A/N: This was something that I wrote about a month ago while listening to the song that is the title of this mini-series. I ran it by two of my friends, and they said the chronology is a little wonky. I re-read this story today, and decided that it was wonky as well, but... it's something that we'll have to deal with. Just know that in general:

Then refers to a certain point in time. Or, as referenced below, two weeks earlier.

Presently refers to... right now. Or, two weeks after the two weeks earlier. Okay, this would work better with dates.

Say that "then" is... February 1st. "Now" is February 15th. The incident that comes up later happens on the 14th. If the time structure still confuses you, feel free to say so in a review.

All chronology aside, I had a lot of fun writing this fic, and I put a lot of me into it. Hope you all enjoy, and please REVIEW!

You said the way my blue eyes shine

Put those Georgia stars to shame that night.

I said, "That's a lie."

Two weeks earlier…

Shawn followed Lassiter out of his car. The late night sky twinkled with a multitude of stars, and the fake psychic grinned happily.

"Hey Lassie, the stars tonight remind of me your eyes."

The head detective smiled, wrapping an arm around his boyfriend.

"How so?"


Lassiter held Shawn's hand all the way to the hospital.

"Please hold on, Shawn! You can make it!"

"Lassie, you're gettin' really blurry…"