MHX – Standoff

Kara and Clark were surrounded by the mutant children, and the female named Syren let loose with an ear splitting whistle, making Clark and Kara wince. The other children hustled towards the standoff. They forgot about injuring the soldiers any further. No one wanted to hear Syren's wail again.

Solara and Sedna, the two young females, had crowded next to Clark, while Dash, the teen male, stood beside Kara, nearly matching her height. Psychee, the oldest girl, had taken up a position squarely between the MHX kids and the Kryptonians. As usual, Terre Collin and Strife Havoc were looking for a fight. "You!" Strife shouted, pointing at Clark. "You brought them here, the destroyers!"

"We did not!" Kara defended coarsely. "They were here before we entered the Geneseo Complex. Who were they?" The Super Girl hoped to get a logical answer from the eldest teen. "They were the Old Ones!" The witchlike Gothika accused. Her big brown eyes suddenly flared bright yellow. "The Old Ones that had killed our parents, and abducted our friends. More will come, you'll see!"

Clark silently guessed that Gothika was right. Either Rowland Chemicals or the U.S. Government Black Ops Division would never give up hunting their precious young creations. It was the nightmare scenario that had kept Clark's earth parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent from revealing his existence to the world. Even in the best scenarios, the MHX children would become lab rats and advanced weapons.

"Let them come!" Terre Collin laughed maniacally. "They will get this and more!" He clapped his hands together, causing a sound shockwave that echoed throughout the area. For emphasis, Terre bent down and punched the ground, and it shook mightily with his impact, nearly knocking Starr Fox, a teen female with lengthy red hair from a tree branch. Starr Fox vaulted down near Dash, landing gracefully beside him. She circled the new arrivals like a stalking lioness.

"There has to be a better way, Terre." Clark tried to reason. "Kara and I know what it's like to be different." Blaze had rejoined the group, nervously playing with some still flaming leaves she'd picked up. "Clark speaks the truth, everyone." The fire wielding teen girl announced loudly.

"Really? What can you do?" Starr Fox goaded, as she stood next to Clark, coming up to nearly his shoulder in height. "You'd better show them." Solara urged. Clark didn't like to show off, but in this case, a demonstration of their abilities might help to smooth over the situation.

Kara vaulted high into the air, and began flying formations above and around the startled MHX kids. Skyye and Raptor, the two other MHX kids with the ability to defy gravity, leapt up into the air, followed Kara's moves, and matched them exactly. Little Sedna applauded the impromptu aerial show.

Clark used his hyper speed to run in between the kids and around the perimeter of the group. He kept himself visible enough where Dash could follow his directional changes. The high speed teen boy matched Clark's turns as closely as possible. Solara cheered the racing boys on. "Hmph!" Strife scoffed. "So you two can keep up with us." He scowled. "That's not the same as fighting us. All of us!"

"Why do we have to fight each other?" Kara asked from just above the lead troublemakers. Skyye and Raptor flanked the Super Girl, matching her speed and trajectory. "Why can't we all just be friends?" Dash pitched as he zipped in between Strife, Terre, and Bear. "Because they're old!" Terre Collin grumbled. Gothika recited an ancient magical phrase, and an illusionary dragon appeared beside her.

The younger children applauded the illusion, feeding Gothika's increasingly large ego. "This dragon is old. Do you want to fight it?" She instigated. "It's not real." Bear complained. "Isn't it?" Gothika smirked evilly. She uttered another incantation, and the golden illusionary dragon appeared to breathe fire at him. The flames were very real, and the oversized male teen ducked his head from the heat.

Clark and Dash stopped their race and edged back towards Solara and Sedna. Kara, Skyye, and Raptor flew back down towards the group, carefully avoiding the fire spewing dragon illusion. Shimmer, the water powered female, spread her hands apart, and appeared to shove a huge deluge of clear cool water on the illusionary dragon, dousing the flames, and turning the apparition to smoke.

Gothika snorted angrily, but created no further magic tricks. "First, we need to get the soldiers out of here." Clark urged the group, who were beginning to move around in random patterns, as if trying to decide what to do next, or whether to listen to Clark and Kara's offers.

"Why don't we simply kill them, like they did to our parents?" Terre asked darkly. Kara sensed no emotion from the young mutant, as if he had no feelings. "We don't kill people!" Clark snapped angrily. "There is no 'we' old one." Strife Havoc said menacingly. The kids began muttering to each other.

"You can't stop all of us." Gothika sneered as she spoke. Clark gulped. "No, we can't." He admitted. "The question is: Do you want to spend your whole lives being chased by the authorities, like the police, the soldiers, or the creators of Geneseo? Would your parents have wanted that?" Clark lectured. The only hope for them, America, and even the world, hinged on the MHX kids response to his challenge.

"Why do you care, Old One?" Wraith asked as he materialized beside Terre and Strife. "I care about everyone." Clark tried to diffuse the situation, speaking slowly but firmly to the group. Instantly, the younger MHX kids began to edge over next to Clark and Kara. The mutant children were indeed choosing up sides, as if they were about to play a sports game.

Terre, Wraith, Bear, and Strife all stared daggers at the youthful MHX kids. Psychee stood nearly toe to toe with Terre, facing him down. "Clark and Kara are right. We can't spend our lives running from the other Old Ones." She stated loudly, flipping her lengthy blonde hair back behind her shoulders.

"Look around! The Old Ones destroyed our homes!" Strife gestured towards the still smoldering buildings, the water damaged personal belongings scattered throughout the site, and the fire and explosives destruction of the formerly pristine trees, shrubs, and flowers of the complex.

"Strife is right!" Clark countered loudly, startling Kara. "What these old ones did was wrong. You have the right to be angry with them. Don't judge all of the adults in the world by these bad actions." He reasoned, winning over a few more MHX kids. "We can call the police, give them descriptions of the attackers, send the soldiers back to their supervisors, and file lawsuits." Kara continued the speech.

"Back home, we have laws." Clark lectured. "No one is above those laws, not even Kara and I." He kept his plea simple, so that the youngest kids could understand it. "What do we care about your laws?" Terre, feeling the kids turning against him, was becoming more belligerent.

"You all have to choose." Clark ignored the older kids with the bad attitudes, focusing his gaze on the other, more moderate mutant children, especially the teen girls. Psychee held up her hands. "You heard Clark, let's take a vote." She offered. "All of those in favor of joining Clark and Kara, hold up your hand."

The MHX kids reluctantly complied. Clark counted the hands, and they added up to nineteen plus Psychee. Predictably, the older boys and a couple of the older girls kept their hands down. The vote was unofficially twenty to six. Clark breathed a quick sigh of relief, but that still left six powerful MHX kids to their own devices. Someone like Lex or Rex Rowland would make use of any of the destructive kids.

Clark and Kara were disappointed. They wanted to leave with all of the mutant children. Unfortunately, that would end up being the best he could get out of the challenge. "Please, won't you reconsider?" Kara begged as she made eye contact with the holdouts, specifically the teenage boys.

The detractors were Terre Collin, Strife Havoc, Gothika, Bear, Wraith, and Raptor. Only the oversized Bear flinched when Kara made eye contact with him. She would still hold out hope that the boy with the superior strength would one day come to his senses.

"Fine!" Psychee snarled. "If you guys won't join us, then you can stay here and fight the Old Ones by yourself. They'll be here soon." Suddenly, a new being zipped into the thick of the debate. Gold Wing, also known as Laura Lake, joined Clark and Kara, startling the MHX kids with her appearance.

She was wearing her full Gold Wing outfit, standing toe to toe with Strife, and placed her hands on her shapely hips. "Whoa! Cool!" Little Sparks praised Gold Wing's outfit, unaware that she was really his friend Laura in disguise. "You better rethink your attitudes." Gold Wing said through her voice synthesizer. "The soldiers are coming back with reinforcements!"

"How close are they?" Kara prodded. "They're not more than ten minutes out. There are more than a dozen helicopters, two dozen armored vehicles, and about as many heavily armed goons in black SUVS on the way." Laura answered. Clark frowned. "This is going to be a bloodbath!" He stated angrily.

"Let them come!" Terre boasted. "We'll kill them all, and cut off their heads, and stick them on poles to warn everyone else away from our land!" Gold Wing got into Terre's face. "Ew! That's sick!" She commented. "Genius! I don't care how strong you are, a bullet is a bullet. You'll be just as dead as anyone else without superior powers!" Laura chastised.

Sedna, Solara, and Sparks all began to whimper, sticking close to Clark and Kara. "Who are you again?" Bear questioned Laura. "I'm called Gold Wing, and I have special abilities as well." She explained. Terre and Strife frowned as they checked out Laura from head to toe.

Laura was wearing her black eye mask, gold headband, black leather jacket, gold midriff bearing t-shirt, black leather pants, and black leather, low heeled boots. Her telltale twin golden blonde strands of hair were also visible, as they rimmed both sides of her thin face.

"Either, we hightail it out of here, or be prepared to fight two small armies of these so called Old Ones." Laura addressed everyone. Psychee wasn't convinced that Gold Wing was legit, sensing duplicity from the young superhero's mind. Psychee wasn't a true telepath, but she could 'read' people's thoughts and emotions, much the same way a sophisticated lie detector machine could.

The young mutant was just now beginning to use her extraordinary abilities. Psychee had the potential to be the most powerful MHX kid of them all. Right now, the mutant children were just a bunch of ragtag experiments that were still in various stages of development. Should they unite under a leader, like Psychee, they could literally change or destroy the world.

Gods forbid if the MHX kids were to unquestioningly follow Terre Collin or Strife Havoc, because they could take over the planet, much like Clark and Kara's Kandorian associates uniting under General Zod. The Kryptonians had to convince the MHX kids to remain peaceful, or they would have to destroy them, and Clark was determined not to let that happen.

Kara and Laura silently wondered if they could control or destroy the MHX kids at all, yet they had to try. The goal now was to save as many lives as possible. "Gather up all of the soldiers and bring them to me…alive!" Terre Collin ordered the young mutants. Strife, Bear, Gothika, and Wraith immediately complied, racing the other kids to the injured humans. Raptor wasn't sure, so she quietly stood by.

Shortly after the kids returned with the angry and dazed soldiers, Clark and Kara noticed that a few of the MHX kids had stayed towards the rear of the group, not wanting to call attention to themselves. "Who are those five?" Clark asked Solara and pointed towards the few kids chatting near the back of the assembly. "Oh, we rarely see them." The young girl informed him.

"Bertrand and Emma are what Terre called geeks, I guess they do something with the computers that we had, like Chloe and Oliver did." She continued. "You have access to computers?" Kara questioned. "Sure, but Terre and Strife never let us near them." Solara replied.

"Crystal uses ice and cold as a weapon." The girl added. "She's not very friendly. Dagby and Raven just fight all the time, you know, with knives, bows and arrows, sticks, and stones." Kara scowled. "Charming!" She commented. Clark seemed to recall some similar abilities with the early meteor freaks that he and Chloe encountered. This made him wonder if the MHX kids were somehow related to them.