Title: Five things Eli is glad he brought with him when he left for Icarus
Author: Shenandoah Risu
Category: SGU, Five Things
Rating: PG
Status: complete
Season/ Spoilers: One/ none
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Five things Eli is glad he brought with him when he left for Icarus

By Shenandoah Risu

1. His car keys. Not that he expects to ever drive his – or any other – car again, it's the little key chains he has on there that he treasures: a tiny LED flashlight, a blue plastic reward star from his first grade teacher, a tiny rubber replica of the Babylon 5 station with all the paint worn off, and a Smokey the Bear coin on a chain that reminds him that only he can prevent forest fires.

2. His favorite T-shirt. He had worn it the day he was recruited, and it's become the topic of deep discussion with many fellow crew members. He tries to stay away from Dr. Franklin, though, who inevitably becomes morose and contagiously depressing when contemplating the simple statement of "You are here." But Eli and Chloe have the funniest conversations about the meaning of the phrase. It makes him happy to laugh with her.

3. His SmartPhone. He hasn't actually talked on it in ages but the songs, pictures and video clips he has downloaded on it have entertained him for a long time, especially once Reilly got the recharging plate rigged for phones. And despite having the kinos, the greatest geek toy ever invented, he still takes pictures with his phone every once in a long while. Sometimes, when nobody's looking, he pretends to be a tourist on the best trip, like, ever.

4. His encyclopedic knowledge of geek movies. It started with little games with Dr. Park, Geek Girl Extraordinaire, over meals, and soon others joined in and now, months later, it has turned into the weekly trivia night on the Destiny. Oddly, it's usually Colonel Young who wins. But that's just because Dr. Rush doesn't play. If he did, Eli is sure he'd wipe the floor with all of them.

5. His "Wormhole X-Treme" shorts. His mom bought them for him for his last birthday. She caught him surfing on the merchandise website and he had tried to mask his interest by making a joke about them. But his mom knows him too well, and she can always tell whether his humor is a front or the real deal. He rarely wears them now – he wants them to last forever. Luckily the Air Force had packed additional shorts for him, because the pair he wore during the evacuation from Icarus Base were, well, ruined.

NOTE: This story was first published on LiveJournal on the sg1_five_things community 01-18-2010