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SUM: SLASH Follows along with the movie. River is a fellow coworker of Jake's and during their first visit; he gets trapped alone in Pandora. Unfortunately it wasn't Neytiri who picked him up. It was Tsu'tey and due to River's stubborn streak, they do not get along fine. PAIRINGS: Tsu'tey X River -------Jake X Neytiri


The first time I had set my eyes on Pandora was when I was still a ten year old boy. Since then, it had always been my dream to become part of the RDA Corporation and finally visit the beautiful planet and see it with my own eyes. And now my dream finally came true.

"Keep that mask on at all times, River." The voice broke me out of the day dream and I blinked up at Jake. I guess I'm still not used to his blue skin and tall frame yet. I nodded slowly.

"Yeah, thanks Jake." I muttered and stepped off the Samson with ease. It had taken months to convince them I was ready to accompany them on the mission. Even though I wasn't allowed my own Avatar until the training finishes but at least I could come in person.

The fans whirled overhead and I took a look around, my heart beating faster in excitement. Dr. Augustine was giving a few late instructions to Jake and I ventured toward one of the extremely colorful flowers. The color… surely the color wasn't normal… I took a step forward and poked it with the end of the pistol. There was a loud swooshing sound and suddenly the plant was gone, in its place a gaping hole of smooth glowing slime.

Rule no.1: Don't poke pretty looking flowers on Pandora.

Too late now.

I didn't even get to take a breath before the ground gave out from under my feet and I slid down the small tunnel with a muffled shout. I doubt Jake can hear me even if I screamed my throat raw. Besides, that would not look good on my resume. I was supposed to act like a professional instead of screaming like a particularly drunk girl. The tunnel was bumpy and not in the least bit comfortable. I remembered losing my weapon somewhere along the tunnel as I popped out of the other end with a nasty smack.

There was the flower again. No wait, my eyes followed the flower to the tail, then the long powerful hind legs and the spiked ridges on the back and the face… let's just say he isn't the prettiest flower on the planet.

Oh gods, I think I just peed myself.

In the back of my head, I vaguely remembered the words the drill sergeant had said to me during my first training with the guard dogs. Needless to say, I was mauled by them and had to get a few stitches on my ass when the dog decided to chew on my pearly moons.

"Don't show your fear because they can smell it. Just look them in the eye and back off slowly."

I gulped and searched its head for the eyes. Great, which eye was I supposed to look into, serge? The fucking monster had four god damn eyes each the size of my fist. It growled and the spikes on its back shook with a sound similar to a rattle snake's tail. I took a deep breath and focused my eyes on the left eye nearest to me.

"Good puppy?" I managed to squeeze out before I lost my nerves and made a mad dash for the slimy hole I had come through. The tail rushed forward and caught me in the stomach, knocking the breath out of my lungs. Dear god, I'm going to be eaten on my first time on my version of 'Dreamland'. I didn't even get to say goodbye to my girlfriend!

My body was practically flung into the air but before the gaping mouth closed over me, something jerked my body upward and it took me a moment to realize I was flying farther away from the gaping mouth. Man, I'm fucking flying! Maybe there's a leak somewhere in the breathing mask and I'm getting high from the toxins in the air. Or am I already dead? I chanced a glance up at my rescuer, screamed and started thrashing wildly.

The blue skinned rider growled loudly and gave a series of sharp clicks before the flying beast dropped me. I kept trying to remember the name of the flying beast as I fell, trying not to contemplate my gruesome death. Man, are the guys back on Earth gonna be proud of me…

I tried to flap my arms and change the speed of my fall. It didn't work too well until I saw the body of water in from of me. There was a clear blue waterfall in between the expanse of trees and greenery. Surely the rate of survival would be higher if I landed in water. Hopefully it was a waterfall of acid. I made a swan dive for the water and remembered to take a deep breath before the cold hit me.

It was like being punched by a bunch of ice cubes seeking revenge. The air rushed out of my lungs as the mask slipped from my face. I grabbed the thing as it floated past me with a stream of bubbles. My precious oxygen was leaking. I pressed the mask full of water over my face and coughed as I choked on the water. The bitterly sweet flavor made my eyes water as the current carried me off. The bag and the communication devices were pulling me down so I struggled out of the weight and made one last attempt at surfacing the water. My face broke through the cold surface of the water and I pulled the mask full of water off my face, letting the fluids rush out before sealing it again. For a few seconds, I let the water carry my numb body and breathed in a few gulps of precious air. It never tasted sweeter.

Rule No 2: On Pandora, it's best not to get lost.

After a few minutes of aimless floating, I struggled with my limbs. The cold was making me dizzy and my pants were soaked through. I wasn't so sure if I had peed myself.

The current swept me to the shallow side of the cold river and I managed to grab a piece of rock and pull myself onto solid land. Water streamed off my wet clothes and they clung to my body like a second skin, but I was on solid land. Thank god. If I manage to survive this, I promise to go to church every Sunday.

After a few more minutes of self pitying on the rock, I pulled myself up on shaky legs and took a few unsteady steps into the forest. The sound of water became somehow louder as I walked further away from the river. Maybe the water was poisonous…

Then I saw him, standing under the thick stream of translucent water, his long mane of dark braids hanging down the muscular back. Water slid over his pale blue skin, the muscles moving gracefully under the skin.

And he was completely naked.

I forced my tense muscles to respond as I stepped away from the smaller waterfall, the sound of water slowly becoming louder behind me. I was terrified he would be able to hear my heart thumping inside my chest. Then there was a loud snap as I stepped on a branch. The trees near me rustled as insects of every color exploded out of the bushes. Just give me a hole and I swear I would crawl into it for free.

I contemplated on trying to run but the sound of the male voice behind me made me freeze. The tall Na'vi stepped out of the trees thankfully clothed now and I felt my legs weaken as he stepped forward, a bow raised and the arrow pointed at me. i felt my mouth go dry. All those years of training left me with nothing but fear on my mind. The survival methods, the few phrases I learned in their language, the energy to fight for my life, they were all gone. Just replaced by a single emotion.


The golden eyes narrowed at me and he opened his mouth and hissed. "Human." The Na'vi spat out in disgust, his nostrils flaring in disgust.

I tried to think of any catchy phrases to spare me from my gruesome death at the hands of that sharp sharp arrow. Yes I'm a coward and I don't like dying. It's too cliché for me to endure. Besides, even if I should die, here should be women crying as background music.

"Why are you on our lands?" the blue haired giant demanded and I flinched inwardly. "Well?!" he asked, jabbing the bow at me warningly. The arrow had been placed back in its sheath when he realized I had no weapon to defend myself.

"I…I need to find Grace, Grace Augustine. She will know what to do…can you take me there?" I almost mumbled to myself. His eyes flared in surprise, and then a grudging look passed over his face. I took a deep breath and tried my best at a pair of puppy eyes and breathed out "please…"

The unsure expression turned into one of disgust and he turned away from me. "No."

Rules No 3&4: Don't disturb a guy when he's showering and ask him for a favor later. The pitiful puppy eyes don't work on the Na'vi, at least the male population.

If I had a notebook, I would have written it all down but no I didn't. It's a pity.

"Wait, please!" I struggled to my feet and grabbed his elbow without thinking and the tall alien hissed in anger, pushing me back. I took a shaking breath and tried to force the panic down. "Please... I won't harm anyone. I…I just want to go back home."

The footsteps stopped and I looked up to see the Na'vi looking down at me with an expression of disgust. Then his face went slack as he focused his eyes behind me. I turned and stared. There was a small squid-looking thing with tentacles hovering over my left shoulder. I gave a rather girly scream and flicked it away with a hand.

"Fucking mutated mosquitoes!"

"Don't do that!" the sharp command made me go still as the Na'vi took a deep breath, his face exasperated. "Alright, I will tell you where she is. But I have a challenge first. Tame my direhorse first and I will take you to her myself."

"You're on!" I yelled without thinking and struggled to my feet. The Na'vi gave a devious smirk and nodded.

Wait; hang on what was a direhorse anyway?

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