So…uhmmm…this will be my first uploaded story here in fanfic…im sorry that's its too long!! But still…please bare with me and read it! Snow white and the 7 dwarves is one of my favorite fairytales so I decided to make a fanfic series about it… please give your reviews later!! Im counting on you guys!! : )

She was a princess and I was a miner. She was as bright as the nearest star and I was as glum as a dark, stormy day. She was always cheerful and I was always grumpy. Right now I think that back then she has just turned 16 and I believe that I'm 18 now. She stands at 5'2 and the last time I checked I'm 3'2. She's always smiling but you can't hide the fact that she looks like a real mature woman, I maybe grumpy all the time but I still look like a 9 year old boy. The princess and me is as different as the sun and the moon, but that doesn't end there, she is a human and I am a dwarf.

I could still clearly remember the day we all met her, the seven of us. She was lying on our beds, yes, all of our beds! She lined up all of our beds so that she can lie down. Everybody instantly got mesmerized by her beauty, her black as ebony hair, her blood colored lips and most of all her snow white skin. Everybody instantly thought that she was an angel from above and we all should take responsibility for her, well, except for me. While the princess is sound asleep, I tried to talk some sense into everybody's heads, I told them that maybe that girl is a fugitive and people maybe out to get her and we will all get into trouble if we take her in. But nobody listened to me, they were much too captivated by her. They all felt too much sympathy for her, but I don't. She lined up all of our beds, well, I would never forgive her for that fact alone, but she put my bed on the end where her feet are! It was so annoying to see somebody's dirty foot on top of your bed, even though I have to admit her foot is very dainty for someone who had been running around the forest.

The next morning, she woke up. Everybody was so excited to talk with her, they all cooked her something to eat, well except for me, I made some hot chocolate, but it wasn't for her, I was going to drink it but then she said thank you and the next thing I now I was empty handed and she was drinking down my hot chocolate. What an idiot! She told all of us her story, and I have to say, I have never been so correct. She was a fugitive and they were all coming to get her, well that's how I interpreted it but, that's not how she said it, she told us that the queen, yes the queen of our kingdom, her mother, is jealous of her beauty and is going to kill her. Back then, I couldn't careless if she gets killed or if she escapes or whatever, I just want to drink my hot chocolate.

Days passed and things, got more and more…different. The house was cleaner than usual, the house always smells like something cooking, the garden is always blooming with flowers and everybody else except for me is always smiling, that's because I don't like change! I like the house better when it smells like us, well, we are all men, I think, because I'm not too sure about Bashful because he was always blushing too hard that it was a kind of hard to tell. Anyway, I also hate that the front of our house is always filled with flowers because it was more practical to plant vegetables, because at least we can eat vegetables. The only new thing that I kind of liked was that…her cooking was…I don't know…more tasty than the gruel we usually eat with objects that were hardly recognizable, but I am not saying that it was delicious! Well, back then I would never admit that her cooking was delicious, but now that I think about it, back when she was with us, everyday felt like Christmas, the dishes prepared by her are the most delicious things that I have ever tasted in my entire life.

Well, these things happen day after day, until the incident that happened at Happy's 20th birthday. She baked this 20 layered cake, she said that every layer represented a year on Happy's life. Happy was very happy, he was very excited too. Yeah, now that I think about it the cake looked really great, every layer has a different color. I don't know much about the names of colors but since I'm miner, I see many colors everyday because of the gems that we mine. Anyways, I think that back then I was also kind of excited, even though I don't want to admit it, I was really happy, I think that for the first time in my life I was as happy as Happy. But, that's not really the point here, the only thing that I can remember is that when I feel incredibly happy I become really clumsy. After she finished baking the whole cake, I was really hoping to be the first one to see it, so I hurriedly come to the kitchen. I didn't notice that Sleepy was sleeping on one of the table's chairs and he was rocking his chair and I accidentally tripped and I accidentally pushed her. She lost her balance and so did the cake. She stood up and smiled at me, I can clearly remember when she said, "It's alright, it was an accident and it was nobody's fault". I think it pierced my heart, well, a little, everybody seemed to be irritated at me, I think that Happy is not happy anymore, Bashful is not blushing because he was shy, Sneezy stopped sneezing, Sleepy was now wide awake, Doc is looking down on me, Dopey looked like he has real emotions for once, and I felt like I'm going to die out of extreme guilt. I looked around, she was the only one smiling at me, I can still hear her words echoing in my head, "Come on, its alright, I can bake another one". When I think about it now, that day at Happy's 20th birthday I said and did the stupidest thing in my whole existence. After, hearing what she said, I can still remember what I said, I looked up at her, and I said, "No, don't bother, everything you cook is a big failure, and I am not apologizing either, because that cake is right where it belongs… in the trash". I can see her deep blue eyes getting sadder and sadder with every word I say. Happy rushed to my side, and he punched me straight in the face, the punch kind of made me go back to my senses. I saw her, she was in the verge of crying. I can't stand it anymore, I didn't punch Happy back, I just ran out of the house and into the woods, away from their sight, and most importantly away from her. I climbed a tree and looked at the light of our house from a distance. I looked up into the sky, it was a very starry night. Yes, just like the night that we first saw her. The smell of freshly baked apple pie filled the air, I wonder how that pie would taste like. After the scent, came the sounds. I can hear it, her voice. If I'm not mistaken, she sings soprano. I don't know that much in music, but I think that she can sing well. I think that she is singing the 'Happy Birthday Song' to Happy. The next thing I know, I was falling asleep, the lights on the house are also turning off one by one. Everything seemed so quiet now. The evening breeze is just fine because it was the middle of spring. I think I can live in this branch forever. Well, that or just go back and apologize to her, no, that can't be an option.

Suddenly, I heard something moving towards me. She was looking for me. Right now I can still remember her voice calling my name over and over again. For some reason I don't want her to stop calling me. But it seems that her voice is getting farther and farther and I think that maybe if I don't show myself soon she will get lost. Oh dear, the thing I fear most is happening right now, I have to take responsibility for her. So I climbed down the tree and looked for her, it's a good thing that my firefly friends helped me find her, she was about to fall into a cliff. Well, she's a princess, what do you expect? If I remember correctly, seeing that she was going to fall into a cliff didn't made me nervous…or did it? Anyway, I asked her not to make a single move, it was pretty surprising that she was obedient, so I pulled her into safety. Now that I look back, I am nervous back then, because if I'm not, how could I possibly be able to talk to her again.

The fireflies are still lingering around us, and I have to admit, she is beautiful… just this once! You know because of the odd light and all…anyway, back then, if I still remembered correctly, I tried to walk away from her, but she stopped me, in fact she was the one who asked for my forgiveness. I can still remember when she said, "I am really sorry, that I didn't run after you when Happy hit you with his fist, I am also very sorry that I was not holding the cake properly and I am really sorry that I have been a great disturbance to you and if my cooking displeases you, I also want to apologize for that".

I looked back at her, she looked like she was going to cry yet again. I asked her to sit down on a trunk of a fallen tree. I rubbed the back of my head. Seriously, back then I don't know what to say. When she's merely sitting like this I'm actually taller than her, it made me a little happy. I sighed, if I remember correctly, this is what I told her, "You shouldn't be sorry for not running after me, I am not your responsibility and I know I kind of hurt your feelings…uhmm…back there. I think I'm also… sorry because I was the one who tripped. Yes, you are a great disturbance, but your cooking, it does not displease me…maybe". She smiled at me, and patted my head and then she kissed my forehead, and then she said, "Thank you very much, Grumpy". That was my first kiss, but it didn't felt right, I think she doesn't know that I'm older than her, maybe she doesn't think that I am a man, I mean, I know that she knows that I am a boy but you know she doesn't look at me like, ugh! You get the picture, and maybe she doesn't know that someone like me can also fall for her…but I'm also not saying that I am falling for her. Duh… just stating the facts here.

I tried to shake of my confusion and all of my weird feelings. Right after that, I told her that we should go back home because it was getting late, she agreed with me. I can still remember the surprise I felt back then, when I saw the pie that she baked especially for me. I was so happy, the pie even had my name on it. She told me that this pie is made to celebrate our reconciliation; I asked her why made her so certain that I would forgive her, yes, I can still remember that the term I used back then is 'forgive'. She smiled and told me this, "I am very certain that you are not a bad person. You only try to make us look at you that way, and I know that the things that you have said back then are only because you are confused or maybe because you don't know what to do, good people say not so nice things when they get confused", it is a little bit surprising that I can still remember the things that she said back then, even though among the seven of us, I don't have the best memory, and I'm not quite sure who does but I know that I don't have the best memory. Once again I felt the pinching sensation in my heart, or in my chest, I am not really sure, I swallowed hard, yes, I can still remember clearly, and I think that while this is all happening I was sitting on the dinning table and she was standing. I looked at her and I told her, "You don't know me that much, so stop acting like you know everything! Just go to bed!"

She just smiled at me, she patted my head once again and surprisingly I was waiting for a kiss, but she didn't give me one, no, not this time. She said goodnight and I told her, "whatever". I was left alone with that wonderful apple pie.

The next morning, I can still remember it as if it was yesterday, nobody talked about the incident last night. Happy was happy again and everybody is their usual selves once again. As usual, she cooked us a delightful breakfast, and as usual she ate with us. Everybody was very busy chatting. Then all of a sudden, I had this strange impulse to warn her, yes, that was the first time that she was warned about strangers, the other dwarves have told it wrong, we don't usually warn her about strangers because the only creatures who know the direction to our house are our close friends. The other dwarves laughed at me, but she didn't, she said that she will do as I have told her.

We left her and went to the mine in the mountain. The hours went by hurriedly, and soon enough it was lunch time. For some reason while everybody else is chatting happily like always, while they were eating, I was a little bit, I don't know, disturbed? I guess… The others don't really notice the frown on my face because I'm always frowning, so a little more frown lines wouldn't be that noticeable. In fact, back then, I was so worried about her, yeah, I was worried about her for some reason that I don't know, that I thought that I was eating a chicken sandwich when I'm actually eating a cheese sandwich! I needed a reason to go back to our house, without looking weird. Then all of a sudden, our friend, the deer, Bambi, came running towards us. He looked worried; he said something about the princess, falling down and some old hag. With just those statements we all knew what to do. We gathered all our tools, pikes, mallets, everything and put them in our cart. We all hurried towards the house.

When we get there, Doc entered the house, there was some loud noise and then suddenly this ugly old woman came out, yes, I've seen worse, but an ugly person only gets uglier when you are certain that she has done something despicable. She ran out, they didn't care to run after here, but I did. I ran after her to the cliff, when I looked behind me, there was Happy, Dopey, Bashful and also Sneezy. We cornered her to the cliff. She didn't looked scared or did she? Her face was so distorted that it was hard to tell and laughing menacingly like she did, back then, wouldn't help detect either. We decided to step forward and try to… I don't know, well I have never killed a person, Happy is always so happy that he doesn't have a reason for violence, Sneezy is allergic to almost anything, but now that I think about it, I'm not really sure about Dopey. We stepped forward to get closer to her, and then all of a sudden she chanted something and fire surrounded her, of course, fear was displayed in our eyes, she laughed and insulted us. Well, that was my first encounter with high- level magic, I don't know about the others but I was terrified, but since I'm frowning I think they didn't notice, I guess, I hope. I looked at the others, everybody seemed terrified as well, but I'm not so sure about Dopey, he looks weird as usual and then he suddenly chanted something as well, the clouds darken, well, it is midday, I looked up towards the sky and saw that a great storm is raging up there. Rain fell and what do you know? Her firewall was put out. Did Dopey did that? Well, back then, I'm not sure, right now, yes, I think it is him. Why? You should read his biography. As I was saying, I don't know what to do, I let my pike slip from my hands, it landed with a thud on the ground, the old hag laughed at me, but I'm not insulted. I can sense the fear in her laughter, I picked up a stone and threw it at her, back then I also don't know what I wanted to accomplish or why I did that. She backed away, the others also dropped their weapons and threw stones at her. The others must also have their reasons since they are all throwing stones at her. She walked backward and then she slipped, and then she fell into the cliff. I don't know how to make it sound more exciting. Dopey chanted something again and lightning came down from the heavens and followed her, so there is no way in hell or heaven that the old hag is alive. Soon enough the sky cleared.

We didn't have a victory party, even though it was everybody's first kill and it was also a righteous one. Upon returning to our house, when I remember it, all I can do is sigh. Doc and the others were surrounding something and they were all crying, I saw something shine. I ran towards them, when I saw what they were gathered upon, my knees grew weak and I fell to the ground. I want to stand up but I don't have the energy, maybe all that running probably just made me tired or… not. Happy, Sneezy and Dopey, followed, I can't see their expressions, but the sound of the sniffs and sobs grew louder. The sun shone brighter at the glass coffin containing our dear princess. After a while of controlling the urge to cry, I gave in and gave my share of tears. I maybe grumpy and frowning all the time, but I also have feelings. Since we were all crying, nobody seemed embarrassed at all, now that I think about it. Yes. I wasn't embarrassed at all, even though the birds and all the other animals were watching us. What right do they have? They were crying too! Everybody was so busy crying that nobody cared to ask what really happened. I don't remember who asked but, we learned that the princess was poisoned. She was given a poisoned apple by the old hag and she ate it. I can still remember that I was so angry and upset at her. What a stupid way to die! Why is she such a glutton? We have an apple tree in our backyard so why does she have to eat something given to her by some suspicious looking, ugly stranger! I was banging the glass coffin, I was hoping for her to open her eyes, smile at me and say something nice or ask for our forgiveness, but, no, she's just laying there. Death didn't alter her beauty. She looked like she was just sleeping peacefully. Seeing her like that gave me a momentary calmness. I walked out from the scene.

I climbed the same tree that I climbed the night before. I felt really, really tired all of a sudden, maybe the reason why my knees bent is not really tiredness. My broken heart helped me fall asleep. I was awakened by the sound of a galloping horse. I climbed down, it is still bright, its still not nighttime. I sighed and went back to the others.

There was this man. No, just a boy, by the looks of it, he's a human, his age maybe ranging from 16- 18, I guess. I can still remember his face correctly, yes, the prince who came that day. He was talking to the others; it seems that he was requesting them to remove the lid of the glass coffin. I am not really sure what was happening so I didn't jump into the scene like I do usually. I was also kind of hoping that he would be able to help her; there was this small hope in me that perhaps he would be able to save her. As the others removed the lid of the coffin my heart is aching so much like my blood would leak out of my body. I felt like I am going to cry again, back then I was asking myself, "Where did my hopes go?" Everybody seemed to be hoping as well, and then we were all surprised, yes, I can remember the surprise we all felt, when…when he leaned forward and…and…and kissed her. I don't know how to react, he just kissed her, and she was dead, what will I do about it now? I was frozen on the spot, my eyes were roaming around to see the others reactions, right now I can't remember any of their expressions back then. The only thing that I can remember vividly was how beautiful the princess looked when she sat up and kissed the prince back. The prince didn't looked all that surprised, he carried her out of the glass coffin. I felt so much jealousy at that moment, more jealousy than I have ever felt in my entire life, I felt jealous of the prince's strength, his height, his brown hair and eyes, actually that was the first time that I have ever felt conscious of my blue hair, and most of all I felt jealous because of his relationship with the snow white princess. They have this special bond, they have this extraordinary feeling surrounding them, I don't…I mean…I can't explain it. It's like there were invisible strings connecting them.

At that moment back then, I felt myself question everything. How did the prince found her, when our house is hidden in the forest and no mere creature can find us? Why in all places did the snow white princess came to live with us? Why did that kiss brought her back to life? Why am I feeling jealous? Why am I feeling this way?

I can still remember what she did before riding away with the prince. She hugged everybody, but I didn't want to join in, I can still feel the terrible ache in my heart back then. But, our farewell is not a sad one, I can still remember her, walking towards me, she hugged me and whispered; "Thank you very much, Grumpy". She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. it made me wonder if we had a third kiss would it be on the lips? I watched her and her prince ride off in the sunset. Of course, there was still the unexplainable pain in my chest, but for the first time in my life, I smiled.

I think she and the prince had their happy ever after. Why? Well, I never heard any bad rumors or bad news regarding them and the kingdom was peaceful, well…sort of.

Any questions? Oh yes…Your asking why I'm writing this seven years later at the night before my marriage? Please don't ask that, because I don't know either. You want to ask why I'm remembering her after all these time? Well… right now that will be an easy one to answer… how can I ever forget my first love?