Author's Note: This is a story that I developed several years ago. This is probably the third time I'm seriously rewriting it. I am also posting this on my DeviantArt page, and since I enjoy that site a bit more than this one, I'm going to be posting updates there more frequently than here. So, I urge you that if you have an DeviantArt profile, to check this story out and leave me comments or such over there. If you don't, I'm still going to be updating here, but my story here will probably always be a couple updates behind the story I post on my DeviantArt page.

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With that out of the way, let's get to actually talking about the content, shall we? This is a story set in Raccoon City during the outbreak. I make occasional references to events and certain characters from the games, but for the most part, this story's concept is an original tale, merely set within the RE universe. Don't expect interaction with any of the main stars of the series (with the possible exception to one... but I'll figure that out later)

Still, I try my best to follow in line with the established storyline from the games. I may take some creative liberties here and there, but for the most part I really try not to mess with the cannon storyline. I like to imagine my story coinciding nicely with the events established in the games.

Last but not least, I am not a huge fan of this prologue, so I'd ask you to at least read the next section before deciding whether or not you're really into this story. Of course, that's assuming you don't like the prologue. If you do like it, well, that's awesome. XD


What happens when civilization is brought to its knees and gutted? When a city is tainted and brought into the realms of living nightmares? As the bustle of city life dies down and streets become little more than winding mazes of wrecked vehicles, the air filled with the ever-present stench of decay, we are reminded that safety is but an ignorant façade between reality and absolute horror. Structures once used to house our increasingly shallow notions of life soon become little more than hollow deathtraps, waiting to engulf the wanderers who seek to regain their past false sense of security. When society crumbles into chaos and walls are painted with the blood of nightmares, and the blood of the innocent, those still alive will find themselves in a constant struggle to maintain their sanity.

The citizens of Raccoon City could never have fathomed that they would find themselves tossed into the depths of absolute peril. Once living in care free, simplistic bliss, they found themselves ill equipped for when the city fell into a never-ending continuum of survival. The warning signs were there, offered months in advance, but no one would listen. They turned a blind eye to the threat that would later consume every aspect of their lives.

A virus spread through the city, twisting the life out of bodies to turn them into mindless, bloodthirsty entities. The walking dead began to swarm the streets of the city, taking most would-be survivors off guard and ending their lives before the true struggle even began. With every fallen soul, the army of rotting undead added more to their ranks. A simple cut, a single bite and the virus would begin to infect, set to conquer and control the body. It was a constant spiral of hunger, death and resurrection and eventually, it completely overran the city.

The virus infected with little discrimination. Animals too small and weak to bare the disease died off from the infection, save for the carries, the rats. However, dogs found a place in the night alongside their undead masters, resorting back to primal instincts as the virus took hold of their bodies. They thirsted for fresh blood and the taste of flesh, hunting the streets and alleyways like packs of wolves. Those who found themselves surrounded by these beasts soon found their throats torn out, and were left with the cold embrace of the ground to keep them company until the pack finished the job. If one listened well enough, they might hear the faint taps of these creatures' paws clicking against pavement. Then, and only then, might they have enough time to escape.

Where most birds fell to the virus, crows embraced the unnatural disease and developed a taste for human flesh. Perched on rooftops and telephone poles, these crows waited for their prey to walk by, swooping down from the skies in flocks. Like a tornado, they fell upon their meal, tearing through the unfortunate soul. Eventually, their prey would fall and they would feast.

Crazed, rabid animals and the hordes of walking dead were not all that crept through the city. Creatures more terrifying than anyone could have imagined prior to the outbreak began to appear in the city, the result of the virus reacting to certain bodies in an extremely different and more grueling manner. Most never knew of these creatures until they stumbled upon them by accident, and by then, it was too late.

Those fortunate few who found themselves still standing after the initial wave of bloodshed found themselves locked in a struggle for survival that mankind had long ago forsaken. An entire life of spoiled succulence left their body and mind ill fit to adapt to the situation, and with nowhere else to turn, they fell into what instinct their humanity hadn't fully consumed. Each day no longer focused around ritualistic schedules, but solely on living to see another sun set. The screams of those too weak to do as such echoed through the air as a constant reminder that death lurked around every corner. Life in Raccoon City had shifted, becoming a race of survival, a marathon of fatigue, with its contestants grasping at thin, rotting strings to stay alive.

How does a horror movie become reality? How did the Midwestern society of Raccoon City succumb to such vile circumstances? What were the signs that the citizens chose to ignore?

After a rise of bizarre murders on the outskirts of the city a few months prior to the outbreak, Special Forces of the Raccoon City Police Department were sent to investigate the occurrences. They were led to a mansion, the Spencer Estate, where they faced the horrors of this virus first hand. The few who survived returned to the city, knowing the cause and the true meaning behind the virus. Their words went ignored, realities too horribly for ordinary people to believe. The city was to fall.

The nightmare faced at the mansion by the STARS members soon caught up to the naïve people of Raccoon City. Even until their dying moment, most never knew the part the Umbrella Corporation had in the incident. People relied on the corporation for pharmaceutical goods, and looked to Umbrella for advancements in medicine and technology to make their lives better. Because of this front, no one knew of Umbrella's other interests, and remained blind to the very people who would ultimately bring death to the city.

Few still live to curse the name 'Umbrella.'