Ask Him!

Hinata sighed and stared at herself in the mirror. Four years…she was now 17 and has changed a lot. Her hair grew longer to her waist, she was more social around with other people, she trained a lot more, went on missions more, and she was no longer wearing her oversized jacket, showing her curves. Instead, she was wearing a black t-shirt with matching black shorts, her pouch with weapons hanging securely around her waist by a small white belt, her blue shoes were now black, and her headband was hanging loosely around her neck.

She smiled confidently. "Today…I'll finally ask him out!!!"

"Oi! Hinata!!" Kiba and Shino waved at her.

Hinata smiled and ran to them. "Hey, you guys," she greeted.

"Where are you headed so early in the morning?" Kiba raised an eyebrow.

"Ah…" Hinata blushed. Shino smirked. "I see…Naruto?" Hinata blushed more and nodded. "After so many years…" Kiba smacked his head. "I swear! I will ask him out…please believe in me! I…I finally have the courage to tell my feelings to him…so today…today, I'll definitely succeed!" Hinata smiled.

Kiba and Shino stayed quiet for a while. "…yea…we believe in you," Kiba smiled.

"Arigato!!!" Hinata smiled brightly and ran ahead. "I promise, I will succeed!" she waved to them.

"One thing about that girl…she has so much confidence…" Kiba smirked. "That's a good thing," Shino shrugged.

Naruto slurped his ramen loudly. "AH! That was good!" Naruto left his money on the table and went out.

He looked up at the sky and smiled. "Today feels like a good day…" Naruto stretched and headed out to the training grounds.

Hinata knew he was training. For a few years now, it was his routine. First, he goes to Ichiraku, then goes training, eats again, and then hangs out with his team members.

She jumped from tree to tree until she can hear the shooting of the kunais. Hinata finally reached the place. She quickly hid her chakra, sat on a branch and watched in awe as Naruto trained. 'As always…so amazing.' Hinata smiled.

Four years, Naruto has also changed. His obsession with ramen and to get stronger is still the same. He no longer wears his black and orange jump-suit, but a jounin vest with black pants and his normal ninja shoes. He has matured and his intelligence has grown…a little.

Sweat rolled down the side of his cheeks as he panted. Naruto sighed and looked towards a tree. "Hinata chan, what are you doing here?" he grinned.

Hinata gaped. 'Wha…how did he notice me?!' She jumped down. "How did you know I was here?" Hinata blinked.

"You watch me everyday, how could I not know?" Naruto chuckled.

Hinata blushed. 'He knew I was here everyday!?'

Naruto picked up his gears and put them back into his pouch. "So? What do you want, Hinata chan?" Naruto smiled at her.

Hinata blushed and looked away. "U…um…well…I just wanted to…" she hesitated. Naruto raised an eyebrow. Hinata took a deep breath. "Naruto kun, I love you! Please go out with me!!!" Naruto's eyes widened. Hinata closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the rejection.

"…you love me…?" Naruto asked, instead.

"Yes…I've always been watching you…and…and I want to be with you, so please…go out with me!" Hinata blushed. She has never felt so embarrassed in her life.

Naruto blinked. His head flashed to the times whenever he was around her…the blushing and the fainting…and then it hit him. "You…you've like me for that long!?" he gaped.

Hinata nodded.

Naruto scratched his head, unsure of what to do. "Hinata chan…this is…kind of sudden…so-,"

"Please!" Hinata's fists clenched tightly. She looked up at him. Naruto noticed she was blushing a lot and her eyes seemed…pouty. It made her look cute.

'Well…since Sakura's with Sasuke, now…I guess I can give her a chance…' He sighed. "…um…sure…" he murmured. Hinata's eyes widened. "Really?!" she smiled. "I mean…you've liked me for that long, so…I should give you a chance, right?" Naruto grinned cheekily.

Without thinking, Hinata suddenly hugged Naruto. Naruto blushed. "Hinata chan?" he blinked. Hinata turned red, realizing what she did. "Ah, sorry!!!" She immediately let go of him. "It's just…after so many years…I can't believe it," Hinata smiled warmly at him.

'Whoa…cute…' Naruto blushed and looked away. "Um…yea…so, then…I'm done training, you want to go somewhere?"

Hinata thought for a while. "Ichiraku?" she cocked her head to the side, cutely.

Naruto grinned. "Perfect place," Hinata blushed when he grabbed her hand and dragged her with him. She smiled faintly and tightened her grip on him.


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