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Ikuto: Cause if she did, then Amu would be already married to me and then we'd have a bazillion children. -_-"

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Rima: ...


Things have been weird and the night had yet to pass. Arthur had stuck to me like glue. There were chunks of regret in the way he spoke to me. I couldn't forgive him easily but I could let him stay by my side. We were both guilty for Kukai's sadness. Arthur had it worse.

A few days before he arrived here in America, Arthur decided to look up his ex-girlfriend Mei, whom he thought Kukai had harassed while he wasn't looking. Still beautiful and clever, Mei had asked Arthur if he would ever date her again. Thinking it was the right thing to do, Arthur asked her if Kukai had really harassed her that night and to his disbelief, she said no. Arthur had told me that she looked so guilty but if she could look so innocent back then, then there was no way to tell if she was acting or really guilty. The way he looked at me, made me want to cry and just hold him tight like a little child lost in the dark.

Arthur was now totally crushed by his guilt and crime. He had hurt his own 'brother' and it was all because of a girl from the past. We sat on my bed, listening to the noises from the outside. Both of us stayed quiet and lived in each other's silence. Nothing could be better at this moment.

I let my hand pat his, "Arthur, I'm so sorry. You know I love Kukai but I love you too."

Arthur finally looked up from his lap and stared deep into my eyes, "Oh yeah? At this point, your love is just full of pity. I'm right, aren't I?"

I patted his hand again and shook my head, "No, there are many types of love in this world Arthur. And the love I feel for you is very pure, Arthur. It is the love of a sisterly figure. I give to you, the love of someone who feels as if you are part of their family. In fact, Arthur, you are my family. I love you."

I was much smaller than Arthur but I succeeded in wrapping my arms around him. What shocked me the most was that he had actually started to cry. Arthur had begun to soak my pajamas but I didn't care. He probably held his tears and fears in for so long that they were crushing him one by one—just like his guilt.


It was the wedding day and I no longer dreaded it. My mother was going to get married to a nice man who loved her and that's all that mattered. And even better, I was going to get a step-brother and sister who I couldn't feel more than happy to call family.
Last night really changed me. I realized that I was selfish for wanting things to stay the same. I was not happy about change and the way I acted reflected on my actions.

And now, as I stared at my mother in her beautiful wedding dress, I couldn't help but smile and think of the things yet to come. I ran my hand over the red roses embroidered into my dress, for they intrigued me so. I loved the red roses on my other dress so much that I practically begged my mother to have some embroidered onto my bride's maid dress.

"Kumiko, are you ready?" My mother looked at me trying to hide her fidgeting hands.

I laughed, "Are you ready? You're the bride!" My mom blushed a deep red and nodded her head. Her face seeming so confident and yet so unsure. "Calm down mom, Wes is a wonderful man and you could not be making a better decision at this point!"

And for the first time today, she smiled her trademark smile. "I'm ready. Thank you my dear."


2 Years Later

I don't know how long I sat there thinking. In fact, I don't really know what I was thinking about at that very moment. All I know is that it was something uplifting for I felt like a completely different person. I looked over at my step-brother, Arthur, and almost laughed at the way his face looked when he was sleeping. As hard as he tried, he was never cut out to be the bad boy. He was too sweet and caring to fit that image. Thank goodness he gave it up too!

I lifted the fallen blanket from the floor of the airplane and draped it back gently over Arthur's body. He looks so peaceful.
I caressed the side of his cheek and smiled. We'd be going back to Japan today just for a visit.
Summer was beginning to dawn on us so Wes and my mom sent us over to Japan so we could visit just until our summer break ended. Arthur's mom is now living with her sister and sadly, Michiko decided that after the wedding she was going to stay in Japan just to be with her mother. Of course, we all supported her decision.

Having thought of my family, I grabbed my photo album out of my bag. I smiled lightly, thinking of all the other pictures I left in my room, taped to the wall for everyone to see. I skimmed through the pictures, remembering every single memory.

I stopped at a certain picture. It was a picture of my mother, my father, and little old me. We were at a park having a picnic and we had asked a jogging couple to help us take a picture. I remember my mother fussing for my father to retake the picture because she had blinked. She really did. I laughed at her expression in the picture; one eye closed and the other semi-opened. My father's arm was draped over her shoulder and I was behind them trying to make bunny ears behind their heads.

I skipped over to the next picture which also caught my eye. It was a picture of my mother, Wess, Arthur, Michiko, me, and my new baby sister Emily. It was the day Emily was born; she was all pink and soft. I remember Arthur being so scared to touch her because he thought she'd break in his arms if he held her. I was the one who convinced him to hold her and it was such a special moment. I remember Arthur's red face and the way I helped guide him to hold the baby. He was so much taller than me.

I flipped over to another picture and almost felt my insides sink…Kukai.
The name almost seemed alien to me. Not that I had forgotten it at all but it was all these memories that seemed so vague and unfamiliar. I touched the face in the picture as if he was actually in my grasps. It was a random picture; just a picture taken by mistake. Kukai just happened to be in the way when Amu tried to take a picture of the flowers they bloomed so beautifully. His face was taking up the whole picture; his green eyes, brown unruly hair, and that perfect smile. My heart beat quickened at the sight of just him.

"What's that? Kukai?" I jumped at the voice. I looked over and Arthur had leaned over, taking a good look at the picture. "Huh, is that the one Amu sent over for your Christmas present?"

I blushed, "W-When did you get up? I didn't h-hear you!" Arthur smiled.

On my lap there was a sudden shuffle and a harmony of yawns. They're up.
Mimori had floated up to my shoulder taking an interest in the pictures. "Oh..Kukai?"
Yuudai had also awakened and still laid down on my lap; probably air sick. I laughed, "Yeah Kukai…" Mimori looked at me with sullen eyes, "Are you going to visit him once we land?" I nodded even though Arthur was staring at me too. It didn't matter. I still had a bit of a crush on Kukai and they all knew.

My life has changed so drastically in the past 3 years. It's almost a miracle—in fact, it is. Every night I think about my first love. The boy who changed me into someone people could depend on. Of course, I wanted to see Kukai first thing.


The plane had boarded an hour ago and now Arthur and I were waiting at the train station, waiting for our train. It was pretty crowded now but it was after all, lunch time. Arthur held onto my hand tightly so I wouldn't get lost in the mob.

I wondered about all the people I would see as soon as I got home. Airi and daddy were still engaged, they were waiting for me to come back home so they could get married. Not only that, but Airi was pregnant too. It was going to be a boy.
"Hey, pay attention; we don't want to miss our train." Said Arthur.

I groaned as I waited for the train to come. "It's not coming Arthur! It's taking forever!"

"Be patient will you?" Chided Arthur.

"I'm trying to but it's been like 30 minutes!" I whined. Mimori whispered in my ear that it had actually only been 5 minutes and I blushed. Arthur and Yuudai both snickered at my childish whining.
"Whatever! I wanna go home!"

Arthur's face changed into something you'd describe as a pedophile. "Ooh? To see your precious boyfriend, now?" I blushed.

"N-No! Mind your own busi—" My brain stopped functioning at that very moment. I saw him. Kukai was on the other side of the tracks! His hair was still it's unruly reddish, brown and his eyes still piercing green. His smile was as always perfect and heart wrenching. He was hanging out with a group of boys who I mostly didn't know. I recognized Kashino and Takashi though, my how they've grown. Although, the others were probably some of his new friends.

Not sure of what else to do to get his attention, I screamed. "KUKAI!" He looked over, not sure of where to look so I called out his name again and tried waving my arms in a frantic manner.
He finally caught sight of me, I knew because he kept staring. His face seemed unsure but so confident that he knew who it was. I yelled his name again but it was cut off by a passing train that seemed to go on forever. And when the train finally passed, Kukai wasn't there. I looked around but he wasn't anywhere to be seen.

A few minutes later, our train arrived and Arthur and I boarded with sullen expressions. Maybe this was telling me something. If Kukai still had feelings for me like I did, then he would've waited. He would've waited. He would've stayed there like I had. Poor me was heartbroken but I would get over it eventually. And so, I let my head rest on Arthur's shoulder until we reached home.

Message 1- From: All Star
Hey Kumiko, are you in Japan? I think I saw
you at the train station today on my way
to see Utau-san but I wasn't
sure if it was you. Let's meet up again
sometime. I'm sure we'd have a lot of
interesting things to talk about.