted to stay with Edmund. I wanted to marry Edmund. I wanted Susan and Lucy to be my bridesmaids. Peter would be the best man. Mirach would probably be one of the groomsmen; that bratty mouse. Genesis and I would joke about our times crossing Narnia as I drank too much wine and Edmund would sit beside me laughing at the stories. Susan would cry when I accidentally got a splash of the alcoholic beverage on my extravagant dress. Lucy would be gagging as I muttered sexual innuendos about what her brother and I would do that night. I would steal Peter's toast. I would dance with my boys…

"Yes…" I faced Aslan. He nodded his head. Pressing his paw deep into the sand a whirl of water sounded from beside me. I turned to the ocean once more and what looked like a portal appeared. I ran a gentle hand through Aslan's mane and he smiled at me.

With a deep breath I walked through the portal and my heart burst with so much emotion I wanted to cry, scream, and pull my hair out all at once. As I continued to walk blackness came before my eyes and a sound in the distance gradually became louder with every step.

Beep… beep… beep… beep.

This chapter was the hardest chapter I have ever written in my entire life. I honestly cannot believe it is over... at least, this specific story. Honestly, I postponed writing this chapter BECAUSE I didn't want it to end. I will be doing a sequel as soon as I sit down and have some time, though. So it isn't really over. It did make me SO sad though. I'm still not sure what the title is going to be.

Just as some hints if you would like to help me out come up with a title for my next story; for a lot of it Unity will be back in HER world. She is adjusting to the change and extremely detached from the reality of her world. Also, a really UNEXPECTED surprise happens to her. A good one though :-)

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