Steps up to the microphone and whispers into it softly…

Hello? Anyone there?

I won't take up much of your time, I am here for one purpose only! I wanted to remind you to go and vote for your favorite To Kill A Cullen one shot. It is the time to do so, and there are so many good ones out there. Voting lasts until February 23rd. So, you have time to read them all and vote for the three you like the best!

Ok, so I lied. I have something else to tell you about as well. I have added some outfits to go with A Life Worth Living on polyvore, so head over to my profile for the link to check those out!

Last thing, I promise…Thank you for your wonderful reviews, and all the alerts. It is a big old fat boost to my ego every time the email comes in. I do a little happy dance!

That's all folks! What are you still doing here? Click on the link, read, and vote! Go on, do it. :)

To Kill A Cullen Link: http://www (.) fanfiction (.) net/u/2171754/killacullen

Take out the spaces and parenthesis, but you knew that right?