Salutations, fair bored reader people of fanfiction. I have returned from the dreaded realm of school, deciding to spend my time working and writing and drawing instead. Figured it was time for a new story. For those who have me on author alert, I apologize for the lapse. I assure you I am not dead.

This story was inspired by the recent Wizards of Waverly Place episodes involving Juliet and Mason. This particular chapter's just an introduction; chapters will lengthen in due time. Enjoy, remember I don't own WOWP, and feel free to leave comments whenever you please :)


"Promise me we'll find normal people." Alex rested her head on her brother's shoulder wearily.

Justin paused a moment before speaking. "We're not normal people."

Sad as the words were, Alex knew they were true. It only made the rip in her heart tear a little more.

"Well I guess we should go home. There's really no point in staying here anymore," Justin decided, looking around at the mummy's decrepit fortress with mournful eyes. The longer he remained there the more the memories of Juliet preyed on his mind, reminding him of what he could never have again. Not even Max's random wolf howls could change the atmosphere of the place. Justin stood up and pulled out his wand, ready to flash himself back, but was surprised to find that his sister hadn't moved.

"Aren't you coming?" He questioned.

Alex looked up at the full orb that was the moon and then at him. There was a broken expression in her dark brown eyes he had never seen before, and it scared him. Alex didn't break; her personality was too willful and spirited. But now all Justin could see in those eyes was emptiness.

"Why is it that our relationships always end so badly?" She asked him.

"I guess that's how life is. Maybe we both just haven't found the right person yet," Justin mused, sitting back down next to her.

"I've been with a wizard, a couple mortals, and a werewolf. None of those worked, so what else is there?"

"Well have you considered centaurs? They may be a little awkward to dance with but you'd never have to walk anywhere again." This had the exact effect on Alex that Justin was hoping for. She laughed, and although it was a weak laugh, it helped. Justin took her hand in his. "Look, things don't always go the way we want them to. It's just the way it is. But I promise you'll always have me to look out for you, no matter what happens."

Alex smiled and hugged him. "Thank you," she said softly.

The moment was broken by Max's sudden reappearance. He was holding what looked like an old chamber pot. "Guys, look what I found. I think it's some kind of prehistoric toilet, but I can't figure out how it flushes."

Justin rolled his eyes. Some things would most definitely never change.