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It's been a few days after kitty and Amu did the dare on Ikuto, but recently Ikuto's been busy So that meant Amu couldn't see him much, which for Kitty's disappointment that was really bad for her.

Amu was wondering around the place since she was going to live here, she wanted to know the place more and the people, and while she was Kitty was stalking her and noticed she was sighing a lot.

"She must really want to see Ikuto Again." Kitty whispered, Then smiled an Evil smile. "Well, it's not like I can help her out." She sighed just after she thought she had a good idea.

"UWAAAH, UWAAAAAAH, UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" Amu found a crying baby at front of her, she picked him up and tried to make him quiet, but she just made it worst.

"Amu, you'll fail as a mother…" Kitty whispered on the tree covering her ears.

Then the baby looked at Amu and put its hand out to grab her pink hair, Amu looked at it in awe.

Amu let the baby grab her hair but when it did He pulled it hard.

"Owwww!, you little…" Amu nearly screamed and glared at the baby and made the baby cry again.

"Yep, definitely." Kitty said.

Then the mother of the baby came and thanked Amu for finding him, and when she took the baby he went quiet.

Amu just stared Surprised, She sighed.

Kitty sighed and jumped down.

"Kitty…..TRANSFORMATION!" Kitty Landed at front of Amu making her startled and shouted it, while making a weird pose.

Amu stared but nothing happened.

"Well, so much for that…." Kitty said, Shaking the fake wand.

"What was all that about..?" Amu said.

"I'm learning how to transform…" Kitty said simply.

"But that's a fake wand…."

"You NEVA KNOW, IT MIGHT not be?" Kitty said or more like questioned herself and Amu.

"Anyway, Anyway, come follow me…" Kitty said and Dragged Amu to some random place.

"Wait here." Kitty said and went off somewhere.

Amu stayed put and looked around her, there wasn't much really, just she was on a stage and there were chairs at front of her.

Kitty came back after 10 minutes.

"I'm Bacccck" Kitty said and gave Amu a Fake Wand, with four colours on it, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.

"What's this for….?" Amu said, Kitty looked at her a bit then got closer to her.

"You want Ikuto to love you more right?" She said.

Amu Blushed. "Wh-What are you t-talking about?"

"Aww, come on I know you do, you want to meet him now don't you?" Kitty continued.

Amu stayed quiet, then nodded a bit.

"Then if you do what I did with the transformation and stuff, I'll take you to Him." Kitty said smiling.

"Wh-What? want me to do THAT?" Amu screamed.

"Shhhhh, and yes I do, remember..if you want to Meet Ikuto…" Kitty was about to start again.

"F-Fine.." Amu said.

"Ok, oh wait I want you to wear this too..And-" Kitty started to tell Amu what to do when she finished she sat on the chair waiting for Amu to finish getting changed.

'Hehehe, it's so easy fooling Amu, AHAHAHAHAHA' Kitty laughed in her head.

"O-ok..I'm going to do it now." Amu said Then came out Wearing a Maid Costume, with cat ears.

She walked all the way to the center, And everything Went dark and there was only light on Amu.

"Ok Start!" Kitty said excited.

"U-umm.." Amu said Embarrassed, Kitty waited.

Amu took a deep breath and put the hand with the wand up.

She closed her eyes then opened them."TRANSFORM…I-Into…A..A..Sexy..P-Perverted…Maid?" Amu asked.

Kitty tried to keep in her laughter but failed "BUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!, Oh my god that was hilarious…"

Amu glared at Her, and she was still laughing.

"N-NOW TAKE ME TO I-IKUTO!" Amu shouted.

"Hmm,..what did you say? Ikuto..I don't even know where he is… Hahaha!" Kitty said still laughing her head off.

"Y-You tricked me…" Amu said Blushing and jumped down the stage and started to walk to me.

"H-hey.. I just wanted to have a bit of fun..and" Kitty said. "But I guess that was going too far, Huh?"

"….OF COURSE IT WAS!" Amu screamed, kitty stared at her In Amusement.

"See, that just proves and tells someone how much you're in love with him …" Kitty said.

"SHUT UP!" Amu shouted, and yes Kitty did it this time, totally made Amu Mad.


Amu: -goes after Kitty-

Kitty: -Runs away-


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