Author's note : Hm, I do realise that Legolas is a Sindar and therefore it technically isn't his own kin that lived at Valinor, but, hey … who cares … It can be just any elf anyway … Except that verse to the King … Oh well.

I think a loon is a kind of bird, like a duck, but nocturnal, and with a wolf-like cry.

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By Le Chat Noir

Ai, Valinor, land that we sing,

From which we came on silver wing,

Burnt at the fire of Losgarth,

In the mourning of elven kin.

Cry of the gulls, when will it be,

The day I'll leave my King for thee,

Answer thy call, answer my heart,

Answer my longing for the Sea ?

When will I see, thy white tower,

Land of Eru, of All Father ?

When will I hear, treading thy shore,

That song of yore, by another ?

By Morgoth slain, trees of thy Noon,

Telperion, light of the moon,

And Laurelin, golden of leaf,

Live forever, so cries the loon.

From thy beauty the Noldors fled,

In Avallöne blood was shed,

Soaked and dripping, swords unsheathed,

Into the night, the sky was red.

Chaos of Ice, Helcaraxë,

Crossed Fingolfin, son of Finwë,

And many fell, and war was stirred,

Leading his people all the way.

That we were lost, why now complain ?

We turned our back, and walked in rain,

Feänor's sons, cursed be their oath,

Weren't first to feel greater pain.

Ai, Valinor, now back we come,

Greats of Arda, welcome us home !

Yesterday's sins, be forgiven,

Once again walk under thy dome !

Now back we come, Ai, Valinor !

In the strictest ways of our lore,

Going back home, and to our Lords,

Just see your light, we want no more !