This came from a rather random thought. Emmett locking Leah into a room. It simply evolved to Leah being locked in a room with both Bella and Emily.

Oh the horror!

Warning: Hints of Blackwater simply because this was originally for the cause but morphed into this.

"Ha! I win the bet! I know she'd go berserk for an hour!" Emmett boomed. The rest of the Cullens groaned in defeat.

After phasing and breaking every breakable thing in the room, making a huge dent on the supposed reinforced doors (Emmett was fairly impressed with that) Leah finally stopped her rampaged and paced, looking around and spotting the cameras that Emmett and Jasper had placed.

After another half hour passed Leah moved to the tattered couch, its legs up in the air, the armrests against the wall and sprawled out on it, facing the wall and disappearing from sight.

"The bomb had diffused, grab the package, over." Emmett said into the walkie-talkie he suddenly sported.

The pack (minus Quil, who was wisely at Claire's) were in the room as well but for entirely different reasons and observed, tensing at Emmett's order.

Jacob was tied to a busted chair by steel cables that had the sense to work. The chair – which didn't have the same sense – had basically been demolished and they had to use the extra steel cable Alice had ordered ("Just in case." "Your just paranoid cause you can't see..." "Ow!") and wrapped around him completely so that he resembled a wriggling worm.

"Come on! I admitted it already so why do you have to go through all this nonsense!" Jacob growled from the floor.

"Because it was too easy." Alice answered flippantly.

"Plus, I've been wanting to see this happen for the longest." Emmett added with a grin.

"Leah's going to kill me." Jacob groaned.

"I'm sure every things going to be fine." Seth said positively.

Seth was there to make sure that both sides didn't take anything too far. Leah might have mellowed out in the past two plus something years but her dislike for Emily and Bella – especially Bella for some weird reason – hadn't diminished. He would go in there and make sure that Leah didn't do anything too drastic. Likewise, the Cullens tended to take things too far and he would make sure that they wouldn't do anything too bad to Leah.

"Or she'll just kill everybody." Embry said cheerfully.

Embry was there because... well Embry thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

Regardless of their reasons, they all tensed and held their breaths as they waited for the door to be opened.

"The door will open partially and you will have a three second leeway. The door will be opened in five... four... three, twoonego!"

Emmett pressed the big red button and they watched through the TV as it opened and someone flashed through. Emmett pressed the red button once more and it closed just as quickly.

Leah hadn't moved.


They watched as the two that were added into the room shared a look and tentatively stepped closer to the tattered couch.

"Leah?" The human of the two called out.

Leah jumped and turned to face whoever was in the room with her. The look that crossed her face as a wolf was so comical that Emmett was glad that the video cameras he installed were recording it all.

Because Emily and Bella in a room with Leah was bound to cause a crazy scene.

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