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This one's a bit long, but I couldn't help it. I'm very weak when it comes to resisting my muses. It's sad isn't it?

note: Sorry if there's any mistakes. A fourteen-year-old-beta-less-busy-body can only do so much.

"Um, Jeff? You don't really mean I'm with Smackdown as a slave now, do you?"

Cody found himself tentatively murmuring as he allowed himself to be led away by the hand towards the Hardy's room, Punk trailing behind with a BlackBerry in hand. Jeff shot him a smirk over his shoulder, his tattooed hand squeezing around Cody's pleasantly.

"Of course I mean it, Cody-kins. I did win you, didn't I?" He asked rhetorically, slowing to a stop before a white painted door, and sliding a key-card from his pocket with his unoccupied hand. Cody bit his lower lip.

"But... But I didn't think we were allowed to bet people," He protested, eyebrows pulling together in slight fear. Cody'd never spent much time with the younger Hardy brother, and the times he had were small encounters, when Cody just happened to be passing by at the same moment Jeff needed something—"Cute-ass, toss me my water bottle?"—never any actual conversation.

So why the hell'd Jeff want him for?

"Sorry to interrupt your stimulating conversation, but I need to get back to my room. See you two, in the morning," Punk said with a slight wave and a nod, as he stuffed his phone into his back-pocket and made to jog down the hall.

"'Night!" Jeff called after his retreating form, inwardly a bit disappointed with the fact that Punk had ditched out on him, just when the fun was about to start. Oh, well.

The door was opened and Jeff tugged Cody off the threshold, inside. "And no one ever said we couldn't bet people, you know." He said, in addition to their earlier conversation.

Cody didn't comment, as he glanced around the hotel room cautiously, noting the exits and keeping an escape route in mind. The room was warm, and Cody could see the heater blowing underneath the curtain of the windows, causing them to billow out. It had the very faint scent of burnt rubber, due to said heater and Cody crinkled his nose.

Jeff noticed this and he grinned, a teeth-showing grin. "Has anyone ever told you you're adorable when you scrunch up your nose like that?"

Cody instantly straightened out his expression, cheeks red with embarrassment and mustered up the fiercest glare he could at the moment. "No, and I'm not adorable. Little kids and puppies are adorable. I'm a professional wrestler." Cody was enthralled to feel his usual luster returning, as his confidence climbed out of the hole it'd been hiding in, and he wasn't so freaked out and confused.

At least not on the outside.

Jeff chuckled, the hand that still encircled Cody's, working as a restraint, as he pulled the younger boy in his direction, Cody stumbling over his own feet in surprise. "Oh," Jeff sighed, opposite hand moving to lightly grasp Cody's chin between his thumb and forefinger, so that they were eye-level. "But you are adorable, my new little toy..." He breathed the last four words against Cody's ear, hot breath steaming along his sensitive ear canal.

Instantly Cody retracted, jumping back in shock, a hand flying up to his offended ear as he gaped at Jeff with crimson tinted cheeks. He gulped again, and couldn't help but notice the way Jeff's emerald eyes watched his Adam's apple bob up and down as he did so, a sort of strange longing lurking behind their usual lustrous glow.

"Don't do that!" Cody uttered, messaging his violated ear, as if that would wipe away the Jeff-germs.

Jeff, despite his slightly absent thoughts, feigned innocence. "Do what?"

Cody narrowed his eyes, but there was no real accusation behind them, he was too disgusted at the moment for that. He'd never been... molested the way Jeff had been doing in the past ten minutes.

"You know what! Breathing on me and shit!" Cody hissed. At his words, Jeff's 'I-didn't-do-it' stare, suddenly morphed into a reprehensible smirk, and he licked his lips slowly, green eyes glowing. Cody bit his cheek at the sight of the provocative leer raking over his form.

He wasn't sure why but he was breathing through his mouth now—short, shallow breaths, blowing past his teeth. And his skin was suddenly too hot to bear, he felt like someone had taken an internal lighter and ignited every pore in his body.

It must be that damn heater.

"Breathing on you?"

Instantly, Jeff was too close, their bodies only inches apart, as he'd closed the distance. He leaned forward, so that his parted lips hung over Cody's exposed neck like a haunting raincloud, threatening to be a lighting storm. Or at least that's what Cody felt like was happening in his mind—because he couldn't form a single coherent thought.

"I'm sorry. I was under the impression that you liked it," Jeff whispered, deliberately exhaling out a gust of blazing hot breath, accompanied with a deliciously needy sigh.

Cody's breath was shaky, as he closed his eyes, head raised in a feeble attempt to get away from Jeff—or was he tilting to the right to expose even more sensitive skin to the willing Enigma? No. No, he was just trying to get some fresh air, because it was way too freaking hot.

Jeff smirked at this, and resisted—barely—the enticing notion of obliging his newly acquired Cody's subconscious wishes, for him to place his experienced lips to the untouched skin of the seductive curve of his neck. But no. Jeff had to exercise self-control with his newly found sex-toy, the Rhodes boy had always been an object of pure, unadulterated lust since Jeff had first laid eyes on his slight, toned little self and he wasn't about to let it all go to waste.

Since they'd met, he'd wanted that exquisite little boy to himself. But despite all that pent up hunger, Jeff had to ease into it. He wasn't going to just take the boy and be done with it. Things like this took time. And besides, Cody was so damn sexy-cute, seducing him over and over again would be the highlight of anyone's day.

Lucky Jeff, got to do it every second of every minute of every hour. Now that Cody was his.

With this captivating thought, Jeff retracted from the immobile Cody—putty in his eager hands.

At the sudden loss of heat, Cody's eyes shot open, and he suddenly gained control over his numb limbs, jerking completely out of Jeff's hold.

He hugged himself self-consciously, and shot the older man an accusing glare through narrowed blue eyes. "Why do you keep touching me?" He growled, feeling rather defenseless, and irritated with himself for nearly giving into Jeff's ministrations.

Jeff jut out his bottom lip, in another one of those 'What-ever-do-you-mean?' looks, and took a step forward. "Aw, never mind that now, Cody-kins. It's time to get some well-deserved shut-eye, don't you think? After all, I heard Randy and the rest of you spent all day trying to hone his gaming skills. I'm sure you're exhausted."

Cody swallowed thickly, glancing over at the single-bed in the middle of the room. He opened his mouth to state this painfully obvious fact, but Jeff put his finger to his lips to stop him, with that same aggravating smirk.

"I'll sleep on the couch, Skittle," He commented lightly, indicating with a flick of his head to the plush love seat in the corner. Cody raised his hand to tug Jeff's finger away, with a scowl.

"Fine. Whatever." He had to admit he was tired—hence the reason why he'd passed out earlier in Hunter and Shawn's room, while they were waiting on Jeff and Punk to arrive. But he didn't trust Jeff. Not after the stunt he just pulled, what with the heavy breathing, and the... the touching.

Jeff seemed pleased with Cody's quick agreement, and the Hardy smiled, before glancing at the digital clock on the nightstand. It was nearly midnight. Just enough time for a quickie.

Quick shower, that is.

"I'm gonna take a shower then, Cody-kins. Try not to get too scared without me." Jeff grinned, when Cody "humphed" facing the opposite direction, before tugging off his shoes, and stepping into the bathroom.

Once Jeff had successfully extricated himself from Cody's general proximity, the young Rhodes' boy, fished his cellphone from his back pocket, grateful to whoever ruled the skies that he'd remembered to bring it with him.

Casting a covert glance over his shoulder at the closed door of the bathroom, where the sound of falling water began, Cody quickly stabbed at Teddy's icon in the contacts, causing the touchscreen to quiver with the force. And with the dexterity rivaling that of a craftsman, Cody speedily tapped out a text.

U gotta get randy to win me back. Dammit i think jeff's gonna rape me!1!1!

Hopefully, the excess amount of exclamation points would alert Ted to Cody's complete seriousness.Hopefully.

Hitting send, Cody slid the phone back into his pocket, and plopped onto the soft mattress with a long, dragging sigh.

He wasn't sure if he'd be able to sleep, knowing touchy-feely Jeff wasn't far away, but he could really use a good night's sleep after the heart-racing shit the Enigma had so kindly put him through. Really. Cody didn't get why the heck he was so worked up about Jeff was just breathing on him. Hell, he breathed on Teddy all the time, and Ted never said anything.

But that was just it. Cody was only breathing on Ted. When Jeff breathed, it was like exhaling a wave of heat across your skin that sent your spine into a seizure of shivers, and caused your throat to constrict, so you swallow to try and fix it but it only makes it worse.

...Well, when it's put like that, there was no way in hell Jeff was just breathing on him. Just breathing didn't make him feel like that.



He couldn't help but purr throatily at the sound of his name falling from those seductive lips, as he pinned the naked boy to the sheets, elbows on either side of him, and their faces dangerously close.

Those icy blue eyes looking up at him through black lashes, cloudy with the film of lust. Lust for him. Cody wanted him. Randy wanted to grin like a drug-addict at the thought, as he drunk in the sight of his precious boy underneath him.

His cheeks were flushed a delectable red, so enticing Randy could lick the color right from the skin. His lips were practically begging him to touch them, slightly parted as shallow breaths came in and out, past an unintentionally tempting pout.

The sight caused Randy's stomach to turn as that familiar coil of fire erupted in his abdomen. This time much fiercer than before. So fierce, he nearly lost all control of his body, as he eyed Cody's erotic form—pressed so close to his, there was hardly a breath between them—with the ravaging gaze of a predator, basking in the sight of his defenseless pray.

His lusty gray eyes soon traveled over their desired target, and Randy felt a smirk creep onto his face at the thought. With absolutely no pretense, Randy dove down to encompass Cody's pouting lips with his own, his tongue instantly flicking out to run along the boy's lower lip. And then his upper lip, before forcing his way into his mouth.

He tasted everywhere. Every crevice, every nook of Cody's hot mouth, committing every minute detail to memory subconsciously, as he felt something akin to euphoria overtake his mind in a hazy fog, at Cody's taste.

It was indescribable. And addictive.

Randy felt an animalistic growl vibrate his throat, the moment he felt Cody attempt to pull away for a gasping breath, and he immediately raised his hand to cup the back of Cody's neck to hold him there. Teeth clashing, Randy aggressively ravaged the younger boy's mouth, unable to get enough of his narcotic-like taste.

Then, rather abruptly, there was a sound. A sound that set Randy's insides aflame, and his entire body into an overheated frenzy. A moan. Cody's moan.

Cody did it again, the sound vibrating their lips together, and Randy couldn't help but pull back, releasing the boy's lips from his predatorial attack. Immediately, the both of them were gulping down air, but neither of them were bothered by the burn in their lungs, as Randy eyed Cody's exposed form hungrily, noting his bruised lips with ill-disguised pleasure and subconsciously replaying that deliciously sexy moan, over and over again in his mind.

Cody caught his gaze, and—with deliberate sensuality—slowly slid his tongue out in order to drag it along his bruising lips, licking his chops like a guilty wolf with the chicken feather in its mouth.

Randy was entranced. Gray eyes following the gradual, sexual movement with an attentive fervor. Before Cody could even retract his tongue back into his mouth, Randy swooped in for another kiss. Lips catching Cody's just in time for his own tongue to connect with his, as he marveled in that heroin-fix flavor.

Cody's lusty moans came even sooner this time, and he subconsciously arched his back to grind his bare body against Randy's, causing the older man to growl in surprise and appreciation. With a smirk—their lips still together—Randy forcefully pressed back, eliciting a whimper from the boy beneath him as he—


Randy's eyes shot open, his heart beating faster than a bullet train, his skin feeling as if it'd just been roasted over a campfire and sweat dowsing every inch of his body.

Leaning over him, with a concerned frown, was Ted.

"Randy are you okay, man? You've been groaning and rolling around for a while now," The DiBiase questioned, hands to his waist. Randy opened his mouth to answer, when he suddenly noticed the slow, thump-thump, pulsating from somewhere inside his shorts. A nervous glance down, and he couldn't believe Ted hadn't noticed the tent he was currently pitching in his boxers.


"I'm... I'm fine. Just—just worried about Cody, that's all." At the name of the young man he'd just been having a crazy, almost-wet-dream about, a shiver wracked his body, from the tips of his toes, and the back of his neck, to the hot-spot below his waistband. He hurriedly pulled himself into a sitting position, dragging the comforter closer to him to form a pile of blankets at his waist in order to hide his obvious arousal from his Legacy partner.

At the mention of Cody, Ted's face visibly darkened, and the hands at his waist, clenched tightly. Upon closer inspection, Randy realized the darkened circles underneath the DiBiase's eyes, and the serious case of bed-head that mussed his hair. He glanced over at the clock. A quarter to twelve. Ted should have been nodding off by now, he should know just as well as anyone, they had to get up early to catch a flight.

"Ted? H-how long've you been awake?" Randy questioned, voice still slightly shaken from the, er, stimulating dream he'd had.

"I haven't gone to sleep yet." Ted paused, as if contemplating whether he should confide in his mentor or not. He rubbed his eyes exhaustedly, looking years older than he was. "Cody sent me a text awhile ago—"

Randy was to his feet in seconds, glare prominent, and muscles tense. "What'd it say?" He was already guessing the worst, when Ted continued.

"He said we had to get him back and..."

Randy swore his nails were leaving bloody-red crescents in his palms, he was clenching them so tightly.

"And to hurry, because he thinks Jeff might try to rape him... And I know Cody tends to be a bit melodramatic, but I just couldn't stop playing all these different scenarios over and over again in my head. I mean, Jeff had to have done something to make Cody think that Jeff wanted him in that way. The mental images were enough to make my stomach hurt. And—and, I'm just worried about him is all."

Ted exhaled softly, as if he felt better after mini-ranting to his coworker.

Randy growled, his low voice making it all the more menacing, as he crossed his arms over his chest tersely, head cocked to the side in intense thought. He had to do something. He had to think of something.

He had to find a way to get Jeff to be willing to put Cody's freedom on the line once again. He had to appeal to Jeff's better nature... But how? The gears in his mind began to turn as he stood as still as a statue, every nerve in his body tight with a stoic calm.

Jeff liked bets. He liked challenges, and skittles—and Cody apparently. The last thought, made Randy's jaw clench. Jeff liked doing things on his terms. He liked having things go his way. He liked it when the odds were stacked against him. But he also preferred things to be in his favor. He liked games, and he liked winning. He liked when the prize was interesting, and he liked—

Randy paused. The gears working in rapid-fire as he processed this information. He scanned over it once more, until he found just the words he was looking for.

His gray eyes widened, as he realized what this discovery meant. He raised his gaze from the carpet, he'd been staring at for the past five minutes, to Ted.

"I know how we can get our Cody back."

Jeff bit his lower lip almost hard enough to draw blood, his hands clenching tightly to the white, hotel-issue, towel wound around his naked waist. Only one thought playing through his mind, over and over again like a broken record.

Who the hell's bright idea was it, to make one guy so damn seductive without even being awake?

Cody was breathing deeply, his chest rising and falling slowly, as he slumbered on Jeff's bed. He was splayed out on his back, the comforter, Jeff was sure he'd—at one point—been bundled in, had been tugged down to just above his knees.

His black t-shirt had inched up with his sleepy movements, to expose his defined abs, practically begging the Enigma to tickle them with tantalizing touches. In contrast, his jeans and boxers had managed to tug themselves down so far, the luscious 'V' of Cody's hips was on full display for Jeff's wandering eyes.

The Hardy swallowed thickly, subconsciously licking his lips like a lion who'd just found an easy prey. But, honestly, how the hell did Cody expect him not to want him? What with the way he practically offered himself up on a silver platter to anyone who was asking. Not consciously, of course, but Jeff was positive Cody must have been some sort of man-whore in a past life, because he sure knew how to seduce a man.

And it was these tortuously, deceitful thoughts, that were currently causing Jeff to hold himself back, and suppress his urge to... Well to do things to Cody, that should be illegal in Washington.

"Mm... No..."

The groan caused Jeff to flinch in surprise, as Cody tossed his head to the side, widespread arms, flexing and unflexing, continuously. Jeff quirked a curious brow, and wondered if, perhaps, Cody was having a nightmare of some sort. His question was answered almost immediately, when Cody's previously peaceful face abruptly shifted to one of anxiety. His eyes squinting shut tightly, and his teeth grinding together, as if he were in serious danger, and he needed to desperately escape.

Jeff smirked at this, as Cody tossed onto his side, causing his shirt to ride up even further.


A perfect excuse to crawl in bed with the young Rhodes.

And, grinning like a maniac, Jeff—very carefully—slid onto the bed, wary of Cody's slightly shifting legs.

He moved, until he was hovering over Cody, on all fours, the young wrestler having thrown himself to the right and onto his back once again, and raised a cautious hand to ever so gently caress his damp, pale face, trying his hardest to ignore the feverish heat that radiated off of Cody's bare skin, warming Jeff's naked torso.

At the soft touch, Cody hesitated, his tightly set jaw slowly unclenching, as if he were subconsciously pondering as to what this feeling against his cheek could possibly be. Then, abruptly, he moaned something incomprehensible, before a very small smile tugged at the corner of his lips, and he leaned his head to the side, tilting into the Hardy's tender touch.

Jeff's pleased smirk couldn't have possibly been any bigger.

He bowed his head down to rest his cool forehead against Cody's flushed neck, causing the younger man to whimper quietly, before gradually relaxing into Jeff's damp nuzzles. Jeff grinned with an accomplished air, opening his mouth to whisper affectionately against his bare, sensitive collar bone.

"Everything's fine, love. You're going to be okay. Just go back to sleep, I'll be here with you..."

Cody smiled softly to himself at the comforting words being spoken to him in a delicate, chocolaty, velvet voice. Jeff noticed—with satisfaction—Cody's tense posture slowly ease into one that someone should have when they're sleeping, and the younger boy subconsciously snuggled his face into Jeff's freshly washed hair—still moist from his earlier shower.

Jeff sighed with an indulgent grin, inhaling the scent of Cody's naked skin, finding himself intoxicated with it, before gradually rolling to the side and off of Cody's sleeping form. The instant his cool skin could no longer be felt, Cody's peaceful expression, deepened into a frown of confusion and he immediately extended his arms, in search of Jeff's gentle hold.

The Hardy's grin grew larger, once Cody's lithe fingers found his bare chest, pausing at his heartbeat, before gradually inching up to his shoulders, and then to his neck. After registering that this soft, slightly damp individual, was the comforting one from before, Cody's smile returned, and he tugged himself closer, burying his face in the crook between Jeff's neck and shoulder, with a contented sigh.

Okay, maybe Jeff was totally enjoying Cody's suddenly snuggly behavior, seeing as how the young Rhodes didn't particularly like him when he was conscious, but hey, he was entitled to his opinion. Jeff allowed Cody to nuzzle against him, relaxing in the plush comfort of the hotel bed, and slowly closing his eyes.

Basking in Cody's imminent warmth, he gradually slipped into unconsciousness, dreams overtaking his vulnerable mind, and a drowsy, snug haze overtaking his nerves.

Unfortunately, in all this comfy-cozy hubbub, Jeff might've accidentally forgotten that he was still dressed in nothing but a fluffy white towel.

But, whatever. It should turn out just fine.

Randy sighed exasperatedly, rolling his eyes as John cursed once more on the opposite line.

They—meaning he and Ted—were in the process of waking up their Raw coworkers, it being currently one-thirty in the morning, and demanding they get their lazy asses on Instant Messenger, so that Randy could relay his newly formulated plan to get Cody back.

"I told you, I freaking hate this thing!" John growled, referring to the hunk of technology humanity called a laptop. Randy tapped his knee impatiently, from his cross-legged position on his hotel bedspread, his own laptop waiting expectantly before him.

"Calm down, John. Remember. The power button is in the top right hand corner. The other one's for volume," Randy reminded, using his 'super-slow-just-for-stupid-people' voice. He heard John grunt in irritation through his cell phone, a few seconds of silence, and then an, 'Aha!'

"You got it?"

"Yup!" John sounded quite proud of himself. Randy suppressed the urge to roll his eyes again.

"Okay, now you do know how to get on IM right?" It was quiet. "John?"

"...It's the one with the little colorful butterfly, right?"

Randy growled. "You know what? Forget it, I'll just talk to you on the phone, you technologically-retarded—"


"Idiot... Ted, what'd the others say?" Randy turned to face one third of the Legacy threesome, where he sat at the small desk, laptop flipped open on top of the wooden surface. At the sight of him, Randy couldn't help but feel slightly worried for the young DiBiase. To be honest, he looked liked someone had taken a huge stick and beaten his puppy with it, he was completely motionless.

"They're all on, already," He stated absently, finger trailing blankly over the touch pad, as he stared vacantly at the beige, plastered, wall opposite him. Randy eyed him carefully, and, after he was positive Ted wasn't going to throw himself out the fifth story window beside him, nodded slowly.

"Alright. Then, John's just going to be by phone, because he hasn't quite adjusted to the new millennium," Randy muttered, turning his attention to his laptop screen and beginning his explanation of his very intricately woven plan. Because he was Randy Orton, master of evil. And Cody was his recently kidnapped disciple, who he was going to save with everything in his power.

Cody's knight in shining armor.

With that odd thought, Randy quickly set fingers to keys, and began to type out his plan in the most simple form and fashion possible, so that Hunter, Shawn and Evan could all comprehend. He'd vocally explain it to John as well.

RKO says: I've come up with a plan to get Cody back. We all have to make a bet with Jeff, and seduce Cody.

Because beating around the bush was for sissies.

Hunter says: wtf?

Randy sighed, tilting his head to hold his cell phone between his ear and shoulder, as he multi-tasked; talking to John whilst typing out his explanation of his convoluted plan. "Okay, John. The plan is this: We bet Jeff that we can seduce Cody into our bed before he can. Jeff, being a challenge-lover, won't refuse. And when Jeff's not looking, we explain it to Cody, and he can pretend to be seduced by me. Problem solved. And I can get Cody back."

RKO says: Jeff loves challenges, so he'll definitely accept. We bet we can seduce Cody first. We tell Cody later. Cody pretends to be seduced by me. We get Cody back.

Sexy-Boy says: Wait, you want hunter to help seduce Cody?

Hunter says: what r u trying to say, shawn?

Evan says: ...I don't think I can

Randy growled, as he read over the messages.

"So wait," John's voice sounded from the other end. "You want Hunter to seduce Cody?"

Randy smacked his forehead with his free hand. "Yes. John."

Why the hell did everyone find that so hard to believe? They were making this harder than necessary. It wasn't like he actually wanted to let anyoneseduce Cody, or even come within breathing distance of the younger boy, but if that's what it took to get his boy back, he could bend a bit.

Besides, Ted was looking a bit pale. Suffering from Cody withdrawal, Randy presumed. Suffering from a withdrawal that Randy knew he'd be suffering from soon if he didn't get some serious Cody dosage. But at the rate things were going, it could be days before he had Cody back in his arms again. Or well, next to him at least.

RKO says: Hunter can do it. He's not that incapable. And Evan, you know you and Cody have always been kinda close friends, it shouldn't be that harf

RKO says: hard

Sexy-Boy says: if we do this... Will Cody ever be the same? I mean, the emotional scars

Hunter says: he'll be fine... so i heard jeff's planning on raping cody, true or false?

Evan says: WHAT?

RKO says: That little fucker isn't laying a hand on my Cody.

Randy ground his teeth together so loudly, he was almost surprised that John couldn't hear it through the phone. The simple prospect of Jeff coming anywhere near Cody, was enough to make him want to disembowel someone, but he refrained from committing murder, and instead focused on the task at hand.

Hunter says: i take that as a yes. hardy has been touching the rhodes in naughty way

Sexy-boy says: Shut up Hunt. can't you tell he's hurting inside?

Hunter says: ...

Hunter says: this is not a soap opera. we're MEN.

Evan says: ANYWAY. so, we're supposed to seduce Cody?

RKO says: Yes. We have to seduce him a bit in the beginning, before we tell him what's going on. So that Jeff knows we're not just doing this to get Cody back.

Evan says: But we are...

Sexy-Boy says: stop being annoying evan

Hunter says: k, so how far is 'seducing'?

Randy raised a brow at this—his earlier flair of rage ebbing away—as he pondered this statement carefully. Of course, he didn't want anyone going any farther than provocative words. But that, obviously, wasn't seducing. More along the lines of simple 'hitting on'.

But on the other hand the thought of Hunter—or Shawn, or Evan—touching Cody made his blood boil. Cody was still his.

"Randy? When you say 'seducing' what exactly does that entail?" John's voice was timid, as he knew fine well, how protective of Cody Randy tended to be. Whether he was aware of it or not.

"I'm not sure... I guess—Whatever is fine. Just don't go too far John. Remember this is just a bet," Randy informed, finding the words heavy on his tongue, reluctant to give permission to someone else, allowing him to touch what was rightfully his. It felt... wrong. And shitty.

With those heavy thoughts in mind, Randy supposed he should answer Hunter's earlier question, having been very similar to John's.

RKO says: Whatever it takes to be convincing.

RKO says: On second thought. Keep it rated 'T'

Hunter says: well, duh. we aren't gonna rape the poor kid

Hunter says: ...at least, i'm not

Sexy-Boy says: What's that supposed to mean?

Evan says: ...I wouldn't rape Cody either!

Randy massaged his temple with the hard edge of his knuckles, grinding them against the rapidly forming migraine. This was precisely the reason why Randy spent his time with Ted and Cody. Or, well one of the reasons.

RKO says: Concentrate, guys.

Hunter says: sorry. so when does this "plan" come into action exactly?

RKO says: Tomorrow. We need Cody back as soon as possible.

Sexy-Boy says: Okie-dokie. Tomorrow then.

Hunter says: sure, whatever

Evan says: Idk... but i'll try

Randy sat back against the pillows on his bed, with a small smile. At least he knew he had back-up. He wasn't alone in his want to have Cody back.

...Speaking of back up...

"John, you still there?"

Randy quirked an eyebrow when only silence met his inquiry. "John?" He was about to hit redial, when suddenly another message popped up on the instant messenger screen.

John Cena says: HAH! I FINALLY DID IT! I'M ON IM!

Randy sighed.

Hunter says: what the hell's he on?

Ted groaned to himself, thankful the door that connected his and Randy's room was shut, as he tossed onto his side, clutching—what used to be—Cody's pillow over his face to muffle his grumbles.

He missed Cody. The kid was like, the body to his oil.

Okay. Weird analogy. But it was true.

Alone, Ted felt like an empty shell, like he was back in that uncomfortable 'no-man's-land' between sweet, sugary dreams, and warm, comfortable consciousness, where you always felt like total shit, and the monsters from your nightmares tried to attack you, while you simultaneously tried to wake yourself up.

Ted muttered a short string of curses into the soft plush, at least grateful for it's comforting scent. Though, of course, he'd much rather have the real thing in his arms, cuddling to his side and mumbling adorable little nothings in his sleepy haze.

"Dammit," Ted growled, his vulnerable mind already beginning to conjure the images of Cody, he'd been fighting to keep at bay. They'd only make him even more miserable then he was. But, damn, the freaking Cody-scented pillow was making it hard to concentrate on the plan.

"Agh. Stop it, Teddy, you dumbass," He hissed to himself, he couldn't believe how pathetic he was being, moaning and groaning just because Cody wasn't beside him. Hell, the guy was just down the hall!

Getting molested by Jeff.

Ted shot upright, throwing the pillow across the room with a snarl, taking a small pleasure in the 'thump' it made as the pillow slid to the carpet in a heap. Fucking Jeff, wanting Cody, taking Cody... touching Cody.

Ted's Cody.

His Cody.

Ted's hands balled into fists, knuckles white with the force, teeth grinding together, and blue eyes darting around wildly. Suddenly they stopped. Stopped on his phone, sitting on the bedside table, the lamp catching on its shiny surface and causing it to glow. Ted cocked his head to the side, muscles gradually relaxing, as he reached for the phone and brought it back to life, the screen slightly illuminating his face.

Anger slowly ebbing, Ted found Cody's grinning, adorable picture in his contacts and clicked it, a whole page of information appearing before his eyes. Tapping the text key, a blank spread popped up and he tentatively poked out a message.

If he could just talk to Cody a bit, he'd feel just a little better. Especially, if he could make sure Jeff wasn't anywhere near the top button of Cody's jeans.


Jeff cracked a drowsy green eye open, glancing around at the peculiar sound that prodded at his lethargic mind, forcing him to leave his comfortable dream world. When nothing popped into sight with a large sign screaming 'It's me! I'm making the annoying noise!', Jeff plopped his head back on top of Cody's, hoping, idly, that the sound would silence itself, as he tried to drift back into sleep-land.


"Ugh," Jeff grumped, raising his head irritatedly and glaring at nothing in particular, as he perked his ears for the sound again, determined to find whatever it was, and annihilate it, for ruining his limited Cody-time.


Following the vibrating sound, he found his eyes resting on... Well, on Cody's butt. Jeff tilted his head, suddenly wide awake, as he contemplated whether he should do the thing he was thinking.

Jeff shrugged, with a grin.

What was he thinking, of course he should!

Not at all embarrassed, Jeff slid his hand down, from Cody's shoulder—where it'd been resting previously, holding him close—along the toned muscle of the unconscious Rhodes' back, inwardly reveling in the smooth, defined lines.

At his touch, Cody abruptly flinched, nuzzling his face deeper into the crevice between Jeff's bare shoulder and neck, the Hardy above him fully aware of the pleased smile that tugged at the corner of the young boy's lips, as Jeff's fingers trailed down his exposed back.

Slowly his fingers met with the top of Cody's boxers, and the older man couldn't resist carefully slipping his thumb underneath the waistband and sliding it along, the nail grazing Cody's sensitive skin ever so slightly, and causing the young man to shiver, subconsciously letting out a mewl of appreciation and tugging Jeff closer, arms still wound around the Hardy's neck.

The unexpected, lusty, sound made Jeff freeze in his tracks, suddenly more aware of Cody's disarmingly seductive nature than he had been all day. Chancing a glance down, Jeff found his eyes tracing every inch of Cody's half naked body—pressed up against his—practically begging him to take the boy then and there. And, oh how he wished he could.

His mind was practically egging him on. It would be so easy. Just flip Cody onto his back, and taste every bit of those tantalizingly erotic muscles, and run his fingers along those painfully luscious hips—No.

Jeff stopped his craving thoughts in their tracks, biting his bottom lip—as he was wont to do—to control himself, and will away the sudden hard-on he felt threaten to make itself visible. Damn, he'd never gotten so worked up over one little guy before. And for God's sake, he wasn't even awake!

Jeff, feeling slightly disappointed with himself, buried his face into Cody's soft hair, as he moved his hand to slip it into the young boy's back pocket, immediately stopping short of the cell phone that resided there. With a barely noticeable, accomplished sigh, Jeff tugged the phone out and held it up, into his line of vision, through the short bristles of Cody's hair.

It's screen was still dimly glowing from when it rung earlier, the '1 New Message' box flashing, and, realizing that the phone was a touchscreen, Jeff tapped the 'open' tab, and the phone instantly flashed into 'ON' mode, the screen becoming blindingly bright. Jeff immediately clamped his eyes shut, to avoid the burning of his corneas, hissing as he gradually reopened them, allowing them to grow accustomed to the new light setting.

As soon as his vision had returned from its blurry haze, Jeff read the short text message sitting blankly, awaiting a reply from someone that was surely not himself.

U awake, Coddles?

Curiously, Jeff glanced up to see the name of the supplier of the message, and saw: From: Teddy.

With a smirk, Jeff mulled over the possible things he could do with the disguise of Cody in his hands. Because, really, Ted didn't have a right to still be texting his Cody. And just what the hell was he doing up so late, anyway? And wanting to talk to his Cody, no less.

He could say, 'I never want to talk to you again, leave me alone.' or just plain, 'Fuck off.' Jeff nodded to himself, satisfied with the many ideas that popped into his devious little mind.

But just as he was about to start typing, a whole different thought occurred to him. And with one of those conniving smirks, he searched Cody's phone for the button that activated the camera.

The moment he found it, he quickly held it above he and Cody's snuggled tight forms, thanking whoever worked 'upstairs' that the young Rhodes' cell had a flash, as it glowed instantly and dissipated, leaving little spots of light dancing along Jeff's vision. He pulled the phone back to his face, examining the picture to be sure that both men could be clearly seen, and that it was plainly obvious what they were doing.

And finally, after a few more tries, Jeff sent the image off to an unsuspecting Ted, feeling rather triumphant with himself, while the phone returned to its home screen. But just as Jeff was about to turn the thing off, he caught sight of the picture that wallpapered Cody's background.

It was of Cody and Randy. They were both still decked out in their customary ring trunks—or, at least, Jeff thought so, since the image stopped just above their waists, and there was no clothing whatsoever to be had.

Cody was on the left, puckering his lips in a pout. He would've looked sad, if his blue eyes weren't sparkling with the hint of a smile. Cody was the one holding his phone, as Jeff could see his arm reaching up.

Randy was on the right, his tattooed arm wound tightly around Cody's neck, he was smirking slightly, and sweaty, the light glistening off his damp body and his shirtless torso on obvious display for all who viewed the picture to admire.

Even Jeff had to admit, Randy had quite a body. And he couldn't help but wonder if that was the reason why Cody had this picture as his background to begin with. Turning on your phone, and getting to drool over the sex-god almighty, whenever you pleased? Jeff could see Cody doing something like that, and the prospect made him grumble.

He inwardly wondered what Cody would do if his wallpaper suddenly changed to Jeff's devilishly handsome face—at least he'd like to think so—and yet another of those scheming concoctions, Jeff called ideas, popped up.

Oh, this would be good.


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