Life Is Not Always Easy

Chapter 50 : Always and Forever

August, 2268

It was late evening. The ship was quiet. Gamma shift would start shortly. The corridors were almost empty. The most noticeable noise was the hum of the great engines, the almost silent swish of the fans that circulated the air.

In one particular set of quarters, two people lay on the couch, curled about one another, talking softly. They neither paid any attention to anything outside of themselves, nor did they care. This was their time, quiet and alone together. Nothing else mattered.

He lay on his back, his head resting on a small pillow. His legs were so long that one foot was propped on the opposite armrest, the other knee bent, his leg leaning against the back of the couch. She lay atop him, her face against his neck, her legs trailing into the space he had made. His arms surrounded her, holding her close, his hands rubbing softly against her body.

Their words were soft, their voices low. What was said was not of much importance, but the way that it was said spoke volumes. He turned his face into her hair, and inhaled deeply, and she gave a soft moan against his skin, her breath soft and warm. One hand rose up, and caressed the side of his face, fingers sliding sideways to follow the curve of his ear, to find the pointed tip and gently squeeze, eliciting a tiny gasp from him.

She moved her body, rubbing her belly against him, and he groaned softly, rising against her body. She sighed to feel him, hard and hot, ready for her. She bit the side of his neck, and he stretched, giving her more skin, groaning softly, his hands on her hips now, pulling her against him. She bit again, then licked the skin of his neck, moaning at him.

His hands found the seals of her shirt, spreading them open so that his hands could caress her skin, and she sighed and moaned, and ran her hands under the hem of his skirt, finding his skin, hot and aching for her touch.

They did not hurry. There was no reason. They had the whole night, the next day, the next night, before they must be back on duty. And if they spent it all here, whispering to each other, teasing and tasting, no one would be the wiser.

Eventually, he had her bare, and she him. With hands and lips and tongues they pleasured each other, the fires dancing down their nerves, setting them ablaze. And always, from everywhere they touched, they felt each other, and what the other felt. So when she trembled against him, he knew, without a doubt, that she was ready, and he lifted her, pulling her back down onto him, sliding into her wet core with a hiss of breath, while she struggled not to scream at him, not yet.

He moved against her, filling her, stretching her, and she moaned, she sobbed, she clenched herself about him while he groaned beneath her. And then she bent and bit again, and he growled, so close. She bit again, moaning against his skin, and he thrust up into her, making her scream at him, feeling her, so full of ecstasy. He thrust again, and once more, and growled at her, at what she was doing to him, shaking with the sensations she caused, shuddering with the intensity. And she screamed again, shaking hard, her muscles all convulsed about him, and he roared at her, overcome. There was light, and heat, and joy, and wonder, and ecstasy shared between them. And it lasted and lasted until she collapsed upon him and lay there, struggling to breathe while he held her, so full of emotion that he could do nothing else. And it lasted forever, always the two of them, there, together, so close that they thought as one.


Author's Note: This is the last chapter of this story. Season Two of TOS has been covered. Season Three with be in a new story, 'Temptations', which will start in a few days.