Title: Our Princess

By: Phoebe-Jeebies

Summary: Rei reflects on Usagi's courage and selflessness, particularly during their final battle against the Dark Kingdom. One-shot.

Disclaimer: Would you believe me if I told you I owned Sailor Moon? No, I didn't think so.

Author's Note: This is NOT a Rei/Usagi slash story. It's a friendship story. I don't have a problem with slash or anything, I just prefer canon pairings.

Rei once told Usagi that she was a coward, but in reality . . . Usagi was strongest, bravest person that she knew. The things that the other senshi had faced were nothing compared to the memories their princess carried.

The Dark Kingdom, the Black Moon Clan, the Death Busters, the Dead Moon Circus . . . Usagi had seen so much since becoming Sailor Moon but she never complained, never stopped giving it her all. Rei admired her for that.

Rei reflected on their final battle against the Dark Kingdom; the battle in which Makoto, Ami, Minako, Mamoru & herself had died. They still would be dead too, if Usagi hadn't used the Silver Crystal to reincarnate them all.

It's easy to die for something you love; Rei knew that all too well. But to be the one left behind . . . to be all alone in the world . . . and to be the one to watch your loved ones die in front of you and not be able to do a single thing to stop it . . . Rei knew that she couldn't have handled that.

She didn't know how Usagi dealt with it. How could she still smile – still laugh and be happy after all they'd been through? After the things they'd seen?

But that's the type of person Usagi was. She was selfless. She always acted for others, even if it meant sacrificing herself.

She saw the good things in life and did her best to fix the bad. She believed in herself and she believed that the senshi had the power to make the world a better place. She had faith.

Usagi was there for them all during the good times and the bad. She was the light that kept them going. She was the light of their hope.

She was their princess.

Writing this one-shot really helped me to understand Usagi's character and her relationship with Mamoru! After watching Sailor Moon S & Sailor Moon SuperS I was starting to wonder how much Mamoru really loved Usagi because she's so much more immature than him & she seemed to embarrass him a lot but I thought about it & I realised that he loves her for all the reasons I stated above. So I was inspired to write this!

I did consider writing it from Mamoru's point of view instead of Rei's but I felt that she was the better choice because she could compare herself to Usagi, whereas Mamoru couldn't.