Fifteen seconds? Ten? I didn't know how long I had.... how long we had.

My ex husband was facing the wall, disappointed in himself because he couldn't get to the bomb that would be killing us shortly.

Nathan Ford, who considered himself a complete failure. A father whose son died, an honest man who now led a band of thieves, who failed to get to a bomb so he could diffuse it, almost guaranteeing the ends of our lives.

He would never be able to see what he was worth. He would never know that he was the only thing that held me together as Sam got worse, him and his insistence that it would be okay, the fact that he kept me optimistic and hopeful that our son could pull through. He likely counted that as a failure as well. He wouldn't realize that I could live with the fact that he worked with thieves. It was probably one of the best things that he could do, using what he was good at with his little makeshift family of misfits to help the people who needed it. He had a family, whether or not I was part of it. I would never be able to admit to him that the only problem I had with his people was that they were his family now, and they no longer included me. I would never be able to have the man I loved, and I would never be able to admit to him that I did love him still. I loved him more and more each time I saw him now, wanted him more. He would never know that the world being the way it was no, every time he lost something, it wasn't his fault. I couldn't say that. There wasn't time.

So I murmured his name. "Nate."

"Wha-?" He gave me that heartbreaking look, like he was broken again, and I curled my fingers in his hair and pulled him close to me, despite the fact that my boyfriend was right beside me, despite everything. My mouth was on his, kissing him like I hadn't in far too long. He made a quiet sound and didn't try to stop me. He just kissed me back, his mouth moving over mine, breaking away for a short breath before crashing his lips against mine again. I felt him tug at the metal holding my wrist to his, and his fingers twining through mine when he couldn't get free. I squeezed his hand, taking that last taste of the man I would be losing shortly.

As far as death went, I think I could take this. As long as I could stay here to the last, I could die here.