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"Shit~!" I screamed flaring my arms in the air as a dozen x-eggs attacked me.

Hi my name's Kumiko Futari. I'm a 7th grader in Japan and well I'm an Egg Bearer.

"Kumiko character-transform with me!" Mimori shouted and I replied with a slight nod.

That's my chara, Mimori. We've been together since the 5th grade when my mom and dad divorced. Being split between my mom and dad week after week I tried to fulfill their wishes and make them as happy as possible. So one night when I was with my dad, an egg just suddenly appeared on my bed.

! Flash Back !

It was warm and small like an innocent child. The egg was decorated with beautiful designs. It had two golden outlined wings and in between those wings was a shooting star. The egg itself was a light baby blue that reminded me of swirly clouds. I gently cradled the egg in my hands and kissed the spot between the wings.

Then out of nowhere the egg started hatching and well I totally freaked. I was jumping around trying to research what to do when an egg hatches but then a soft, gentle voice interrupted me.

"Kumiko you're just as I've always imagined! Hehe, dreams do come true."

I turned around slowly with a lump in my throat. A floating figure just floated there in the middle of my room. The figure was obviously a girl. She had soft, light, bouncy brown locks. She was dressed with a white tunic with thin straps and a blue ribbon at her waist. If I wasn't so shocked I would've reached out and touched her golden star headband.

"Hehe, my name's Mimori I'm your chara," She placed her small hands to her chest and closed her eyes, "I was born from your heart's calls and dreams." She opened her eyes and flew over to me.

I stared at her with awe, "M-my heart's calls and dreams?" Mimori nodded and played with my cheeks so that I would smile.

"Oooh! I know we're just going to have so many good times!" I smiled and we both took a seat on my bed, as she informed me all about her world.

! End Flash Back !

"Kumiko character-transform with me!" Mimori shouted and I replied with a slight nod.

An aura of shining blue wings surrounded me. I twirled around as my transformation began. I was suddenly draped with a tunic like Mimori but it was longer. A long golden staff with a gleaming crystal star perched on top was equipped in my hand. My hair stayed its winter night shade of black but a circlet with a star in the middle was around my forehead.

Mimori gave me thumbs up and winked, "Looking good Kumi-chan!"

I smiled and faced my opponents. This was the 3rd time this week that x-eggs even approached me. As an Egg Bearer I had to make sure these eggs were purified so they could go back to their owners who deserved to have dreams and happiness.

I swung my staff downwards so it pointed towards the group of x-eggs and a casting of shooting stars surrounded them. They began to get confused and cry out. Some of them bumped into the other x-eggs as I purified them back to their original state.

I somehow felt bad for the x-eggs. Was there ever an x-egg that didn't want to go back to normal? Was there such a thing?

Noticing I was worried Mimori spoke to me from within me with her gentle voice, "Calm down Kumi-chan. It'll be okay. Everyone has a home to go to."

I placed my hand over my chest and looked up at the sky that was now full of white shimmering eggs.


I barged into my house in a bit of a hurry. I slipped my shoes off and tossed them to the floor. My father was sitting on his brown leather couch watching some comedian show. For some reason I always felt warm and happy when I saw my dad like this.

"Kumiko go watch some TV with him." I felt Mimori push me forward towards my father. I accidently tripped and my dad looked over at me with a smile.

"Kumiko, you're home already? Did tutoring go well?" My dads went over to the kitchen counter and stuck some of the leftovers from dinner into the microwave. I walked over to the couch and listened to the beeping noises as he pressed the different buttons on the microwave.

"Uh…Yeah." I mumbled as I fiddled with my fingers.

The thing is that dad thinks I'm at a tutoring program that my school offers afterschool. The truth is that I'm not going to a tutoring program and well I'm usually purifying x-eggs during that time.

The x-eggs have been overpopulating recently and it's just not normal. Usually I see one or two but 12 is a lot.

My dad carried the leftovers over to me and placed it on the table. Wow…Pizza from 2 days ago. I mean I wasn't picky or anything but sometimes I wished that my dad had a healthier diet. He jogged on the weekends and all but seriously, all this greasy food was going to backfire on him sooner or later. I'd tell him this but I didn't have courage.

Mimori came up to my ear and whispered, "Wish, star, shooting star!" Oh shit. A spark appeared and suddenly there was a pin in my hair that had a star wand on it.

I stood up and smiled at my dad like I was going to give a very important speech, "Father I think you should stop eating this junk food." I pointed to the pizza in front of me, "As you know it's very bad for you and you could suffer problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure."

I sat back down tired and a bit pissed with Mimori, "Sorry," she whispered.

My dad stared at me shocked, "Kumiko I didn't know you were so concerned about me." He leaned back taking this all in, "I thought you liked this kind of food so I always ate this when you come over and well since you've been staying over for a long time…Well yeah."

I felt so touched. My father was a loving man after-all. Heh, if you asked my mom what she thought of my dad you'd get the exact opposite and a few bad words.

I smiled at him with a case of teary eyes, "Dad, thanks." I hugged him and he laughed patting my back.

I grabbed the plate of pizza and took a bite out of it, "So anything new dad?"

My dad turned the volume on the TV down a bit and smiled weakly, "Yeah well…Kumiko you don't have many friends here so I thought this was a good idea-"

I put my pizza down and swallowed the bit in my mouth before I spoke, "Dad! I have friends but…I don't really hang out with them." I muttered the last part.

"It's okay dear. Your father wasn't as popular too but your mom on the other hand was-" My dad was going to start on 'how much he regretted meeting mom during high school and how he still loved her anyways'.

He looked at me then I raised my eyebrow at him, "Get on with it dad."

He laughed, "Well, we're moving to Tokyo!"

I was taking another bite of my pizza and a huge chuck flew all the way to the TV and now it was just hanging there mocking me, "Tokyo?! Tokyo the city? Dad! Why?"

He looked a bit disappointed and grimaced in my lack of enthusiasm, "Kumiko I got a job offer there and I thought maybe you'd like to start over."

I tried not to look at him but I did when Mimori turned my face just a bit, "Dad…Don't give me that face!" I turned away for a few minutes to only sigh in defeat, "Fine we'll move to Tokyo but only for you. Psh, not like I have any friends to give up." I muttered the last part and rolled my eyes.

My dad leaped from his spot and bear hugged me, "Oh Kumiko I knew you'd love this idea! Plus you're mom's in the states getting married to that…Guyand she won't be back for a few months. Oh this is great! We leave in 3 weeks Kumiko. 3 weeks, put it on your calendar!"

I watched as my dad happily cleaned the pizza chunk off the TV. If he's happy I'm happy.