Disclaimer: I don't own Primeval or its characters...

Author's note: Had this random, silly notion since the first time I watched episode 10 of series 3. It finally forced its way into drabble format.

"I've got an idea."

She pulls him aside into a secluded corner.

And then her hand is upon his neck, her mouth covering his, her tongue running teasingly over his bottom lip.

Shock relents to eager reciprocation as he seeks more.

She tastes not exactly of honey, but of something as subtly saccharine.

The need for air dictates its end with ragged breaths.

Pleasure is replaced by bemusement.

"How does this help us find the others?" he asks.

"I never said my idea resolved that particular problem."

She smiles as she turns to walk away.

He shrugs, grins and follows.