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40 Weeks of Waiting

Chapter 1

Conception: Spilt Milk

"Ginny, are you sure you do not need more help with the dishes?" My mother calls from the other room. She and my father are sitting in my living room on our three seat couch, awkwardly with Ron and Harry. While Hermione is sitting in the kitchen with me, sipping tea.

"No, Mum, Hermione will help." I smile at her and she glares back.

Today we celebrated Harry's promotion at work. He is now a Leading Auror, which means that he gets to organize the missions, and gets his own squad of aruors, fresh from the academy. Its a huge promotion and a very big deal. We invited the entire Weasley family over for a cook out, plus Its our weekend with Teddy, who is laying on the floor watching the telly.

Having all of my nieces and nephews here as really wrecked my house. Toys. Everywhere. How am I going to clean this up? Where to put them? He has so many, and we are running out of rooms in the house for James stuff to take over...Christmas being three months away means more toys...More toys for our nonexistent space! Gah!

"So, Halloween is next week..." Hermione said, walking to the sink, putting her tea cup in the sink, where my hands were.

"Yes this is true..."I waited for her to elaborate. She didn't. Um, okay.

I glanced at the calendar, next to the clock, only to realize that its six in the evening, and James just now, went down for his nap. Fantastic. You know that this means? He will get up late, hungry, and will not go to bed at a reasonable hour…But he was just so cranky, I couldn't keep him up much longer.

Hermione waves her wand, and one at a time the dishes dry them selves, as she manually puts them back in their proper shelves. We have learned our lessons with levitating good dishes and glass.

Even though magic is helpful, it only works for one dish at a time, so things still have to get done manually. I really want one of those muggle dishwashers, but my loving husband says their not practical. He's the git who ever washes the dishes.

"I'm so nervous." Hermione admitted. "This is first mission that they will be gone for so long."

I sigh. I am nervous too..."'Mione, it's only for a couple of weeks. I trust Harry. " Truth is, I am also scared. Sure Harry and Ron have been on Auror missions before, but nothing more than a couple of days. This mission will take three weeks to accomplish what ever the hell they are doing. What sucks more is that there is no communication, and they can't tell us where they are going. Which means this is a dangerous mission. Great. Three weeks of wondering where my husband is while caring of our son, and godson (who is seven already!)

I guess with Harry's promotion, he can handle it.

"Still." She looked back at Ron who was drinking a butter beer, and started a Wizard's Chess game with Teddy.

"But Ginny, you don't understand…" Hermione looks ready to cry.

I don't understand? She's kidding...right? "How could I not, Hermione!?"

"No, its just-"

"What?" I say. She sighs and leads me to the garden.

" Hermione, what…"

"Ginny, I'm pregnant, and haven't found the right moment to tell Ron..." Then she cries.

I do not understand her tears. She and Ron have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now...

She should be ecstatic! Her prayers are being answered! Its the perfect time for her, unlike James' timing for me. It was rough having to give up my dream job right after being MVP and captain.

"Um…Hermione that's wonderful!" I pulled her off my shoulder.

"No, I haven't even told Ron! The day I found out was the same day that he came home from his conference, saying that he was leaving for this one! I couldn't tell him then, and I can tell him now! I have no idea how he will react, and he needs a clear mind, for this damn mission!"

I nod. "that's reasonable."

"But if something were to happen, he would leave this world with out knowing our prayers have been answered, and a baby is on the way... if he doesn't come back, I'll be doing this alone." She sniffs.

"Hermione! Did you seriously forget what kind of a family you married into? Are any of us alone…ever? Even if you want privacy? NO! You will NEVER be alone in anything, and if you haven't figured out that yet, then you are not as smart as you lead on." I giggle to let her know I'm not seriously yelling at her. She shhh's me and I lower my voice.

"I am not going to tell you what to do, but I think you should tell Ron, tonight, before he leaves. He's your HUSBAND, Hermione, not your boyfriend. You can't keep this from him! You're 26 years old for Merlin's sake!"

She exhaled and nodded her head, staring at the sunset.

"how far along are you?"

She smiled. "Very newly pregnant. I've counted and recounted, and consulted our sex journal…" Ew she just openly admitted to a sex journal… "and about eight weeks now; due in some time May…and I'm very emotional mind you." She complained.

"So, you get to go to the doctor soon and get an official due date." I smile at her.

She giggled. and I join in, because I could relate to her. I pulled her into a hug, and squeezed.

After making sure Teddy was asleep in his room, the one he stays in when he's here, I saw Harry in his study going over some papers from work. I've had a long day, with a lot to think about and to keep quiet. I need something to distract me…I smiled and bit my lip in anticipation…I want Harry's last night be for he leaves, a night he will remember during the trip.

I went to our room and pulled a tight, red g-string on and covered my naked yet pretty good shape after having a baby, body with the silk robe. I then tip toed up to Harry's study and knocked on the door and entered without waiting for a reply. Harry was so absorbed in what he was doing that he didn't even bother looking up. I walked up to the front of his large desk and bent down slightly, exposing the top of my voluptuous breasts.

"Hey Sweetie, what are you doing?" I purred.

Harry smiled and looked up. His face paled as he stared into my breasts. I, noticing this went around the table towards him and sat on his lap so that I was straddling him. The short robe hitched up.

Harry was all but sweating as he stammered, "Darling…what are you….you doing? Sh...Shouldn't you….you b...be in b...b...bed? Its l...late, and I h...have t...to work."

"Sshh Harry, Teddy just went to bed, and James is quiet…we don't want to wake anyone now do we?" I rubbed against my husband's large erection, and together we both moaned.

"I know you want this, and you are leaving tomorrow. I also want this too… so fuck me Harry, fuck me hard." And with that, I unclasped the knot on my robe and dropped the silk material on the ground. The cold air was making my nipples hard.

Harry's pants stretched tight across the huge bulge and he moaned out in pleasure as I rubbed his erection through the material. My husband gave in. He put his glasses down, switched off the lamp, and picked me up. He carried me down the stairs to our bedroom.

He laid me on the bed and stared down at me, licking his lips as he did so. I flipped Harry over and began undressing him. Slowly, I teased him as I unbuttoned his shirt with my teeth. Once that was out-of-the-way I licked my way down his toned chest to his pants. Harry's breath caught in his throat as he watched my movements. His eyes strayed to my ass and he smirked.

I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off along with his underwear. His member sprung upwards and Harry grabbed my thick hair. I knew what he wanted me to do. I coiled my fingers around his cock and began to pump it slowly. He groaned and pulled my head roughly against his manhood. I looked up at him before sensuality licking up and down his shaft. I never forget how huge he was as I took him in my mouth.

Extremely turned on now, I massaged his balls with one hand while the other held his dick. I increased the speed at which I was sucking him and he sat up pushing me down onto the floor. He thrust faster into my mouth, now deep throating as I choked on him. His body shuddered as he came. I continued to suck on him, staring into his eyes as I milked him until he was dry.

I got up and sat on his lap again, straddling him.

"Kiss me," I said as seductively as I could and then kissed him rubbing my tongue all over his mouth and grinding my exposed breasts against his chest.

Harry's hands were all over my body. He laid me down against the soft pillows and began massaging my breast, pinching my nipples and suckling on them with his mouth. My hands tangled themselves in his hair. "Oh Harry, make love to me."

He pulled my G-string off and threw it to some corner of the room. He stuck two of them into my cunt and watched as me as I rolled my head backwards in satisfaction. He stopped moving his fingers, clearly enjoying himself, as I continued to thrust upwards, trying to feel his fingers in me. I looked up at him and groaned in protest. He pulled his fingers out and positioned himself between my thighs before thrusting hard into my cunt. He groaned and grunted as he continued to pump into my body. I wrapped my legs around Harry's waste as my hips bucked upwards, meeting his every thrust. I guided my hands down his back, all the way to his clenching buttocks and squeezed.

His shaft was buried deep inside me and we continued to move together, fucking faster and faster until we climaxed. "Ginny..." He grunted.

Gasping for air, he nuzzled and kissed my neck rolling off of me, covering us back with the sheets. I giggle and stretch.

Then we heard it…the ultimate mood ruining moment; the sound of an opening door.

"Uncle Harry?" Teddy's voice came.

Harry jumped and pulled the covers up higher.

In a frantic tone, "What is it teddy? And what did we say about knocking?" He sort of yelled at the boy. I felt bad…we did forget to lock the door, its partly our fault…well its Harry's fault. Always.

"I did…you didn't hear me. I saw something scary outside my window. There was a man waving his wand and pointing at me!" Teddy said to us in tears. I was confused but Harry jumped out of the bed and grabbed boxers. I pulled the covers more over my body searching for my close. Nope. Gone.

Harry, my savior, threw me a spare pair his boxers and a t-shirt off the floor, grabbed his wand and ran up the stairs. It annoys me that Harry knows what's going on and I don't. While Teddy watches Harry go up stairs, I quickly pull on the clothes Harry gave me.

I got out of bed, realized how sore I was, and went to hug and cradle Teddy. "Stay here." I said leaving him in my bedroom, closing the door. I ran upstairs straight to James' room, heart pounding. If Harry's alarmed, then I should be too. In this moment, I just want to hold my son. I open James' door and pick up James, who recently learned to pull himself up on the crib. He was smiling. I snuggled him to my chest, and kissed his little head. I took him down stairs, opened my door and motioned for Teddy to follow.

I put James in the high chair where he continued to say, "Mama, Mama, milk!"

Teddy sat at the table, and I made both boys milk and gave Teddy two biscuits.

Harry came down stairs looking upset. "There was most defiantly someone here…but he's gone now. I think this has to do with work, so I need to go get Ron and head out." He went to the bed room for a few seconds and returned in jeans and a red polo shirt. He had his bag over his shoulder.

I pout at him, while I was standing there, holding milk. Harry came and kissed me. "I'm sorry to just leave like this. I love you." He ran his fingers down my cheek.

"perks of the promotion?" I asked.

He half laughed, before pulling into an embrace. "Thank you for understand. It's for your protection."

I inhale his sent. "Harry, those people were at our house, watching our children..." I said, terrified. "What if the return?" I whisper.

Harry tiled my head back to meet his eyes. "I will have someone from the ministry over right away to keep you save. I love you." He said again.

"I love you too…" my eyes welled up. I release him, stepping back. I took a deep breath. "Be careful. OWL me if you can, okay?" I watched as kissed James and Teddy goodbye.


"Bye Uncle Harry. Be safe. Bring me something!" He smiled, tears stained his cheeks shone through the light in the kitchen.

"Dada -dada." James put another biscuit into his mouth.

"Bye boys." He looked at me again, grabbed his bag. With one last longing look, he aparated away, as I blew a kiss.

I was pulled back to reality, startled, to James' cup hitting the floor. "Uh oh." Milk started to spill. He started to cry.

"Jamie, don't cry over spilt milk." Teddy commented.

I am already counting down the days until Harry returns home...