Here we are once again in Judge Trudy's courtroom.

Announcer: This is another case of Judge Trudy. If you have a complaint, don't take the law into your hands, take it to Judge Trudy. My parents wished I fell down some stairs.

Here's the case for today. A teenage boy named Rand Ty and his Biology Teacher, Mr. Lark. Let this case begin.

"Everybody!" said the Bailiff, "Rise!" All the children rose up. And Judge Trudy walked in. "Sit, sit," replied Judge Trudy. So all the children sat back down. "I am Judge Trudy," she began, "So, Rand Ty, I understand you have a complaint against Mr. Lark, right?"

"Yeah," said Rand Ty, "He deleted all of my files!" The children booed at Mr. Lark and threw orange juice cartons at him. "Orange juice!" cried Mr. Lark, "I hate orange juice!" "Silence!" shouted Judge Trudy, "You got orange juice because you deleted this kid's files!"

"Well," said Mr. Lark, "I did." The children booed at Mr. Lark again. "Unacceptable!" shouted Judge Trudy. "Well," said Mr. Lark, "They weren't part of the assignment." "I know," said Rand. "I thought they were useless junk," said Mr. Lark. "But you didn't have to go and delete them all," said Rand, "You file killer!"

"Now look here," said Mr. Lark. "Silence Mr. File Deleter!" shouted Judge Trudy, banging her gavel. "But," said Mr. Lark, "I-" "Silence!" shouted Judge Trudy, "Mr. Ty, continue."

"I all I wanted to do was work on my own stuff and then he comes along and deletes them all!" The children booed at Mr. Lark again. "I thought they were junk!" said Mr. Lark. "No excuse!" shouted Judge Trudy.

"Look here," said Mr. Lark, "The both of you. I was trying to get Rand to work on his assignment." "Well, you didn't have to go and delete my own stuff," said Rand.

"Now," began Mr. Lark, but Judge Trudy interrupted him. "Okay," said Judge Trudy, "Then game over! I think you lose!" Judge Trudy banged her gavel again and said, "I find in favor of the plaintiff, Rand Ty, and that you, Mr. Delete, owe him $400,000."

"Four thousand, hundred," stuttered Mr. Lark, "I don't have 400,000 dollars!" "Then you're going to be chased by something wild!" said Judge Trudy. "Here we go!" said the Bailiff, opening a door. Out popped out a large Mexican wrestler.

"HEY!" he roared, "I SEE A CHALLENGER! GRRR!" Mr. Lark saw the Mexican wrestler; he screamed and ran away, with the Mexican wrestler chasing after him.

"Court dismissed," concluded Judge Trudy, "Bring in the dancing lobsters." Dance music is played. And the lobsters came into the courtroom, dancing. Everyone else joined in, too. And so did the Bailiff.