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Shepard, Tali, and Legion returned and it was a particularly nasty mission from an 'uninhabited' planet. Uninhabited, unless you count reaper soldiers as people. Regardless Shepard (and Tali) had decided to clean up a bit of the gore before going to the bridge.

And so Shepard arrived at the briefing room ten minutes later, after changing into his casual clothes. He was the last. Tali was already there, not having very much armor to remove, and so was Legion, who appeared to have not cleaned himself ever. He made it a mental note to ask what exactly goes through his 'mind' in regards to cleanliness. Luckily there was no smell of note.

To his mild surprise he also found Grunt and Jack, who were conversing off to the side, apparently taking no notice or care about what their Commander was doing. He decided that he might as well debrief Tali and Legion to do whatever it is that they did, and now that he thought about it he didn't really know what Legion did.

"Alright; Tali, Legion your free to go." Now came the part of the job he hated, logistics. He was staring blankly off into space thinking about an assortment of things, from the upgrades being fitted to the Normandy even as they flew, to who needed updated equipment, the amount of money both those needed, etc. Unfortunately he wasn't actually paying attention to exactly where in space he was actually staring.

"Um... Shepherd. Do I... do I have something on my suit." chimed in Tali's bitonal voice. He came out of his reverie, only to find out where exactly his eyes were looking... directly at Tali's chest. Tali, bless her heart, was dancing around trying to get a good look at some type of stain or tear her chest. In for a Penny in for a Pound he might as well stare now. Tilting his head slightly he noted, not for the first time, that she had an extremely shapely and attractive nothing she looked up from herself and locked onto Shepard.

"Eh...Ah..." He smiled his most winning smile, pushing as much charm into the smile as he could, which came out more like a goofy grin. She looked up and he could vaguely see her eyes not entirely sure what her expression was. "Don't worry its nothing."

Shepard could have sworn she was cocking an eyebrow at this. Again he tried the winning smile, only to have it falter, which further deteriorated into a nervous laugh and eventually a defeated sigh. She closed the distance between them. With only literally a breath's width between the two (possibly borne from her lack of privacy and personal space back on the Migrant Fleet), he almost felt unnerved, except for the fact that she was female and he could handle a lady. And she was Tali. His trust in her was implicit.

His own stares almost distracted him from the fact that she was staring back. Being scrutinized by the Quarian, he gave a weak smile and asked, "Something the matter?" She continued to look at him and he realized he could see more clearly into her mask. Her features were definitely human-like and feminine on top of that, but he couldn't make out any specific details. Of all the wide Galaxy how was it possible that Quarians could be beautiful in a Human sense? He decided it was his turn to raise an eyebrow of his own smiling the entire time. "Is there something on my face?" he tried again.

Her head tilted as if she were rolling her eyes. She placed a 3 fingered hand on the center of his chest. "That's mean Shepherd. You know I can't kiss you". She took a step back.

"Wait what?." His smiled changed, signifying the first time he felt he had an advantage in this conversation since it started. This time he stepped forward towering over her somewhat.

"What could I possibly be suggesting?" She said sarcastically. While folding her arms across her abdomen and tilting her head to the side. "I mean, a young women gets rescued by a dashing Commander who lets her join his crew and then goes off to save the galaxy." She looked up and said playfully, "How could she possibly develop any interest in him?" His increasingly thin mental defenses was melting away. Her eyes shifted away and her crossed arms shifted slightly from sarcastic playfulness to actual defensive embarrassment. He was taking too long to answer. Now was the time.

Trying not to grin, He said, "You have nothing to be embarrassed about, Tali. I feel the same way." He laid on the charm again with his smile. This shocked Tali who exclaimed, "Really!", in a surprised voice. "You didn't... you never..." She obviously wasn't expecting it and in a half hopeful voice she replied, "Well good." Her sarcasm and coyness was completely gone now and not knowing what to do or say, started fidgeting slightly before saying in a happy, anxious and unusually high pitched voice, "Anyways, I should get to work. But thanks... For... you know... telling me that..."

Both ecstatic and nervous she skirted past him, letting out a small, almost inaudible, yelp as she bumped into him, and tried to calmly walk away. He watched her walk off, watched her hips sway back and forth seductively. He was starting to wonder if she did that on purpose.

He snapped back upright, breathing out heavily, but too late, Jack let out a piercing, condescending laugh. "Wow, can't wait to see how that unfolds. I mean, I'm no expert but fucking her has got to be tough as hell." He kept his expression under control.

Surprisingly, Grunt lightly (as light as Krogans can actually hit that is) punched her. She looked ready to fight as she whipped around but he only shook his head and said, "If my Krant wants to let off some pent up energy, then that's what he will do. " He gazed up at Shepard who had been listening to everything thus far with a neutral expression, "She does have a point." With a grunt he walked off and disappeared behind one of the doors. He was slightly amazed Grunt had actually supported him in this, and added it to the list of things to think about when he had time.

Jack looked back at him and shrugged, and then followed Grunt, apparently uninterested in any of this. He jerked his head to the right, cracking his neck and then mirroring the movement to the left. Jokerchimed in over the intercom, "Yeah Commander Get her!" Squeezing the bridge of his nose, Shepherd commanded, "EDI? Delete all recording in this room from now back ten minutes."

"Yes Commander" " A straggled Joker started to reply "Aww I was jus-" before being cut off.

He heard some silent mechanical clacking behind him. A mechanical voice resounded as he turned around. "Shepard-Commander. ?Request additional data." He watched as Legion's 'head', which moved animatedly unlike his cousins, turned to where Tali had left to go to engineering.

"I'll give it if I have it, Legion." He replied back. Legion turned his flashlight eye towards him again. "Installed sensors have detected large excretion of chemicals in the air. Most notable chemical is female Quarian pheromones." Shepard smiled at this, adding that to his list of evidence that whether she admitted it or not she was attracted to him. "But the only Quarian on-board is Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy, and she is in a sealed environmental suit."

Shepard's stomach dropped. He didn't know all the details but from what he understood, even casual contact, without protection and antibiotics, could lead to severe infections and even death in a Quarian.

"Legion!" The Geth instantly perked up, ready for combat. "When was the first time you detected it!"

"One hour and twenty-four minutes, 57 seconds ago..." His eye was moving trying to read Shepard's facial expression.

'She's been exposed for an hour and a half already!" He started bounding down the hallway, heading toward the engineering core.

"C'mon we have to warn her!"

End. I tried to make the scenario as original as possible while maintaining character depth and behavior (minus Shepard of course, who can be whatever you want. I just decided to make him a good guy). I did use some dialogue from the game, however i altered it slightly. Also I'm not promising a continuation of this story (after all I wrote it for my own amusement). But know that I'll try. Ideas for stories typically come to me when I'm lying in bed trying to sleep so if there is any descrepensy please let me know. Now I'm off to play some more Mass Effect 2 :)

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Update 2; man My writing from that long ago sucked ass. I rewrote it and plan to delete all chapters after and write a second one that ends. Make it more of Slice of Life oneshot than a series as my self 5 years ago wanted it.