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Shepard did not dream. He felt himself floating in some type of limbo. He could think like he had consciousness but he knew he was unconscious and it troubled him to no end. He felt like he was in a dream that nothing was happening and he felt cold and lonely. Perhaps it was that thought that forcefully woke him up.

Shepard sleepily open his eyes, yet only darkness awaited him. He thought that the lights were merely out and started to search for ever present, telltale signs of light. A sinking feeling set in his stomach as he couldn't find any light anywhere. He was, however, ecstatic to find he could still hear. What made him so happy was that he heard the loud EKG to the left of his head but he also heard a second one to his right.

He started to laugh softly at his misfortune. 'I'm blind... Great thats just what I need right now...fuck!' He thought bitterly. He stopped that thought and smiled, thinking, 'well I'm taking this pretty well. And I can still hear so I guess thats something.'

His rueful smile burned his face like a sunburn that went to the bone so he quickly stopped. There was the sound of feet shuffling in the distance. He futilely tried to look where it was coming from. Realizing that wouldn't work he strained his ears to try to listen instead. He heard what sounded like high heels 'who is wearing high heels?' he thought to himself, alongside a heavier pounding footstep, probably Grunt. It was faint but he heard a more steps but he couldn't tell who those belonged to.

"Ah! Shepard. Seems you are awake at last." came Mordin's quick voice. The shuffling of feet reached its zenith and cut itself off. He tilted his head toward the voice and tried again to force himself to see, to no avail.

"Mordin... Hows Tali." talking burned his throat, though not nearly as bad as before.

He started to wonder how long he was actually out when Mordin gave a little laugh and said, "Odd. Usually survival of oneself takes precedence...hmm." He heard a deep throated half grunt/half laugh come from Grunt. His lips formed a scowl in the hopes that Grunt saw it. The laughter from him only grew into croaky laughter.

Still scowling he reiterated, "So...How is... she doing?" the burning sensation stopped him from saying more.

"She, like you, will be fine, fortunately." Mordin's high speed voice chimed in.

"OK...What the hell...happened...then?" He coughed painfully. Once he regained his composure he continued, "Why am I blind...Why does it burn everywhere?"

"You see when you last sortied, you came in contact with a type of synthetic bacterium. Now normally it wouldn't matter as the body's immune system fights off most infections on its own without any symptoms but this one is specifically engineered to activate at a certain time, so to speak." Shepard cocked an eyebrow asking for a more detailed explanation. "You see this bacteria is released into the atmosphere, where it then enters through your respiratory system, and into your cardiovascular system. Then after incubating for a small amount of time they release minute amounts of material you are allergic to, into your body tissues via the bloodstream, literally causing your body to start have an allergic reaction. Its quite ingenious really, it isolates and manufactures what you are allergic to. Turns out all humans are allergic to something."

The high heels clacked impatiently and the female voice belonging to them spoke. "C'mon hurry up!" she said harshly. The silence was uncomfortable.

"Whats wrong Miranda, whats got your panties in a bunch?" Shepard couldn't control his mouth when he said that, and grinned stupidly, awaiting the wrath that was sure to come. When silence followed, he never wished he could see more than he did right now. 'Was it a look of livid rage, or perhaps a blushing school girl, nah it could never be that,' he thought. He couldn't hear anything so he decided not to try his luck.

"Well... as I was saying, they release the allergens into your body but fortunately for both you, your bodies have processed most of it out. We would give you antibiotics but its been engineered so that most current types wont work." He heard Mordin shuffling over to his right. "However, despite being exposed to significantly larger amounts of this bacterium than Tali, her immune system is so much weaker that we are currently giving her those antibiotics so that they fight off secondary infections which could cause havoc on her nearly non-existent immune system."

"OK... that was oddly detailed and fluent, didn't take you long did it?" Shepard said. "So what about this blindness I have." He was used to the burning in his throat now. "And why was that crap in the atmosphere anyway?"

Again it was Mordin who spoke. "We believe that it was of Collector origin. We also believe it was never to be used as a killing agent, just to incapacitate humanoids for harvesting. However it is incomplete, so were not sure." He heard shuffling again and some feet moved to the right and he heard plastic being ripped, metal clanging, pens scribbling. Then it stopped. Mordin's voice chimed in yet again. "As for your blindness as far as I can tell it will pass as soon as your immune system purges you of the bacteria and heal sufficiently. You see the bacteria centralized themselves in your nasal pathways and... yes see you dont even realize but you can smell either, and human eyes are very close to your noses"

He breathed a heavy sigh at this prognosis. Then he heard something to his right, the sound of a whip of air escaping. He heard Grunt whistle in amazement and Miranda scoff in impatience. 'Grunt can whistle?' he thought to himself.

"Careful with her mask nurse, make sure it doesn't come into contact with any surfaces." Mordin chirped.

"Whoa, wait! Did you just take Tali's mask off?" He retconned is earlier thought, and wished he could see right now more than ever. "Aww man, I can't believe I'm missing this. What does she look like? Well?" The silence was palpable, then he heard Grunt laugh his slow deliberate laugh. He ground his teeth until it hurt.

Then the Commander part of Shepard came out. "Okay you guys back to your duties. Miranda, obviously your in charge until I'm able."

"Yes sir..." came Miranda's combative voice.

Grunt laughed even harder as he stomped off. "Get well soon... Battlemaster..." he said sarcastically. "I'm no judge of beauty but I think humans would find her... attractive." That was the last heard of those scant details.

"Well, I'm off Commander got cultures to study. You should be up and about in a couple days, though that is just an estimate." He heard a sucking sound as the mask was replaced. "Looks like she has a major inner ear infections... looks like we will stay the course with treatment." He heard a female voice tweet in acceptance. The padding footsteps he now attributed Mordin faded in the distance.

'Now I'm bored.' Shepard thought to himself.

He looked to his right, ignoring the dull burn which he became aware of once again.

He was greeted with darkness.

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