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"So Reggie, where are you headed in such a hurry?" Brock asked.

"Huh, oh right I was just on my way to check out this new mysterious pokemon. Everyone has been constantly raving on and on about it." Reggie could instantly tell they had no clue to what he was talking about. Yet he continued on, "It casts its spell on anyone who looks into it's eyes. Making the person say what he or she really feels."

"What!!?" Everyone exclaimed.

"Wait, so let me get this straight… you mean it curses you?" Brock questioned.

"Yeah, into saying stuff about your desires?" Dawn continued.

"Yeess." Reggie answered, nodding.

"Wow, can we tag along? I would really like to check this pokemon out!" Ash wondered eagerly.

Reggie smiled warmly. "Sure. The more the merrier."


Paul was trudging his was through the dense forest, after his short encounter with the group of travelers he had personally labeled as losers. You would think they would get the hint to back off by now. He had really wanted to get as far away from them as possible, especially with his lame-O brother making stupid accusations about him. Flirting with that troublesome girl, what a crazy, idiotic ideal.

He did take great pleasure in stirring up the girl, on numerous occasions, but… no there's no buts about it. He felt nothing for the girl. The girl he tries to forget. The girl that sets him on fire. The girl that drives him crazy. The girl that never knows when to shut the heck up! The girl, the girl he… loves.

Paul halted in mid step, and brought his shaking hand up, to brush through his light bangs. He let out a frustrated sigh and was about to continue on his way, when suddenly out of nowhere, a branch fell directly in front of him, making his eyes shift upwards. All he found were a pair of eyes staring into his. "Who's there…"

The pair of eyes shimmered once, then immediately Paul collapsed to the ground, leaving him unconscious.


"What! What do you mean it has escaped!" A distressed woman shouted at a young man.

"I'm sorry madam, but it has," The young man said in despair.

"What are we going to do now?" The woman cried.

Ash and his friends walked up during this conversation, knowing what they were talking about, Ash asked the obvious, "You mean the mysterious pokemon has escaped!?"

The woman turned to him and swung her hands back and forth frantically. "Yes, yes!!! And we have no idea where it has ran off to!"

"We will help you search, if you like!" Dawn suggested.

Brock ran over to the beautiful woman and grabbed her hands. "Is there a damsel in distress, in need of a hero?!!!!"

The woman sweat-dropped. "Ye-yeah…"

Croaguck suddenly came out of his pokeball and strikes Brock with poison jab.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Brock screeched in pain, falling to the ground in a tangled mess.

"Crooooaguckguck." The pokemon laughed and dragged his trainer away.

Reggie coughed awkwardly before speaking, "…How long has the pokemon been gone?"

"For a few hours I think," The woman answered.

Reggie stopped to think. "Hmmm, maybe it hasn't gone too far. We will help any possible way we can."

"Yeah, no need to worry!" Dawn chimed in, squeezing her pokemon Piplup gently to her chest.

"Pipluuup!!" Piplup chirped in reply.

Ash pumped his fist in the air, in excitement. "With all our help, we will find that pokemon in no time! Right Pikachu?"

"Pika!!" Pikachu happily agreed.

"Oh thank you, thank you!" The woman and man thanked them delightfully.

"Lets split up, we will cover more ground that way," Brock added after recovering from his injures.

"Yeah!" They all agreed and started out.


Who could have guessed it, Team Rocket had been listening to the whole conversation at hand.

"Did ya guys just hear what I just heard? Something about some mysterious pokemon escaping," The catlike creature, Meowth asked his two human companions.

Jessie had a strange gleam in her eyes. "Yeah and we will be the first to find and swipe that pokemon for our very own!"

"Ooooh, yeah!!!!" James said in agreement.

"Yeah and it will be the perfect present for the boss!" Meowth added.

"Hehhehehehe!!!!!!!!" They all laughed in unison.


Paul had just woke up, looking around anxiously. "What happened?" He felt really dizzy, he could barely stand, so he grabbed the nearest tree to steady himself.

'My head is killing me.' It felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on top of his head. All he could remember was that he was just walking along, and all of a sudden, saw this blinding light. Now he found himself waking up, on the cold ground.

Had he passed out?

From what?

He was about to continue onward, and just forget the whole thing, but a voice from behind caused him to stop.


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