Ch.1 "Smelborp Elttil Wen"

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Guess the title-I'll give you a hint. Relates to manga-the way you read it compared to normal books-in English and it relates to-as I have yet to find this story oddly enough-this crossover. It has stuck to me like glue, and I hope you all will like it... Though I don't know if I will do all the titles like this one... But, Naruto, in a sense, stopped Sasuke from going to Orochimaru in this one.


Do you know of the Picori?

They are tiny little creatures about the size of a person's thumb,

and they live everywhere around the world.

Humans don't notice them at all, though children try to and can see them.

Yet, they are always lending humans their powers without a single person noticing.

Do you wonder why?

Because the Picori love humans.

"So cool! What do they look like!?" A bunch of little kids crowded around the blond hair thirteen year old that was telling them a story while working on the stove in the orphanage the orange clad ninja was just suppose to have brought groceries and fixed the roof with his team... But, the land lady complained about the stove when they brought the groceries up, so the blond decided to take a look at it.

"Well, for one they are are no higher than the size of you caretaker's thumbs. They are somewhat humanoid, but have paler skin and have very round faces as well as similar bodies. They have big, beady eyes, long pointed ears, and have normal hair like us. They have similar limbs, but their toes and fingers are the same long length and each has four toes or fingers per foot and hand. They also have white feather like tails that sometimes are covered up by their clothes with a red tip. For some reasons adults can't see them, but children can." Uzumaki Naruto sighed while finishing with the stove. "Let's see." Naruto turned the stove on for it to work. "Sweet! I-"

"Naruto! What are you doing?!" A pan hit the side of the blue eye blond's face... Just one eye as the other eye was now closed up with a black eye thanks to pan being thrown by his teammate Haruno Sakura.

"Sakura! I was just fixing this stove! I am not going to let a bunch of kids go hungry because of a malfunctioning stove!" Naruto whined, not noticing his other teammate and sensei coming into the house.

"Do you even know what malfunctioning means?" Naruto one eyed glared at Uchiha Sasuke.

"Yes, I do know, Te-"

"Calm down, both of you." Hatake Kakashi sighed as the caretaker came into the room.

"You actually fixed that old stove!" The woman asked in shock.

"Yeah... All it needed was a little bit of cleaning and put in some new bolts." Naruto sheepishly grin, making the lady sweat as she wondered where the black eye came from.

"Well, here. That these as for thanks as I now don't need a new stove." The woman handed Naruto a bag of treats before talking to Kakashi about payment and such for their services before they left to go back to Konoha.

"Ah! We wanted to know more about the Picori!" The kids whined.

"Well, they are really hard to see even if you try to see them. They hide away from human's eyes while staying around them. Yet, they are always helping humans. Also, they are-"


"Enough with the children's play. Time to go." All the kids whined as Sakura dragged the flinching-thanks to a knock to the top of the head-Naruto away as Team Seven left the orphanage. "What were you thinking, Naruto!? We are there on a mission! Not to be baby-sitters!"


"No buts!" Sakura yelled at the blond while Sasuke only looked at the blond. His eyes narrowed as he reflected back to when Naruto had visited him at the hospital.


Sasuke glared at the blond from the bed he was in while Sakura and Naruto looked at him with shock. "I want to fight you, now." Sasuke growled. The blond had surpassed him in power and he couldn't have that. He had to be the strongest so he could avenge his clan... Even his brother, the one he wants to kill, was after the blond.

However, instead of getting what he wanted-a blond eager to battle-the blond only frowned.


"What!?" Sasuke shouted.

"I am not going to fight you, Sasuke. Right now is not the right time. Calm down, rest a bit as you are still injured and then asked me... But, even then, I might not do it... A word of advice... If you let hate control you, then you are no better than the person who caused you to hate in the first place." Naruto sighed before leaving the room, leaving Sakura and the Uchiha in total shock.

Flashback End

Sasuke then remembered the fact the blond stopped him from going to Orochimaru for power... Okay stalled out till Kakashi could come and stop Sasuke, but the blond just keeps getting in his way for power. Sure, those paths of power would cost him, but he was more than ready to pay the price. Yet, Naruto did not understand it at all.

'But... At least I now have my curse mark somewhat under control and I can use my Sharingan without the fear of it acting up, so at least some good came out of the blond's stupidity.' Sasuke sighed, looking at the blond who was already healing up from the bruises Sakura caused. 'However, I just wish Naruto would disappear. Maybe then, he will stop holding me back and I can finally get the power I need to kill my brother.' Sasuke brooded. Though, that would never happen. He was forever stuck with an idiotic teammate who keeps surpassing him.

"Naruto. Just what stupid story were you telling those kids?" Sakura growled, expecting a stupid story the blond based of himself.

"Just about the Picori." Naruto sighed while Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Though, Kakashi's was of interest, not annoyance like his two other students. "Almost everyone knows the little myth of them."

"....Dope. I have no idea what you are talking about." Sasuke snorted.

"Yeah! What a stupid-"

"Wow... I'm amazing you know of that little story Naruto." Kakashi patted Naruto's head.

"Wait... You mean this Picori story is real?" Sakura asked.

"Yes. I never heard it myself, but it's a story adults always tell children. I didn't expect Naruto to know it."

"Yeah. I am amazed you two don't know... You want me to tell you?" Naruto chimed, wanting to spread this story.

"I don't want to hear a stupid kiddy story." Sakura snorted while Sasuke was a little interest on how Naruto knew of the story if he had no parents. "You're an idiot to know it."


"Why don't you shut up, Naruto! You're such a baka! You need to learn to leave people alone!" Sakura shouted at Naruto, who flinched.

"...." Naruto just sighed, popping his stiff shoulder as he did fix a stove as his teammates and sensei moved on ahead. Naruto noticed something in the grass and smiled softly before taking out three cookies from the bag he got from the orphanage lady and placed them in the grass.

"Come on, Naruto!" Naruto ran after his team while to cookies suddenly moved and disappeared as the team headed back to Konoha. Though, Naruto hid his emotions of hurt behind a grin. He couldn't show his suffering just like the Picori can't show themselves to humans, though they can if they wanted to.

Naruto woke up the next morning, feeling kind of strange. He wasn't sick or feeling out of place. Though, his clothes did feel a little too small.

'Must be my imagination.' Naruto sighed while sleepily getting out a bed way too big for him. He slid down the covers like a rope and walked towards the bathroom, not noticing his home was far bigger than he was. When he reached the bathroom, he climbs up a ladder made of notches made into the counter and then picked up his toothbrush and put toothpaste on it to brush his teeth.

"Huh? Naruto?" Naruto looked at the humanoid creature that was cute and wearing a pink outfit with a pink pointed hat with a white pompom on the top that spoke at her that was just a little shorter than him.

"Oh...Hey..." Naruto sighed before spitting out the suds in his mouth and doing a double take. "Nani!? When did-" Then, Naruto realized everything was bigger and looked at himself in the now elephantine mirror.

Naruto found a short eighteen year old looking female with a soft face, large, almost bead like eyes, a slender body with just enough curves to show the blond was female even with the lacking in the bosom department, long slender arms and legs with long fingers and toes-her big toes on the side of her feet instead of with her other toes, and she had long downward pointing ears like a deers and a really long white feather tail with an orange tip.

".....EEEEK!!! HOW DID I GET SMALL AGAIN!!!?" Naruto screamed, causing the other creature to run off. "How I did I become Minish again! I thought Ezlo said that the effects were permanent!" Naruto went into a panic. "What I am going to do!? Agh! This is bad! VERY BAD!!!" Naruto roared in a cry.

"Okay... Calm down..." Naruto sat down on the counter of her bathroom. 'Okay... Let's see... While coming back to Konoha, I got hit hard in the heart thanks to my teammates, I tried asking Iruka to go eat out with me, but he ignored me and went to talk to Kakashi instead... In fact, a lot of adults were ignoring me instead of glaring at me, so I went home and ate some ramen before going to bed...' Naruto's eyes then watered. "That means I slowly was turning Minish yesterday and I didn't even see it!" Naruto clawed at her head in horror.

"I got to do something!" Naruto jumped off the counter and landed gracefully on the floor before realizing her pajamas were now a little too tight. "Er... I best change into some better clothes." Naruto sighed, going to her bedroom and opening a small jewelry box under the dresser drawer and changed into an orange high collar shirt with the long black sleeves loosely sewn onto it and loose black pants tied around her waist, knees, and ankles. "Heh... And my parents always complained I was a pack rat!" Naruto then sighed as she remembered her parents... She was so going to get a tongue lashing from them about this much later when she joined them. They liked all the human sweets Naruto got them in human form, a form she volunteered into doing when the Kyuubi attacked and the Fourth Hokage's infant son died with his wife. She did it to protect Konoha as well as at least-even though it was a lie-make the Hokage happy before he died thinking his son was alive.

'It was one of the few things as a Minish I did right.' Naruto sighed before moving away from the drawer and looked up at her alarm clock. "NANI!?! I slept in that late! Kakashi probably even is probably at the meeting place!"

Naruto-forgetting the fact she was practically the size of her sensei's thumb-ran through a mouse hole looking opening in the wall and out of the apartment. Naruto looked around and grinned when she saw a cat.

"Mister Kitty!" The cat looked at the blond as she ran up. "Can you help me?"

".....Why help you-" The cat's eyes lit up when Naruto pulled out a sardine from a can near by in an over-turned trash can and showed the cat it.

"All yours if you can get me to a bridge in record time." Naruto smirked as the cat happily nodded. The blond jumped onto the cat's back after it finished off the sardines and they launched towards Team Seven's usual meeting spot.

Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke were very annoyed. Sakura was annoyed with the fact both their lazy sensei and the idiot teammate of the team wasn't there yet. Sasuke was just annoyed with the fact Naruto would be late so he had to deal with Sakura. So, neither of them notices the stray cat that past or the little Naruto that jumped off.

'Oh... I forgot I am useless in this form...' Naruto comically cried, realizing she couldn't do much ninja stuff in this form. 'Maybe I can get one of them to take me to Ezlo!' Naruto grinned at thinking that. Ezlo was a power wizard of sorts in the Picori world, though really a craftsman. He, however, would know what to do!




"Ack!" Naruto dodged from getting squished by Sakura's foot. 'That was too close for comfort.' Naruto sighed as she watched Hatake Kakashi lazily look around.

"Where's Naruto?" Kakashi asked, wondering where is blond hair student was at even though the said blond was at their feet.

"Don't know! He's later than you today!" Sakura growled while Sasuke nodded in agreement.

"Oh, well. We have some really easy missions, so Naruto lucked out on being late today." Kakashi sighed, though guessed Naruto wanted to be alone today after the verbal-as well as physical from Sakura-assaults he got yesterday or the blond caught a cold as it getting close to winter. "Let's go."

Naruto just gapped. Did her team really did not care for her?... No! They must think she caught a bug or something! "Yes... And that gives me time to find Ezlo!" Naruto chimed while looking around. "Bingo!" Naruto sneaked over to a bird and hopped onto its back, causing it to fly into the sky. "Alright! Let's see..." Naruto then saw the part of the Konoha forest she needed to go to. "Go there!" Naruto pointed out the location to the bird that flew towards where Naruto needed it to go.

"Now, Vaati, you need to be careful when crafting magical items." An old looking man wearing green and had a long cane with a bird like head on top of it said while looking a purple wearing youth with pale, with hints of purple, skin. They were both Picori working inside a workshop. "I stress this because even an expert can end up losing a finger if not careful."

"Hai, Ezlo-sensei..." Vaati sighed.


"Ezlo!!! I need your help!!!" Vaati nearly jumped to the ceiling while the old man Ezlo turned around to find an old friend.

"Ah, Naruto... It's been a long time... Though, how did you get here and why are you back to normal?" The old man cocked his head.

"I don't know! You have to help me!" Naruto whined, waving her arms in a panic. "I need to become a human again and quick!"

"Naruto... I can understand if you want to become a human again, but do you think it is possible that you turned back on purpose?" Ezlo asked.

"No! I still have work to do! I am still a part of Team Seven! I still got to-"

"Naruto... I will not help you become a human again." Naruto's eyes widen in horror. "It is better if you stay like this now."

"...." Tears came into the blond's eyes.

"Now, now, don't-"

"YOU BIG MEANIE!!!!" Naruto kicked Ezlo below the belt before stomping off.

"Sensei..." Vaati only sweated as his master was rolling on the ground in pain. 'Why didn't he help Naruto out?' Vaati knew of Naruto as Ezlo was the daughter of two friends of his sensei's.

'I'm sorry, Naruto... But, you don't know the danger in the human world that wants to destroy you.' Ezlo let out a grunt. He purposely destroyed the spell that made Naruto into a human boy after finding out a terrible plan in the human plane coming into place with her as the target. "But... Why did she have to hit... there?" Vaati only stood there, hoping his sensei was alright. Meanwhile, Naruto sighed, walking back towards Konoha.

'...If Ezlo the sage won't help me, then I will have to do this myself!" Naruto pump her fist. She had to become human again! Sure, she still made a lot of mistakes, but at least she was still somewhat useful! A lot better than before she made the sacrifice of becoming fully human! "...But... I best visit my parents before heading to my apartment…" Naruto groaned. She knew her parents all too well... They would kill her in her sleep if she didn't visit them while in the size to do so. 'Why is my life always like this?' Naruto dropped her head, just wondering how Sakura and Sasuke were doing today.

"Oh! Wait! Mom and Dad possibly might have a book that has a way to get me back to human form in the library!" Naruto chimed before running to her parent's home.

"Agh! I can't believe Naruto skipped out today." Sakura growled, tired of weeding gardens and painting fences. She was glad today's missions were over.

"..." Sasuke wasn't really complaining as he didn't have to listen to Naruto's annoy voice today, but he was a little worried. If he remembered correctly, Naruto had yet to miss a meeting since becoming a Genin... So, it was kind of weird. Luckily, Kakashi asked them to go check on Naruto to make sure the blond was alright.

"Oh! Hey, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura glared at Yamanaka Ino as her teammates Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chouji walked up. "Look at this cute Picori key-chain I got for you!" Ino chimed, holding up a cute little plush key chain of a slender, chibi human with strange green clothing, a red hat, and a white feather coming out of its rear.

"Picori?" Sakura and Sasuke asked, remembering Naruto was talking about this yesterday.

"You guys don't know about the Picori! Yesh, that's a shock!" Chouji laughed.

"Shut up! It's probably a little kid's story!"

"It maybe, but Konoha used to hold a festival about the little elves." Shikamaru lazily sighed, catching both Genin's attention. "Though, few really hold the holiday, everyone knows the myth about them and Ino's grandma sells little Picori charms around this time of year. The Picori is basically something anyone could think about and feel better as how adorable they look from what people of past describe them."

"...." Sasuke noticed Sakura blush as she realized why Naruto was trying to tell her about the Picori... He was trying to make her feel better and was just staring a common children's story of the creatures to the children.

"Here, Sasuke! For you!" Ino handed Sasuke the key chain charm and ran off with her teammates.

"...."Sasuke sweated as Sakura went into a depression. "... Naruto probably skipped today because he hates me now..."

"...Er... I don't think so..." Sasuke sighed. Though, now that he think about it, Naruto did put up with a lot with both of them. 'Maybe that's why he refused to let me go to Orochimaru... He didn't want me to get any worse...' Sasuke thought before getting an idea. "Here."

"Huh?" Sakura blinked while Sasuke gave her the charm Ino gave him.

"Give that to Naruto and apologize to him. It's clear he likes them, so why not give it to him as I don't want it..." Sasuke only frowned as Sakura nodded, her eyes sparkling in fangirl pride and joy for Sasuke helping her.

"Hai! Let's go!" Sasuke definitely regretted saying that as Sakura dragged him to Naruto's apartment. However, they were both surprised when they entered Naruto's apartment. Naruto's apartment was very clean and organized, a lot different from the last time they saw the inside and that was when Naruto left to go find the Fifth Hokage with this Jiraiya guy. They looked around to see Naruto wasn't there.

"Where could he be?" Sakura puffed her cheeks out in annoyance. However, this made Sasuke even more worried. Not for the blond, but the fact he remembered his brother was after the blond. There was no way if Itachi kidnapped Naruto that the blond could fight back and escape.

"Huh?" Sasuke picked up a pad and opened it to find it was a sketch pad. He looked at the draws to find they were like the Picori key chain they had.

"Aw! How cute!" Sakura cooed as Naruto's drawings were really good and had differently dress Picori and drawings of houses and such for the Picori. "I didn't know Naruto could draw this good."

"...." Sasuke wondered now how much he didn't know of Naruto. He noticed how neatly the drawings were done, careful not to leave any details out. 'Is Naruto more than an idiot?'

"Oie... Where is that stupid pack?" Both teammates blinked as they heard Naruto's voice, though way smaller and higher. Sasuke then saw small articles of clothing and items for a really tiny person being thrown and landed near their feet and was coming from under a dresser.

"Huh?!" Sakura and Sasuke's eyes widen as they saw Naruto looking at clothes and stuff... While only being inches high!

"Agh! I need to go to another village since Ezlo warned the other guys I am trying to get to normal, but I can't find my pack!" Naruto ruffled her hair in anger. She went to visit her parents and tried to get a book from their old home turned into a Minish clinic/library that her parents used to run before... Er, moving on, the Minish now running to small clinic/library kicked her out as they knew what she wanted to do. Kind of embarrassing to kicked out of your birth home by the students of your own parents. Now, Naruto had to go to another village in hopes of finding something to help here. 'I'm going to kill Ezlo when-'

"ACK!!!" Naruto shouted as Sasuke picked her up by the back of her shirt.

"N-Naruto?" Sasuke asked while all three were wide eyed.

"Y-Y-You can see me?" Naruto smacked her forehead. Of course Sakura and Sasuke could possibly see her! They were technically still kids! Naruto then saw Sakura go out of the room and returned to the room with something in her hand.

"Naruto, how did this happen?" Sasuke asked, glaring at the blond. He was worried for nothing.

"I don't know! I just woke up like this! Now, let me go! You're stretching the fabric and this is one of the few pieces of-AIE!" Sasuke dropped Naruto into an empty jar which was what Sakura grabbed from Naruto's kitchen.

"Do you think the Hokage might be able to help out?" Naruto covered her ears as the jar caused Sakura and Sasuke's voices louder. It made the blond really glad she was born with the really rare downward pointing ears of the Minish as she only had to press them close to use as a part of ear plugs.

"Yeah. She is a medic-nin, so she should figure out how Naruto got this way... Hopefully..." Sasuke sighed, looking at Naruto before both walked out of the apartment with Naruto. Naruto only shook her head. She wondered how Tsunade-baa-chan was going to react when Sakura and Sasuke tryto show her to Tsunade... She hoped the old woman wouldn't send her teammates to the psycho-ward.

"...Tiny... Tiny..." Naruto just stared as Tsunade kept repeating the word "tiny" as she looked at the blond, her mind probably having a meltdown... Though, Naruto was also as shocked that Tsunade could even seeher. Her kind... Okay, her mother's kind can't be seen by adult eyes, only well behaved-loosely spoken-human children can only see them! But, this was starting to get on Naruto's nerves as she was hunger and stuck inside a smooth inside jar which meant she could not get out.

'I am going to hurt Sakura and Sasuke when I get out of this jar!' Naruto puffed her cheeks in frustration glaring at her teammates. 'Why couldn't they just hold me in their hands or let me ride on their shoulder or head? They just had to put me in a jar!'

"So, can you help him?" Sakura asked, actually worried about Naruto. What if a bird or cat tries to eat him or he falls off a table. That was why they put him in a jar, where he was safe and couldn't get into trouble. Sasuke also wondered what they were going to do to the blond as it was clear he couldn't on missions in this form.

Tsunade snapped out of her stupor and lay back in her chair in her office. "I have absolutely no idea even howthis is even possible. He kind of looks like a Picori."

"Because I half-Minish!" Naruto shouted, but her little voice was ignored. Boy, now she kind of knew how her father felt when he was still human and his older brother locked him away in a room after his parents died to take the title of clan head of the Uzumaki clan many, many years ago and the only things he talked to was the Minish till meeting Naruto's mother. 'How did Dad get Minish size anyways?' Naruto pondered before falling onto her rear end when Tsunade lifted up her glass prism to get a better look at Naruto.

"...Naruto at least looks find health wise, but I will have to do some research to find a way to reverse this... But, maybe it was a good thing something like this happened right now." Naruto and her teammates looked at Tsunade with a raised eyebrow.

"What do you mean, Hokage-san?" Sakura asked.

"Lately, there is a part of the Konoha council that isn't fond of Naruto and while looking through Naruto's records back when he was in the hospital... I found there is two Uzumaki Naruto who was born, but one was a stillborn while the other has no birth certificate or hardly any information except for the orphanage stuff and that happens to be our Naruto's file.... Let's just say that part of the council found out about that and probably trying to get a way to hurt Naruto." Tsunade sighed.

"Why is that?" Sasuke asked while Naruto knew. It was because she had the Kyuubi sealed inside her body. Said demon was just confused why the seal was even strongerwhen in Naruto tiny form and interested in what kind of entertainment this little mess would bring.

"...Naruto, can I tell them?" Tsunade looked at Naruto who gave her a look that said "Now you want to hear what I have to say?" However, Naruto just shrugged with a sigh and nodded. She made a mental note to find to build a little microphone so that everyone could hear her. Plus, she wanted to know how her teammates would react to the truth. "Thirteen years ago, the Kyuubi no Yoko attacked Konoha and the Fourth Hokage defeated it. However, he could not kill it, so he sealed it inside a newborn infant and that infant is Naruto."

"W-What!?" Sakura stuttered while Sasuke was wide eyed.

"Actually, Naruto was the only infant born, but the weird thing is the other Naruto I found was born and died on that same day. This is why the council probably wishes to imprison Naruto and make him into a weapon for their personal wants. The Third and I wish for that to not happen, but during the time after the Third died and me coming into power, the council made themselves stronger in power which is why Sasuke got a light sentence and this could lead to Naruto in deep water... If you two wish to no longer be on the same team with Naruto, I-"

"Why the heck would we want that!?" Sakura yelled while Sasuke nodded.

"Naruto is Naruto and the demon is just inside Naruto, like Naruto is its jail and jailer in one?" Sasuke asked.

"Well, I'm glad someone else can see that." Tsunade smiled at the two Gennin as she was glad Naruto had someone to trust with his secret. "However, what I told you is an S-ranked secret and is punishable by law if you tell anyone this without Naruto's permission. I will tell Kakashi what has happened and I want you two to keep quiet about Naruto's new form and hid him."

"What about-"

"Yo, Tsunade!" Sakura and Sasuke looked to see Jiraiya come through the window. Both Genin sweated at the man while Tsunade smirked. "I already don't like where this is going and you hadn't said a word." Jiraiya sighed, seeing Tsunade smirk. A smirking Tsunade rarely meant something good happens to Jiraiya.

"Nice of you to come by right when I need you..." Tsunade chimed. Jiraiya knew he would not like this at all. He mentally reminded himself it was best write down his last will before whatever Tsunade does to him.

"Er... Sure... Well, from my sources, it seems the Akatsuki will probably not bother Naruto for around three years, so I was wonder if I could take Naruto on a training journey so he will be prepared." Jiraiya asked, wanting to make sure his god child was prepared to defense himself from such a threat.

"Sure. But, you won't be 'really' taking Naruto out of Konoha." Tsunade smirked.

"What that-"

"You want something horror to happen to this adorable face?" Tsunade hummed, holding up the jar Naruto was in where Naruto was sitting and tears in her eyes from being accepted by Sakura and Sasuke.

"...What the heck happened to him!?" Jiraiya asked in utter shock. How did his manly student become an adorable less than six inches high elf!?

"Don't know, but it happened at a good time. The council has been up to their dirty tricks." Tsunade sighed. "So, I need you to make it appear a fake Naruto leaves with you on a training journey while we keep the real Naruto here. I'll look for a way to reverse this."

"There isn't a way to reverse this!!!" Naruto groaned, but was ignored. That was the downside of being so small, people don't listen to you. 'Oie... I wish they did listen and find out my past!' Naruto wondered how to get out of the jar. She could knock it over, but then that would cause a lot of trouble. 'Why does my life always stinks...?" Naruto let out a sigh. 'I wonder if I can con Vaati into helping me return to normal... I believe he loves human cookies...' Naruto began planning, wanting to be big again.

"I see..." Jiraiya sighed. At least he could go do research on this fake journey. "I think I can do that. I'll put a seal on a clone that will henge into Naruto so that it will last long enough for the job."

"Thanks. Sasuke, could you keep Naruto with you? We can't leave him in his apartment and Sakura's parents might find out about him if he was leaving with her for the time being."

"What!?! No! I'm fine leaving at my apartment! All my clothes are there!! Plus, I don't want to leave with teme!!!" Naruto cried, banging the jar to show she was not happy with that. Since, they could barely understand the blond, they only guess Naruto didn't like being with Sasuke.

"No luck, Naruto. I am not entrusting you in the care of Kakashi. That lazy fool would probably get you killed and I rather keep this a secret very few people know." Naruto wanted to cry. This was ending up the worst day in her entire life! And she was at the young age of thirty-one (guess how that is, I dare ya)!

'I hate my life...' Naruto mentally sighed while hearing the fox laughing its butt off in its head. 'Oh, shut up, you stupid fox.' Naruto groaned as the fox kept laughing.

"Er... How am I supposed to take care of Naruto while he is in this size?" Sasuke asked while looking at Naruto in the jar.

"I don't know exactly. I think Naruto can still eat normal food, just in smaller.... Muchsmaller portions. Also, there's the problem of Naruto's size and his environment... Just keep Naruto out of trouble and out of sight." Tsunade sighed while Naruto pouted. She could take care of herself! She was naturally born like this before becoming a human.

'.....Makes me wish it was my parents taking me back in then the teme! I even would take on gentleman callers my mother use to set up as well!...' Naruto groaned as Sasuke picked up the jar Naruto was in. 'He better go get my stuff from my house. I know he saw me digging through my chest of stuff.' Naruto glared at Sasuke, who didn't even notice as he was trying to figure out in his mind how to take care of his shrunken teammate.

"How is that, Naruto?" Sasuke asked while Naruto sat on a small bed Sasuke made the blond by using the little chest Naruto had and took out the Picori clothes Naruto had made and put them in small toy dressers he bought for the blond along with other doll house toys so Naruto's new "home" was more like a house... Other than the fact it was a cage.

".... I hate you..." Naruto growled, glaring at her teammate who sweated under the growl.

"I'm sorry if you don't like being in a cage, but I rather keep you out of trouble." Sasuke sighed. It was really weird that Naruto's voice was so small now... Sure, it was just as annoying as it was loud, but at least when Naruto was loud, he was understandable. Now, he could barely make out a word or two and sometimes he wonder if Naruto is speaking a completely different language! However, Naruto was currently his responsible and he was not going to be blamed for killing the blond by accident. He would never hear the end of it from the Hokage.

"Are you hungry?" Sasuke asked to get a weak nod from Naruto. "It's nothing much, but it should keep you full till I can make dinner." Sasuke sighed as he gave Naruto a cracker which the blond nimble on like a mouse, crying at her horrible luck.

"Ezlo, I am so going to skin your hid." Naruto mumbled, wanting to be free.

"Achoo!" Ezlo sniffled while Vaati sweated. "I guess Naruto is talking about me."

"Master.... I think you should turn Naruto back into a human." Vaati sighed.

Ezlo only whacked his student aside his head with his cane. "Baka. I am doing this for Naruto's own good. Right now, being in the human world is a death trap for the blond."

"...But, did you forget that the humans will notice Naruto is missing?" Vaati asked for Ezlo to sweat before recovering.

"Yes... Well, I hope that if the humans finally see the worth of Naruto, they will treat her better." Ezlo nodded with pride.

".... You really didn't think it through, didn't you?" Vaati sighed while Ezlo's head dropped. "You just caused a major mistake and it might cost Naruto-"

"Agh! Keep your tongue!" Ezlo growled. "Right now, Naruto will be fine." 'I hope...'

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