Knock. Knock. Knock.

Natsume's door opens with a small creak, bunny-eared Ruka came to his sight – wistful eyes looks straight at him. He avoids that gaze. "Valentine's day… it's different." said Ruka as he closes the door behind him. He chuckles, voice so gentle and meek but uneasy, "You're clinging to Tsubasa-sempai the whole afternoon..." He chuckles again, this time, it's stinging Natsume's ears.

"What about you?" Natsume started, "Your bunny-ears effect won't be fading anytime soon." Rather than hearing a hearty laugh, Ruka just says "Yeah" while he sits next him on that couch. Obviously, Ruka doesn't want to talk about that… because he as another topic in mind. They're quiet for a while, but it's not awkward, haven't they gotten used to the comfortable silence around them?

"Oh yeah," Ruka starts pulling something out from his pocket, "Sakura-san told me to give this to you." A couple of chocolates landed on Natsume's lap. "I don't know what she made it with but knowing her, I think it's pretty safe."

Liar. She didn't tell you to give it to me.

Natsume can hear it; the bitterness in Ruka's words, and the slight shaking of his voice. He's not dumb not to know. "W-well, I gotta go now. I'll see you tomorrow, bye." With that, he goes off. Head falling between his shoulders, does he think Natsume can just overlook?

Door closes with a click.

Yes, he can hear it. Ruka is just outside his door, Natsume can hear how loud and heavy the tears seem to stride on those pale cheeks. Water forms on his eyes too, guilt punching into his insides. He runs to his door, wanting to comfort his best friend. Stop those tears from falling. He opens the door wide.

Thin air hugs him.


He looks at the chocolates in his hand, and hurls them far into the dark hallway.

This isn't even mine.

This kind of day is what Natsume hoped will never come. The scratch on their flawless friendship will change everything from now on.