The scene is Kimmy walking around the Hackett's kitchen Jenny is sitting at the table she turns around to face Kimmy who is pealing some potatoes at the sink "So what are Brian and Joe going to do for your birthday"

Kimmy looks at her "I don't know but I'm sure it's going to be awesome"

The scene changes to the morning of Kimmy's birthday she walks into the terminal Antonio, Helen, Roy, Loall and Jenny are sitting at the lunch counter Faye is behind the flight desk Brian is out on a flight and Joe is in his office Jenny sees Kimmy and runs over holding a bag increasing Kimmy in a hug "Happy Birthday !!"

She backs off and hands Kimmy the bag Kimmy starts to open it as they walk over towards the lunch counter she sits down and pulls a red sweater " No way the Jackie Thompson original sweater I've been looking at for 6 weeks"

she looks over at Jenny "that cost 80.00"

Jenny looks at her and then smiles at Helen "Well Helen might have helped me some"

Kimmy smiles at her then at Helen "Well I love it thank you so much" Helen bends over the counter as Kimmy pulls her and Jenny into a hug

Kimmy pulls back after a couple of minutes "this will go great with my new flight jacket"

Faye walks over "What makes you so sure that's what Brian and Joe are getting you"

Kimmy looks at her "Oh please I've been dropping hints for 2 months they would have to be complete idiots to get the hint"

Faye smiles "well I took it upon myself to get you something"

Roy hands her a card as well they all look at him Kimmy speaks up "Roy are you sick ?"

Roy looks at her "dose something have to be wrong for me to make a kind jester ?"

Kimmy looks at him "Well"

Roy looks at her "Ahhh…just open it"

Kimmy looks at him "I think I'll open Faye's first considering I'm kind of scared of yours"

Roy looks at them and gets up to leave "You people act like I've never nice to you"

Kimmy shakes it off as she opens the small box to a gold chain" she looks at Faye confused "Uhhh…thanks Faye"

Faye looks at her realizing she's confused "my mother gave this too me when I was your age and every year after that I would get a charm to put on it"

Kimmy smiles "And your giving it to me"

Faye smiles "Well since I never had a daughter I thought it would be nice if you had it"

Kimmy gets off the stole and gives her a hug "Well thank you Faye"

She pulls away as Faye pulls something out of her pocket "And to get you started I brought you your first charm"

she holds up a charm shaped into an air plane and hands it to Kimmy who then looks at it "awwww…this is to cute thank you"

Brian walks into the terminal "Hey everybody"

Kimmy jumps off the stole and runs over to him " Hello my dearest brother"

Brian looks at her confused "Hello my dearest sister"

Kimmy smiles at him "Isn't there something you would like to tell me ?"

Brian looks at her "Yes actually there is"

Kimmy gets excited "Well"

Brian hands her a folder like thing "Can you file the flight logs ?"

Kimmy kind of gives a disappointed look "Sure"

Brian pats her back as he turns to go into the office Jenny walks up behind Kimmy "You don't think they forgot your birthday do you ?"

Kimmy looks at her "of course they didn't"