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Ebisu sighed as he stepped into the main hall of the Shihoin house.

"Well?" Benjiro stepped forward.

"They want evidence. I need your Zanpakuto." He answered easily. Benjiro nodded and held out a hand.

"Kazuo Keitaro." He whispered.

The others in the large room watched in silent amazement as the staff emerged from the floor. Benjiro grasped it firmly. "Can you do what my father asks of you?" He asked the spirit weapon.


Benjiro smiled appraisingly to his staff and handed it over to his father. "Just ask him to show you what you want to see and they'll see it." He explained.

"Got it." Ebisu left as quietly as he'd come.

Ichigo sat in the kitchen with Rukia, Soi, Naoko, and Yoruichi. Since Ebisu and Benjiro were taking care of the whole problem Ichigo could finally take it easy and heal.

Soi was cooking. She wanted to learn so they wouldn't have to eat Machiko's cooking. Soi hummed when she realized she hadn't seen much of the woman in the past few days. She shrugged and served the guests and Yoruichi and herself.

Ichigo took a few bites before stopping.

Soi watched him. "What is it?" She asked quietly.

"You cannot say this tastes bad!" Naoko cheered as he finished his bowl of stew greedily and went for seconds. "You should try Machiko-San's cooking." He shivered remembering the only time he'd tried it.

The others were now staring at him. Ichigo shook his head, he stared down into the bowl. "Did you make this with milk?" He asked softly.

"Yes. I could make you something else if you want." Soi commented as she stood.

Ichigo's hair shadowed his face. "No, it's fine. It's great."

"Then what's the problem?"

"Not a problem."

Soi stared when she saw something splash into the food. He was crying. "Ichigo?" She walked over to his side. Yoruichi smiled, it was unusual for Soi to show this much kindness to a stranger but…it was great to see. She had no doubt her wife would be an amazing mother.

"I'd forgotten…my mom…she used to make it exactly like this and I'd forgotten." He mumbled. He didn't mean to cry, but he was happy he remembered something from his childhood. "My little sister cooks it all the time but…she doesn't make it like my mom did."

Yoruichi felt for him. His mother was becoming what Benjiro had to her before she found him. Just another face in the background. She was glad Soi had chosen to make this meal tonight.

Ichigo whipped his tears away and looked up at Soi. "Sorry. I didn't mean to cry like a little kid or anything. It's really great. Thanks."

Soi touched his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Any time." She smiled and walked back to Yoruichi and to finish her meal.

Naoko gaped before grinning. "Wow. What happened to that stiff little strict mannered girl I knew way back when?"

"She died, just like you will if you don't shut up."

Naoko nodded once. "There she is." He muttered.

"What?" Soi snapped.

"You look amazing!" Naoko grinned widely.

Soi hummed and went back to her meal.

Benjiro sat with his father quietly in his study. "That didn't take as long as I thought." He noted as he gave his staff a small shake.

Ebisu sighed. "Well now it's over and done with the Ryoka can go home and we can get everything back to normal. We need to focus on the little science project division twelve has been working on for the past few months."

Benjiro chuckled. "I wonder what my other's are like." He spoke as Soi and Yoruichi walked in. "I bet a few of them are blonde."

"We're only getting three. Not every single one. There are to many dimensions, Soul Society isn't that big." Ebisu noted as he smiled at his daughter and daughter-in-law.

"Plus it's only the captains and lieutenants and a few select other's that are getting them anyways." Soi put in as she sat beside Benjiro and leaned into Yoruichi's side as she sat. "I can't imagine this Yoruichi running wild, how am I gunna handle three others?" She asked as she looked up at her wife.

Yoruichi chuckled softly. "First of all I'm not that bad. Second of all…there will be three other Soi's running around after them. I don't want you dealing with anything on them. At all."

"Well they may look just like you. How would I know the difference?" Soi asked Coyly.

"Oh my Kami, please do not have sex right next to me. Go to your room." Benjiro mumbled, blushing.

Ebisu nodded. "Please." His wife's cooking had damaged him enough, he didn't need that on his mind too.

Soi scoffed and took Yoruichi's hand leading her out of the room.

Ichigo and his friends went home after three and a half weeks of rest and healing. Besides the program the twelfth division was working on things returned to normal for the most part. Benjiro and Naoko were greeted well all over the place.

Ebisu finally got a punch in once the full extent of what had really happened hit him. He just tapped Naoko on the head.

Machiko made a huge fuss over her long lost son. She made him whatever he went and when he started eating it she would leave and Soi would come in and fix him something better.

Soi's belly did not grow anymore. Yoruichi was very excited and made Benjiro and Naoko help her make a nursery out of the adjoining room of her room with her wife.

"We don't even know the sex of the baby though!" Benjiro whined.

"That's why we're using a unisex color." Yoruichi grinned. "Or shade…whatever." She shrugged.

"Isn't grey a gloomy color?" Naoko asked as he brought the brush across the wall, leaving a pale grey trail after it.

"No. It's a shade. And it's not dark it's pale so it'll look better once we re-paint it. And the light from the windows will make it look better." Yoruichi looked up. "Maybe we could make a skylight in here too." She spoke thoughtfully.

"When you say we, do you mean Naoko and I or all three of us?" Benjiro asked as he glared at her over his shoulder, stopping the brush in his hand from finishing the corner he was working on.

"Shut it. Men need to do more work like this. At least I'm laying the ideas on the table!" Yoruichi glowered at her little brother, a tiny fang protruding from her closed lips.

Naoko snickered. Benjiro shot him a glare and threw his paint brush at him. It his him square in the middle of his back. Naoko groaned and was glad that he'd chosen old clothes to wear. He removed the brush from the stained white shirt and threw it back. He laughed when it hit his master in the face. "For the man that taught me flash step your pretty bad at reaction time sensei!" He laughed.

Yoruichi sighed and left the two men to work.

Soi smiled when her wife returned to their room and shut the door behind her. "Hopeless?"

"Just about." Yoruichi sighed as she sat beside the younger woman. She immediately pushed Soi down gently and nuzzled the shorter of the two's belly affectionately. "My baby."

Soi smiled and ran her fingers through Yoruichi's long violet locks. "What do you think they'll look like?" She asked curiously.

"Mm…maybe my hair and your eyes?"

"Nah, maybe my hair and your eyes with my skin."

"I would like that." Yoruichi grinned. "Course I won't mind what they look like." She drew patters across her wife's now bare skin of her stomach with her fingertips.

"What kind of Zanpakuto do you think they'll have?" Soi continued.

"Dunno. Something fast for sure." Yoruichi answered, resting her head on Soi's belly, ear to skin, listening. How could their kid not have a fast Zanpakuto, they would be the child of the two fastest people in all of Soul Society.

Yoruichi hummed and nuzzled Soi's belly again. Soi giggled and continued to brush her fingers through Yoruichi's hair.

"My baby."

Yoruichi prowled through the woods. Benjiro beside her, though less daunting. She was in her wolf form and he was in his cat skin.

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole uncle thing." Benjiro spoke up.

"Yeah try wrapping it around the whole parent thing." Yoruichi returned.

"Touché sistah!" Benjiro cried and ran off. Yoruichi bolted after him.

"So how's the whole monk thing going?" Yoruichi called as she dashed along beside him. They were heading in the direction of the house.


"Whatever, how's it going?"

"Great! Naoko's on his way too. He's a fast learner. I'm glad I tugged him out of the Nest of Maggots."

Yoruichi nodded in agreement as they stopped for a moment.

"Yoru-Chan!" A voice called.

Benjiro recognized it as Naoko. The still teen looking boy dropped in front of them. "What's going on?" He asked his student curiously.

"Soi's had the baby." Naoko stated easily.

"What!?" Yoruichi barked.

Naoko took a step back. "Easy! She's still at the manor. Go ahead and go it just happened a few minutes ago." He explained, trying to keep the woman's shock and rage off of himself.

Yoruichi took off, leaving Naoko and his teacher behind in a plume of dust and dirt.

"I have…honestly never seen anything like that." Ebisu noted as he stared at Soi. "Kinda freaky, but the look on their faces was worth it." He chuckled as he remember the look of shock and amazement on the faces.

Soi smiled and sighed as she stared at the tiny bundle in her arms. "I wonder how often it happens."

"Not very much I'm sure." Ebisu scratched his neck. "Wonder where Machiko is, and Benjiro and Naoko…where the hell is Yoruichi come to think of it…"

"Here." The door slid open. A ruffled Yoruichi stood in the doorway. It looked like she'd thrown on her black shirt and briefs like she was held at gunpoint. She walked to Soi's side and sat, fixing her clothes.

"Boy or girl?"

"Boy. We can always try for a girl though." Soi teased.

Yoruichi grinned. "I'm fine with that."

"Oi! Where's my nephew!" Benjiro barged in, back in his human form, Naoko following close behind.

Soi smiled and glanced at Ebisu, who shook his head. "You want to see?" She asked curiously. They nodded. "You sure?"

"He's not deformed or anything is he?" Yoruichi asked with quiet concern.

Soi shook her head. "No, he's the picture of perfect health. Tiny, but very healthy." She grinned and handed the tiny bundle of blankets to her wife.

Benjiro and Naoko peered over her shoulder as she lifted away the blankets. Yoruichi stared in shock. "Did you give birth to him this way?" Her voice held a tone of awe now.

"Yes. It felt quite odd but…at least it didn't hurt." Soi mumbled as she watched her wife's reaction.

Benjiro grinned. "Oh-ho-ho…Ohhh maaaan." He chuckled.

Soi had given birth to a tiny wolf pup.

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