This one as inspired by potter-shan-fan's "Just What I Needed". Yep, as soon as I finished reading the seventh chapter, I tried finishing this again.

"Your hiding something." Emmett proclaimed as Jacob walked into the living room. Jacob paused to give Emmett a raised eyebrow.

"What makes you say that?"

"I'm glad you asked." Emmett answered, excitedly jumping from the couch, disappearing momentarily before reappearing in clothing reminiscent to that of Sherlock Holmes'. Jacob rose an eyebrow but refrained from mentioning anything; Emmett was a rather eccentric person and he'd learn to accept it... more or less.

"First, would be your sudden absences in visiting Nessie. From what I've gathered, being kept away from your imprint can get rather excruciating, yet you've missed a few days between your normally scheduled visits." Emmett stated, emphasizing it with a raised eyebrow. Emmett noticed that Jacob shifted on his feet before stuffing his hands inside his shorts.

"Second, and most important is: your scent." He finished anticlimactically.

"Oh...kay. And why is that?" Jacob asked, immediately regretting it when he saw the glint in Emmett's eyes. Jacob knew that it would be futile to resist Emmett's almighty logic.

"You, my friend, smell like sex!" Emmett declared, raising his hand, palm upward in Jacob's direction. The visible Vampires in the room (Alice, Jasper, and Rosalie) clapped enthusiastically while Edward through rose petals in his direction.

"Yes, yes. I am that great... maybe I should go change into my Henry VI outfit."...

The scene melted away to reveal Emmett explaining the story into a microphone. In the sealed off room, (where the room echoed in an ominous fashion) Emily and Bella were exchanging looks while Leah's growls were renewed with a vigor.

"...What does that have to do with getting the three locked in a room together?" Embry asked.

"I'm glad you asked-"

"-Emmett thinks that Leah and Jacob are together and because of that Leah doesn't like Bella even more – since he was in love with her and she broke his heart and all – so he wanted to see what would happen and enlisted our help." Alice cut in, pushing Emmett out of the way before he could recite another embellished story.

"But what about Emily?" Seth wondered aloud.

"Emmett just threw her into the plan at the last minute." Rosalie said with a shrug. She eyed Seth, who was awfully calm about the revelation that his Alpha and sister were apparently in a relationship.

Embry, who had been snickering, choked on his spit and was left gaping like a fish as he looked between Jacob on the floor and Leah on the monitor.

They all jumped, however, when there was a slight tremor coming from the adjacent wall to the sealed off room.

"Oops." Emmett said as they all turned to look at the monitor (the nice 60' in. plasma screen TV) and realized that it was Leah running into the wall that was causing the ruckus.

"I think you made her mad again." Seth muttered with a frown. If they kept this up, he was going to have to pull the plug on it.

"Maybe you should just shut up and watch." Rosalie added helpfully. In just in time too.

It looked like Emily was ready to say something.