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Phantom's Mew


The moon shined bright at the pitch black night on the outskirts of Tokyo. Many households where being shined under the moonlight.

One household, however felt like it wasn't. Yes the Momomiya household was under a pitch black cloud. Why? Because of one person.

Ichigo Momomiya has gone through her worst day ever in her life. She failed a test, got into a fight with her friend, Mint Aizawa, but even worse…she broke up with her boyfriend, Masaya Aoyama.

They loved each other, or so everyone says. So how did this all happened? Ichigo was in her room. She sobbed as she sunk her head in her pillow. She could remember the breakup very cleary…

"I think it's time that we should see other people." Masaya said. "What? Why are you saying this?" Ichigo asked.

"It's just that…I don't think that you're the one for me anymore." Ichigo felt a piece of her heart being ripped out.

"After everything…that has happened. The aliens attacking the earth, you being a mew mew, me not human, I think it's better off if we end our relationship, Ichigo."

Ichigo's eyes grew watery. "I want to live my life as a regular human." Masaya said. "I don't wanna use my powers anymore."

"But…you can live your life as a regular human." Ichigo said. "With…me." Masaya shook his head. "No. I'm sorry, Ichigo. Our relationship ends here. It's over between us."

Ichigo slapped Masaya in the face. "You jerk!" she cried. "What about what you said in wanting to protect me? You said that you wanted to be by my side forever! Where all those things…a lie?"

"No…Ichigo…I…" "Y'know what? You're nothing but a damn liar!" Ichigo cried. "Ichigo…" "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Ichigo cried and she ran, bursting into tears.

"Masaya…" Ichigo quietly said while crying. "…why…why…?" Ichigo continued to cry in her room.

Ichigo wasn't the only one who was having the worst day ever. In Amity Park, Danny Fenton faced one of his worst things to have ever happen in his life.

He broke up with his girlfriend, Sam Manson. (Or more like dumped by her.) Sure they have been good friends for many years and became a couple…but he never thought his relationship with her would end so soon.

He rolled around in his bed, placed a pillow on his head and said, "Crap." "Damn it…why did this all happen?"

He heard a knock on his door. "Hey bro." said his sister, Jazz. "Tucker is here to see you." "Yo, Danny." Tucker said. "You alright?"

"Let him in." Danny said. Tucker opened the door. "I'll leave you two alone." Jazz said, and left.

"Woah, you look horrible." Tucker said. "Gee…thanks." Danny muttered. "This day's been hell for me."

Tucker said on his bed. "Look dude, I know that you're still upset by what happened earlier but you'll find someone better."

"Yeah…sure I will." Danny said. "Yeah maybe not in Amity Park, but somewhere else?" Tucker said.

Danny groaned. Tucker sighed. He couldn't bear to see his best friend in such depression. He just had to do something about it.

Then Tucker's brain hatched an idea. "Hey, I know what'll cheer you up!" "And what would that be?" Danny asked.

"Why not go ghost hunting around the world?" Danny looked at Tucker, as if he were retarded.

"Yeah…like that's gonna cheer me up." Danny hasn't seen any sign of ghosts for like a year after he saved the world from a meteor. To him, surely Tucker's idea was pure nonsense.

"I mean we could both travel around the world and catch any remaining ghosts!" Tucker knew his idea was foolish but he wanted to eradicate his friend's complete sadness.

"Bleh…" Danny muttered. "Oh come on, I know that this will work! You gotta believe me!" "Do you even have money for all the flights, hotels, food, and stuff?" "Yes, I do." Tucker replied.

"Okay…" Danny said. "Yeah, I wanna make you feel better." "Fine." "Okay…then…hmm….what place should we go first? London? Cairo? Paris? Buenos Aires? Tokyo?" Tucker asked.

"Uh…Tokyo…I guess." Danny replied. "Consider it Tokyo then!" Tucker said. "And don't worry you'll be back to your old self again!" "Yeah…sure I will." Danny said. It doesn't change the fact that I…

"…lost the love of my life." Ichigo said, sobbing, as she thought of ideas to make her feel better. "It's hopeless." she said. "I may never fall in love ever again…"

…or is it?

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