Other then Kimmy, Jenny and Jason I do not own any of the characters

(opening credit)

( opening scene )

( Kimmy is in the office look a flight book all of a sudden she sneezes to where Faye can hear )

Faye: ( opens the door ) Oh dear are you OK ???

Kimmy: I'm fine !!!!

Faye: Are you sure that was quite a sneeze

Kimmy: I'm sure

( Joe comes over the radio )

Joe: Kimmy, Faye are ya'll alright we heard an explosion and me and Brian got worried

Kimmy: Goodbye Joe !!! (she turn's of the radio)

( It's later that morning Joe and Brian come into the airport )

Brian: Hey Faye

Faye: Hey look I think something's wrong with Kimmy

Brian and Joe: What ???

Joe: is she hurt

Faye: No nothing like that !!

Brian: Oh…oh

Joe: That's a relieving but what's wrong ???

Faye: Well I think she's just a touch sick but she keeps denying it !!!

Brian: Well don't worry Faye well get to the bottom of this

Joe: Oh yea

( Kimmy comes out the office )

Kimmy: Hey guys

Joe: Don't give us that !!!

Kimmy: What ???

Brian: Your coming with us !!!

( They each grab her by an arm and drag her back into the office and close the door )

( Kimmy sits down )

Kimmy: OK what's the big idea

Joe: We know your sick

Kimmy: I am not sick !!!

Joe: Then explain these little red bumps that are forming on your face that look like the measles

Kimmy: But see I had the measles when I was 6 so I can't have them agine !!! (they give her a look) OK…OK I'll admit I am a little sick but Jason's gone on a business trip this week and I can't be sick

Brian: look I'll tell ya what if you want you can come stay with me and Jennifer

Kimmy: Are you sure !!!

Brian: No ?!?!?

Jennifer: (walks in) of course you can !!!

Kimmy: Thank you !!!

Jennifer: isn't that right Brian

Brian: No comment !!!

( They both look him )

( It is that night Kimmy and Jennifer are they are both wearing mud mask Brian comes home )

Brian: ( Kimmy and Jennifer turn around ) ahhhhhhh… oh…oh…oh ouch oh

Jennifer: ( looks up ) are you OK !!

Brian: Oh I just have a splitting headache

Kimmy: Well you better go lay down !!!

Brian: Maybe your right ?!?!? I'll see ya'll in the morning

Jennifer: Allright night

Kimmy: nite

( It is the next morning )

( Kimmy and Jennifer are sitting the lunch counter Joe walks in )

Joe: Hey Kimmy you feeling better

Kimmy: Yea I went to the Doctor he said it's just a small case of the measles the chances of a catching a case this small is like one in thirty !!!

( Brian walks in and puts his head down on the counter )

Joe: Brian are you OK

Brian: NO !!!

( Joe walks over and lifts up Brian's head by his hair Brian looks half dead he

has little red spots all over his face)

Kimmy: Well what do you know there's one in thirty chance goodbye

Joe: (Grabs Kimmy by her hoodie as her and Jen run out the door) wait a minute

Kimmy: darn I was almost out the door

Joe: Take Brian home he's to sick to work

Kimmy: Why me ??

Joe: cause you where the one that made him sick

Kimmy: You can't prove that

( Roy comes walking out of his office sneezing )