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Amu who was walking by saw what happened.

there was a person doing something to the girl amu didn't know what but she forced herself to see what was happening ' I shouldn't really do this it might be dangerous' she thought then another voice in her head said ' don't be a chicken go an help her there's nothing dangerous n.o.t.h.i.n.g' amu didn't know what to do but she decided she should go and see.

She got closer and closer then she noticed the girl stopped screaming amu stood frozen she didn't want to get any closer it was already freaking her out.

Then the girl fainted but amu could hardly see if she did or not because it was really dark she just knew something fell on the floor.

The person turned around just to see amu right at front of him.

"Tsk. looks like I've been found out" a husky voice and with that he disappeared.

But before he did he said" you better not tell anyone if u do then something bad will happen to you" he smirked amu could fell it but then he was gone.

Amu was speechless 'I didn't see anything yeah I didn't just go back and f-' but something interrupted amu's thought.

" amuuuu-" a babyish voice said amu looked at her she was jumping up and down licking a lollipop 'ahhh yaya am so glad you came I was so scared' amu thought.

"what are you doing amu??" yaya looked at her confused. Amu looked at her.

"ah,um nothing I was just umm….never mind what are you doing here??" she said while walking to yaya.

" I was passing by then I saw you here" she replied "oh..ok then" amu said turning back around dazed abit.

"hey amu-chii you want to somewhere pleeeeeeeease" yaya looked at her with a baby eyes.

"ah am sorry yaya but I have get back now my mother might kill m if am late" amu said hurrying up and forgot what happened before yaya came.

" aww ok then bye" she said licking her lollipop and walking away.

And amu went back home.

The ten minutes later amu arrived at her house opening the door" hii mama,papa,ami am back"

" siiiiiiiiiiis" ami ran to her big sister and hugged her tight. " youw in twoubwe…".

Amu looked at her confused "what do you mean?" amu said.

"AMU COME HERE NOW" her mother shouted. 'oh ok i know now' she thought and ami lt go of her.

"comiiiing" amu replied. "amu dear were going to travel tomorrow for a month can you tak car of the house?" midori said and amu nodded 'guess am not in trouble am FREE' amu thought.

"sis I will missh you" ami said sleepy 'I will too hun ' amu thought happily and a bit sad.

"so lets get you to bed shall we" amu said softly and picked her up and went upstairs.

"will my amu be ok?" amu's dad tsumugu said nearly crying.

"oh she will she can handle anything haha" midori said. And amu heard that while she was coming down 'but that's not even true' amu thought remembering what happened today.

"ok I put ami to sleep do you want anything before I go back upstairs?" amu questioned.

"ah, umm I guess thanks dear you can go to sleep we will wake you up tomorrow before we go ok?" midori said and amu nodded "alright night mama,papa" and with that she went in her room.

Next morning amu woke up she sat up in bed looked up at the clock it said 9:30 A.M 'hmm I guess they will be gong soon' amu said a it said 'why wont they let me go with them?' they were suppose to be there at 10:15 and they will leave at 10:45 amu sighed '15 minutes left' she got out of bed and got changed.

5 minutes later amu came down stairs wearing a black T-shirt with gold and silver butterflies on them and a skirt which was black with a silvery gold butterfly on it.

"hi" amu said plainly and sat down for breakfast and they replied was "hi".

"soo..i guess your going soon.." amu said looking at them they all nodded 'woow its really quiet here' amu thought then she finished eating and looked at the time it was 10:43 amu and everyone got up and went to the door amu went to her papa and hugged him" amu dont talk or bring any BOYS got it" he said and amu nodded. Then she went to her mama and hugged her" I'll miss you amu just be careful ok?" midori said and amu nodded again.

The finally she went to ami and hugged her so tight amu knew she was going to miss her more then anyone else.

Amu waved goodbye as they left and closed the door."they….left for …a month" amu said bringing the words out. This was the first time they went without amu.

"maybe I should call someone and see of they want to go out its boring here" amu said and sighed and went got her phone out and called utau.

"hello?" utau said there was a lot of noise in the background you could hardly hear utau speaking.

"hi utau yo- never mind I gues your at a party right then bye" amu said disappointed and closed the phone.

"yeah….i am-" utau was cut off by amu closing the phone" HOW DARE SHE THAT….grrrrr".

Knock knock knock

Aamu turned around and opened the door just to revel rima at front of her.

"hey amu want to out?" she said

"sure why not am not doing anything" amu replied and they started to walk to wherever they were going.

One hour later


" this is her house I better keep an eye on her then" a husky voice said and then he vanished. 'I wonder if she did see anything' he wondered.

~7 hours later~

"ok ye rima I had fun thanks" amu said opening the door "yah me too night amu" rima waved goodbye and she went.

When amu got inside it felt different the air the smell and she felt like someone was watching her but she ignored it and went up stairs.

"ah am soo tireeed" amu said lying on her bed and trying to go to sleep which…nearly worked but she couldn't go to sleep she felt that something was wrong.

Then a voice said in said her 'just go to sleep there's nothing' amu agreed with it and closed her eyes trying to get to sleep.

Then really fast she sat up. Amu was surprised at what she just did but she didn't do anything she just randomly did it without moving. somehow.

Amu looked around the room it was dark you could hardly see anything then she saw something she looked at it trying to figure out what it was but nothing cam just the image of her desk.

And fell back on her bed and finally she did go to sleep at last.

"Tsk. You shouldn't really go to sleep if you know that someone is here watching you and might even kill you" the husky voice said and smirked but of course amu didnt hear it cuz she was a sleep.

He got of the desk slowly and quietly landing on the floor and walked over to amu "heh" then he smirked.

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