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Pairing: Paul/Shinji & Dawn/Hikari

What the Heart Desires

Paul had just stepped out of the Pokemon center when suddenly he heard a shrill voice from behind. Why did he even bother to turn around…?

"Hey Paul!!"

Paul turned to see a cheerful Dawn walking up to him, a big smile on her face. 'Oh. Right…' It wasn't like Paul got to see Dawn as much as he wanted to… he could do without seeing the idiot and that breeder. Seeing how they were not far behind.

"What do you want, I'm in hurry," Paul stated coldly.

Dawn blinked and then placed her hands on her hips. "Well that was rude! I was just going to say hi."

"Did you have a point, or do you just like to hear yourself talk?"

Dawn's eye began to twitch. "Oh, you think your sooooo funny! See how funny it is when you have my foot shoved up your…."

"Dawn," Brock quickly intervened. Holding back the blue headed coordinator. "There's no need to get so upset."

Dawn tries to rip out of Brock's tight grip. "You better apologize, right NOW, you you, you BIG jerk!"

Paul's face held an amused grin. He really loved to rile up this girl. "Unlike you, troublesome girl, I have no desire for useless conversations."

Dawn studied Paul's expression a bit before smiling smugly. "Then why do you always want to strike up one?"

Paul looked at Dawn in muted surprise, those blue eyes making it difficult to deny that statement flat-out like everything else. Instead the mauve-haired trainer shrugged somewhat.

"And, how, would you know what I really want, girl. I don't see how that's any of your business." Paul replied.

"Eeerargh!!" Dawn cried, nearly pulling her hair out in frustration. "Paul why do you have to be such a jerk all the time!? You're driving me crazy!"

Paul snorted and looked away. "And just what do you think you're doing to me?"

Brock released Dawn, sending Ash a worried look.

The blue headed coordinator groaned and then suddenly clasped her hands together in a begging gesture, looking up at the grumpy trainer hopefully. "C'mon Paulllllll…!! Can't you at least lighten up a little for once?"

"Could you at least act your age for once?" Paul spat back.

Dawn gaped at that and then squinted her eyes, pushing her face into the other's face. "Why you…"

"OH! Hush up you two!!" Paul's older brother boomed, walking up out of nowhere. "Carrying on again? With the way you two fight, you'd think you were flirting!" Reggie exclaimed with a laugh.

Dawn went beet red and took a big step back from Paul, out of his personal space. "What!?"

"We're not… flirting…" Paul stated evenly, a displeased look on his face.

"Yeah!!" Dawn shouted and planted her hands on her hips looking defiant.

""Mmmhmm, I was just on my way to the next town, but somehow ended up running into you guys!" Reggie said with an amused smile.

Ash, Brock and Dawn was now momentarily distracted, giving Paul a chance to make his escape.

Paul took a deep breath and let it out, 'Flirting…' Paul thought, making a sour face, feeling heat rise in his cheeks.

While all this was happening, a mysterious Pokemon had been watching high up in the tree tops the whole time, hidden from view. It's eyes were attached to Paul's every movement.

It was a curious little thing. The pokemon wore a mischievous smile, clearly up to no good.

The Pokemon decided it was going to have some fun with this trainer.

Maybe this guy will actually provide some interesting entertainment.

To be continued….?