Alec's POV

The weather was warm tonight on the streets of New York. The normal party crowds filled the streets on their way to the hippest clubs. Of course, I wasn't heading to any place that those mundane's could imagine. I was with my friends heading to my boyfriend's flat. I groaned at Jace and Clary's flirting and just kept conversation with my sister, Isabelle. "So are you going to tackle him or take him on the floor when you see Magnus?" she teased. I was in a good mood tonight so let it go.

We didn't get there soon enough but late is better than never. I rang the buzzer and not long after heard his footsteps. "Welcome, young shadowhunters." Magnus chuckled and allowed us in. "What no hello kiss," he pouted, while pursing his bottom lip. I gave him a sly smile. "Come here, you," I purred and then laced my fingers in his hair. I pulled his lips down to mine and kissed him full on the mouth. After the kiss broke we smiled at each other. "I missed you, Alec, I know that you just left my place this morning, but those hours in between were painful." I could see his sincerity in his eyes. He pulled me close to him and then kissed the top of my head. "I missed you too, Magnus." We stood there like that, holding one another, for a few moments. I love my beautiful sparkly warlock. "Shall we go up to the party?" he asked without truly giving me a choice. "Sure," I agreed and then led me to the party.

It was packed with downworlders. All of the fairies flocked to Magnus once they saw him. I wrapped an arm around my boyfriend's middle, showing that he was mine. He enjoyed the gesture, loving that I was "marking my territory." The room was decked out in bright club like decorations. I knew not to drink the drinks on display because what had happened to Simon the first time we came here. Besides, Magnus would open up our special wine after everyone left. I saw my sister being promiscuous with a tall and muscular fairy. Jace and Clary were danicng dirty, and I couldn't look without puking. After a bit of conversation the doorbell rang. Magnus excused himself and left to answer the door.

I heard laughter and shouts of excitement on the stairwell. "Come in, come in, don't be awkward and stand outside." Magnus coaxed the guest. I listened to the footsteps and gasped at what I saw. Standing next to Magnus was a man with jet-black hair, heavy eyeliner, black leather gloves, black nail polish, and was clad in leather. My heart suddenly fell. It was the way that he looked at Magnus that made me insecure. I heard squeals from several guests as they scrambled towards the new comer.

The new guy looked like he went perfectly with Magnus. "Oh my God it's Adam Lambert," one of the guests squealed. I walked to one of the back corners and sat down. Adam Lambert is a warlock but he's also a singer from that show that Mundane's love, American idol. People say he has a magical voice, they really don't know how close they are to knowing the truth. I watched the crowd swoon over the singer. Magnus and Adam led them back into the party and all eyes were on them. A hand landed on my shoulder, and so I looked up. It was Jace. "You ok?" he asked as he sat down next to me. I sighed and then slapped on a fake smile. "Yeah, just tired I guess." Of coarse he didn't buy it. "Don't sweat it, bro, it's just a guy, he's not you." Of course he's not me. People don't swarm around me like he does.

I sat and watched Magnus admire Adam. Did he know my heart was aching? I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend. At this rate Magnus wouldn't notice if I left. Maybe that's what I'll do. "I'm out, if Magnus notices I'm gone, tell him that I don't feel good." I told Jace. I knew that if Clary wasn't still here he would have offered to go with me. Just as I guessed, he never noticed me cross the room and head for the stairwell. I turned my head to see my heart shatter on the floor. Adam had seen me leave and so he took advantage of the situation. He kissed Magnus. I didn't stay long enough to see my supposed boyfriend's reaction.

Magnus's POV

I pushed Adam off me the instant his lips touched mine. I heard the door slam shut and broke from the crowd to find Alec. He wasn't in the crowd. The only people not in the group were Clary and Jace. Clary had been swooning over Adam up until he almost kissed me.

"Jace," I panicked, "where's Alec?" He shook his head with a look of anger in his eyes. "He left," he scorned, "I don't blame him. He got tired of seeing you flirt with your new boy toy." Oh crap, how much had Alec seen? I had just abandoned him once Adam came. He's so insecure about himself and I just forgot about him, leaving him to watch Adam.

That had to be him who slammed the door. If that's the case, I might have the chance to catch up with him.

I walked back over to the crowd and yelled, "All right, everybody out! Party's over!" They all groaned but knew better than to disobey me. Adam was the last one besides me. "Even me? Adam asked playfully. "Especially you," I growled. He gave me a look of shock, "moi? Have I offended?" he asked trying to sound innocent. "Out! Now!" I ordered. He luckily ran out and did not turn back.

I followed him out and locked the door behind me. My mind was on one thing: find Alec. I panicked through the streets of New York. Mundanes

looked at me as if i were crazy. I passed by the local gay bar and growled at those who whistled at me.

Find Alec. Have to make amends with Alec. He has to be back at the institute. Alec is too smart to wander around New York at this hour. At least I hope so.

I heard the sound of crashing trashcans in the alley in front of me. "Go to Hell you Forsaken demon!" Alec yelled. I heard the demon scream and then die. Alec's breathing was heavy. I knew better than to approach him after a fight. I would have to let him come out of the alley.

I waited impatiently for him to come out. Finally Alec staggered out into the open. "Alec, you're hurt!" I exclaimed as I ran to him, but he pushed me away. "What's it to you?" He scoffed as he pulled out his stele. "I care about you, Alec, I love you." I told him tenderly as he began to heal himself. He laughed at my words and I felt a pang in my heart. "Go home Magnus, go to you're precious Adam. You're both so alike. You deserve each other."

He turned to walk away from me and I touched his shoulder to pull him back to me. "Don't you dare touch me! You forget the existence of you're boyfriend for 3 and a half hours and made me suffer watching you worship the guy. You didn't introduce me. You acted like I wasn't there. All that existed was stupid Adam Lambert, the razzle-dazzle singing warlock. Then he kisses you and you think you can just come after me!"

Alec had never raised his voice to me before. He was red in the face and fuming with anger. "Let me explain," I tried to start but his stare was so harsh. This wasn't my Alec that I was use to. I knew that he was tough and violent in battle, but he never acted like this to me. He's always kind, loving, and playful. "What's there to explain?" he scoffed as he stuffed his stele back in his pocket. "Adam is apparently more important than me. You've shown who you favor now go. I gave you myself and you took advantage of it."

My heart ached for him. I had made a terrible mistake. He began to walk away but I fell to my knees and hung my head low. "There is no excuse for what I have done," I murmured. I heard him stop dead in his tracks. I had to tell him everything while he was willing to listen to me. "He and I are old friends. It's always nice to have friends with benefits when a life of a warlock can be so lonely. I had invited him so that he could meet you, the one I chose. I wanted him to see the reason he and I could only be friends. I love you, Alec. I was a fool to let myself continue to be dazzled by him. I hurt you and treated you poorly. I deserve to have you walk away and never come back. I'm sorry that I failed you."

He was silent for a while. Then, when I had lost all hope of redemption, he offered his hand to me. I happily took it and then looked up to see a tender smile on his face. "I love you, too," he whispered and then pulled me into arms. "Can we go home?" he asked with a seductive intention. And so I whispered, "yes, my love, yes we can."