Okay so i think i will just end it here... there might be a sequal but here it is..





"Do you wasn to die Isabella?" I turned and looked into those enticing red eyes and nodded once more.

I woke up gasping. Panting for breath, i wasn't in the room the Cullens had prepared for me, i was at my old house.. Whenmy daddy was still alive.

"Bella." a voice i never thought i would ever hear again practicly sang. i faced the door and my mother walked in. i panicked, why was she here? Was i in hell? Did she really die? As i panicked she moved closer to me and sat right on the bed inches away.

The next thing she did was pull out a gun. my eyes widened. "Are you ready to get your wish?" she asked she pressed the cold weapon to my temple.

I knew then, i would finally get my wish.


But little did i know, i could never die.....

So extemely short chapter.... should i continue or leave it like this.. its kinda mysteriousish, like how come she camt die or anything, what about the cullens, was it all really just a dream? well review and i will answer those questions.