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Soi Fon greeted Yoruichi when she arrived back from the captains meeting. Yoruichi stretched and tossed her captains jacket to Soi. "Yoruichi-Sama…" She mumbled quietly.

"How rude big sister." A small voice called from behind the teen.

They both looked around to see Yoruichi's younger brother Benjiro Hiroshi Jomei Shihoin. His name was supposedly full of good things, but Soi failed to see it in some of his actions. He had shoulder length black hair, his bangs pushed away from his forehead. He wore a black vest with gold and red designs weaved along the front. His pants were black with gold thread along the seams.

Benjiro smiled at Soi. "I'll take that Soi-Chan-San." She always thought that was funny. He held out a hand and Soi placed the robe in it. "I'm sorry my sister is so lazy." He grinned.

Soi rushed to stumble out a sentence to defend her lady.

Yoruichi huffed and walked away. Soi following quickly. Benjiro chuckled and hung up the robe before following.

"You over estimate that man Yoruichi-Sama." Benjiro walked in as Soi spoke of her displeasure of someone, he guessed Kisuke Urahara. When she described the person, he knew he guessed right.

Yoruichi appeared disinterested, but Benjiro knew for a fact she was listening hard. He sat on the step and scratched at his pale skin. His sister had confided in him that she had a slight crush on the young girl, and he was going to make her admit it. What did keeping secrets do for you?

Soi huffed in displeasure that Yoruichi wasn't paying her complaints of the lazy Urahara any attention. She looked at Benjiro, who was two years younger than herself. They got along quite well. "You agree with me don't you Benjiro-San?" He grinned, he'd ordered her not to title him with 'Sama'. He nodded and mumbled a small "Hai."

Yoruichi glared. "How come you had a problem with calling me Ms. Yoruichi but he gets a lesser title than that?"

Soi blushed. "Uh well…"

Benjiro grinned. "Because we know each other so wellll." He drawled. He eased closer to the girl. "Right Soi-Chan-San?" He winked, making sure his sister could see.

Yoruichi scowled. "Don't you have some training session to be at Ro?" She tried to push down the swell of possessiveness.

Benjiro grinned and nodded, fixing the prayer beads around his wrists. He was studying to be a monk. "See ya around Soi-Chan-San." he brushed his fingers across her shoulder, he knew she was blushing. Hopefully his plan would work.

Yoruichi glared at the girl in front of her. "What was that?"

Soi stuttered, confused at the anger she saw in the older woman's eyes. "Ah well, nothing. It's just-we're just friends. He-he was just playing Yoruichi-Sama." She blushed harder.

Yoruichi glowered. She regretted telling her brother how she felt about the girl in front of her. "Whatever, anyways on the matter of Kisuke…he's not that hard of a worker. I can give you that." She grinned, eager to tease. "But why are you so interested Soi Fon?"

Soi didn't know if she should be disgusted, shocked, or offended. So she settled on all three. "I am not interested in him!" She called indignantly. "It's just-…"

"Ah don't worry about it Soi! You know if you worry to much you'll get older faster." Yoruichi teased and laughed.

Soi huffed and pouted. Yoruichi never listened.

Benjiro sat with his sister and Kisuke. He yawned, bored with the conversation. He grinned when Soi walked in. "Soi-Chan-San!" He cried and jumped up to greet her.

Yoruichi glared with jealousy.

Benjiro stepped back, hands on Soi's Shoulders. "Where ya been? I missed ya!" Soi blushed cherry red.

"Ah well-I…"

Benjiro took the papers from Soi. "Hey sis, Soi-Chan-San's got something for ya!" He stepped forward and handed it to her, turning back to Soi he pulled her along to sit beside him. He whispered quietly to her.

Yoruichi took the papers but kept her eyes on her brother. That bastard! She ground her teeth together as he leaned in and began whispering lightly to her. She almost jumped up and punched him when he actually forced a giggle to escape the girl. Only she was supposed to do that!

"What is this anyways?" She called loudly as she looked through the papers, knowing Soi had followed Kisuke around all day.

Benjiro Slid away from the girl and grinned triumphantly, he'd get his sister to admit how she felt to Soi Fon in no time at all.

Soi Fon, Yoruichi, and Kisuke watched Benjiro train with his sensei. At the end of a long meditation the man told Benjiro that he would be leaving soon, that Benjiro would be getting a new teacher from the academy.


The man silenced his student. "Apparently I'm not fit to teach anymore, but it's no matter. I've already been replaced."

"But what if…"

Once again he was silenced. "Jiro…what was the first thing I taught you?"

Benjiro looked to the dirt under his feet. "Everything happens as it should when it should. The universe is always on time." He mumbled.

The man nodded and hummed in approval. "No use comes from dwelling on 'What If'. What will happen will happen. Accepting it and dealing with it is simply part of life." The man grinned. "However when a path becomes unclear to you…divine intervention is always fine."

Benjiro looked up. "Divine intervention?"

"Your Zanpakuto takes the form of a staff. Figure it out." The man grinned wider and waved as he walked off.

Benjiro looked over at his Zanpakuto. It sat against a tree, it's sheath of gold and silver shining in the fading sun in all it's forbidden glory. It had taken the for of a staff whenever he released it. A monk staff if one would get technical. Benjiro didn't understand.

"Kazuo Keitaro." He whispered. The sword gave a small twitch and lay still, silent. It seemed to be waiting. "…You know something I don't know…about me and yourself." He continued. Again the blade twitched. "I don't care if it takes a hundred years. I'll figure it all out." He swore. The blade twitched again.

'Trust me.'

Benjiro refused his teacher that he was offered. He said he didn't need him.

"You're an idiot you know that Ro?" Yoruichi chastised as she followed her brother along. It had been three month since the odd speech.

The boy shrugged. "Whatever. I trust my Zanpakuto. He'll be my sensei…or maybe I'll be my own." He shook his head, thoughts becoming unclear.

"Yoruichi-sama." Soi came into sight.

Benjiro, still wanting to see his sister happy and with who she desired (but having been un-driven these past few months), decided it was time to start his plan anew. He charged the girl and pulled her into a tight hug, knowing it would get a rise from his sister. "Soi-Chan-San! I missed yoooouuuu!" He called.

Yoruichi blushed in anger. "Knock it off!" She realized she should have kept her mouth shut and went silent, deciding to walk by the two and keep a scrap of her pride her little brother hadn't taken away yet.

Soi was confused. Whenever Benjiro made a 'pass' at her, her captain became upset. It was almost like…Soi shook her head at the idea. It simply was not possible.

Yoruichi yawned as she ate her snack, her brother at her side. Kisuke was apparently heading into the Maggot's Nest.

"Hmm…what was it about again?" She asked.

Benjiro rattled his monk staff. He was learning fast and his Zanpakuto never returned to it's sealed state after he decided he would train himself and study hard on his decided path in life. "Sis, you should remember these things." He mumbled.

"Should I ask him to leave if you cannot remember giving him permission?" The nameless man before them asked.

"Nah, it's fine. Let him do whatever he wants." Yoruichi stated lazily.

"Do you remember talking with him about it?" The man asked.

"Nope!" Yoruichi took a sip of her drink.

Benjiro stayed quiet.


Benjiro glanced at the girl and grinned. He slipped in front of her, smiling.

Soi blushed. She had to admit, the boy had gotten taller and quite charming actually.

Yoruichi glared, jealousy rearing it's ugly head.

"Don't worry Soi-Chan-San. I will go personally and see that he stays out of trouble. Would that be alright?" He asked quietly, leaning over her.

Soi nodded, blush searing her cheeks.

Benjiro reached up and brushed her bangs away from her forehead. "Leave it to me." He placed a light kiss on the space he made.

The other members of the squad in the room stared in disbelief.

Yoruichi gritted her teeth, her cup shattered in her hand. "If you're going then go!" She snarled.

Benjiro stood, looking back at her. "Certainly…commander." He turned and winked at Soi before leaving quietly.

Soi took her place and stared at the polished wooden floor beneath her. Benjiro certainly knew how to push her buttons to make her blush. She glanced at Yoruichi, who was glaring at her with a mix of emotions. Soi blushed harder and looked away.

The gates to the Maggot's Nest opened silently for Benjiro. His golden staff's rings clinked loudly in the surrounding silence.

"Yoruichi really needs to make her move." He mumbled to himself remembering his old sensei's words of wisdom. He was simply the 'Divine Intervention'.

He grinned as he remembered Soi-Chan-San's blush. The simple fact that not only his sister could make the girl blush made the older girl angry.

He was not part of the detention unit, but as next in line for the head of the family he had access to almost any part of the Soul Society. Of course he never used it like some members of his family did. He used his high status to have food and water taken to the needy and health care distributed among them as needed.

Kazuo said he was a monk to be for the history books.

Walking by the large walls with the second squad symbol he sighed. The Maggot's Nest had always given him the creeps. It was dark, quiet…most of the time, and basically a death trap. It had one entrance and that was the only exit. He didn't like that. Handing his staff over to one of the two guards he entered the 'vault of death' as he called it.

He remembered his first time coming here…

Benjiro stood behind his father, a dark skinned man with dark hair, who was the current captain of the second squad. He stared at the dark door in front of him. "Daddy?"


"Why do you keep people here?"

"Because these people could hurt us all if left alone. It's for the protection of others and ourselves."

Benjiro shivered. He frowned when he heard a gloating laugh behind him, turning he saw his older sister. "Don't be a cry baby Ro!" She laughed again.

Benjiro huffed. "I'm not a cry baby!"

Yoruichi laughed harder. She was two feet taller than him, her face still held childish features even though she was much older.

"Yoruichi! Stop that!"

The girl stopped laughing and frowned.

"Benjiro is still small, if he has a fear he should be able to state such without you laughing at him like a common bully."

Yoruichi nodded. "Sorry Ro."

The man crouched down to Benjiro. "Don't worry Ro, believe it or not Yoruichi was right where you are now. Just as scared."

"Dad!" Yoruichi blushed in embarrassment.

The man laughed.

Benjiro smiled at the memory and continued into the Nest.

He paid no mind to the men he passed, he could not save them. Half of them were already past insane from years of being here.

"Benjiro-San." One called softly. Looking around he saw a young blonde boy with blue eyes, he seemed unsure of himself.


"Um…they went to the cell." The boy spoke softly and stepped back.

"I see…thank you…" He smiled as he waited for the name.

"Ah, I don't have a name Benjiro-San. I apologize." He mumbled, looking to the floor.

This boy reminded him of Soi Fon so much. He smiled. "Come with me?"

The boy looked around as if he was unsure of what to do. Benjiro smiled kindly and the small blonde boy walked up to him.

Benjiro ruffled his hair and the boy smiled, he was just like Soi Fon. Maybe the two could be friends.

The nameless boy followed close behind. Benjiro could feel the fear emanating from him. "Why were you thrown down here anyways?" The older asked quietly.

"I wasn't thrown…I was born here. My mother died recently, and my father won't talk to me anymore. They never gave me a name, said I didn't need one seeing as I'd be down here all my life."

"Well you'll be leaving this place with me." Benjiro promised. If he was born here he wasn't a threat. And he seemed quite bright, why not give him a chance? If he was like the others then he would be returned here at once.

Benjiro walked up behind Kisuke and his lieutenant. "You want to take him out of here?" He asked curiously.

Kisuke turned to him. And smiled wide. "Hey Ro." He spotted the boy beside him. "And you're taking someone too."

Benjiro simply hummed and stood back as Kisuke continued. He didn't want to say how bad of a feeling he got from this. Maybe he should say something…, Kazuo stated that as he was to be a monk he was a man of holy status. "You yourself are an instrument of Divine Intervention." He'd said. But Benjiro said nothing…he pushed down his bad feeling, passing it off as a bad vibe from the man.

Silly young Benjiro…

The boy followed Benjiro everywhere he went. And Benjiro was following his sister around to see where she stood with Soi-Chan-San.

He sat on the sidelines with the blonde boy as his sister teased Byakuya. He rolled his eyes at her antics.

"Ah…Benjiro-San…why does she do that?" The boy asked curiously.

"Because she's a cat."


"Oi! Sis-tah!" Benjiro called. She and the two Kuchiki's looked up at him. "Let's go! I'm meetin Soi-Chan-San for lunch!" He wasn't, but it could easily be arranged.

Yoruichi glared.

"Who's the kid?" Byakuya asked quietly.

Benjiro looked at the small blonde he'd taken in. He'd totally forgotten to get him a name. "Hmm…"

The boy looked up at him with eagerness. Now he would get a title, he would get a name and be like everyone else.

Yoruichi and Byakuya waited, though Byakuya found it slightly pathetic that the boy didn't have a name.

"I'll call you Naoko!" Benjiro declared.

The boy smiled. "What's it mean?"

Benjiro grinned down at him. "Honest." He stated.

Naoko laughed and hugged Benjiro. Benjiro chuckled and ruffled the blonde hair, he'd gotten the kid cleaned up nice. His hair was now a healthy shine of gold and he wore fresh Shinigami robes with a plain pair of white shorts instead of the pants (he said they felt odd). "Thank you." The boy mumbled quietly.

He was exactly like Soi Fon, but with more spunk.

Yoruichi was beside them in a second. "You wanted to go didn't ya?"

Benjiro stood with Naoko. "Naoko…I'm gunna introduce you to my great friend Soi-Chan-San!" He glanced at his sister and leaned in to whisper to the boy, knowing she could hear. "We're on close relations." He grinned. "Come on!" He lifted the boy onto his shoulder and left Yoruichi glaring death at where he'd been a moment before.

Naoko watched Yoruichi as his new sensei hugged 'Soi-Chan-San'. She looked upset. What was his sensei playing at?

Soi blushed as red as ever as Benjiro hugged her. "Benjiro-San, it's only been three days since we last saw each other."

"I know, but I just missed you soooo much!" He pulled her into another hug and smirked evilly at his sister, who was fuming.

Yoruichi blushed with jealous anger. "Soi and I have some place to be! See ya around Ro." She pulled a bright red Soi away from her brother and pulled her along behind her. Looking back she stopped short…

Benjiro had turned and taken his staff back from Naoko, who stared up at him with admiration. Naoko was much shorter than Benjiro.

Yoruichi realized those two were Soi Fon and herself, only different still.

"Yoruichi-Sama?" The woman turned. Soi looked at her with concern. "Where are we going exactly?"

The violet haired woman frowned thoughtfully. If she didn't tell Soi the truth, when would she ever? And what if Benjiro really did like her that way? She'd loose her chance. She couldn't let that happen. "Come with me. We need to talk." She offered Soi her hand.

Benjiro and Naoko watched quietly. The older smirking, glad his plan may finally work. "Come on Naoko! Time to start your training! You'll be an A class monk in zero time flat!"

"But sensei…aren't you still learning?"

"Not the point Naoko!"

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