A/N: Here I go again… this is in a time where Henry doesn't exist but Will and JJ live together. The episode Risky Business is sort of involved but not as something super important but this is a spoiler alert. I have no clue how long this will be with school, and hopefully my hours at work will be picking up but no promises on length. This is also based off something someone told me… which deals with the title Unhappy. Hope you enjoy!! Oh yeah, and I promise Will won't be evil in this one.

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Agent Jennifer Jareau was buried in case files up to her ears in her office. The team has been away for a week on a case but the cases had been still piling up on the press liaison's desk. The case they had just returned from had been a tough one, on the whole team, but especially on Emily, who had come back with a good number of cuts and bruises and JJ was feeling guilty on top of the other emotions she was feeling. Each team member had their solaces, Morgan had Garcia his "God-given solace", Hotch went home to a 4 year old son who couldn't be happier to see his daddy, Rossi had his dog and an exceptionally expensive brand of whiskey. Emily went home to her condo across from the Capitol. JJ had Detective Will LaMontagne Jr.

JJ thought she was the last one left at the BAU the night they had returned from Wyoming. It was a case that left JJ thinking about how precious life was and how much she dreaded going home to the man who waited for her.

"Will, hey it's me. Yeah, we're back but I'm going to stay here and get some work done. The cases seemed to double while we were gone," JJ had called Will to let him know she wouldn't be home. She found comfort in her office. She kept it within Bureau standards but made sure to include pictures of happy times. JJ saw the worst of society come across her desk every day. She chose what cases the team went on and which cases they would offer a consult, but she also denied cases and those were the cases that usually weighed on her mind the most. Will had been understanding, he always was. He was a good man, made a good living, gentleman, but for some reason JJ was just unhappy. Things weren't right. She shoved those thoughts out of her head and she sat back down at her desk and lifted a picture of her and Emily out at the bar. This was taken right after some guy had pretended to be a real FBI agent to try and pick up Emily. Emily's eyes sparkled JJ thought as she looked at the picture. Emily's eyes hadn't sparkled like that in a long time.

"Hey Jayj, what are you doing still here? " Emily poked her head into JJ's office before heading out. She was sore but she had been through worse. She figured JJ would have been gone by now, she had been acting off during the case, she figured she would have gone home to Will. Emily had pushed JJ to Will because she saw the attraction between them, but lately JJ just didn't seem happy. But then again, Emily thought to herself, you haven't exactly been the happiest either.

"Catching up, these cases just keep piling up," JJ sighed. What is she still doing here? Those bruises look so painful. JJ thought.

"You ok?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, just tired. But I need to get these looked at, coffee here I come," JJ loved her coffee and could rarely be seen without a cup in her hand.

"You've seemed a little off lately. Are you sure everything's ok?" Emily inquired. She didn't want to push her friend and colleague too far but she knew that JJ didn't seem just right. Her blue eyes didn't sparkle anymore, they just looked tired, dull, and sad.

"Yeah, like I said tired. Go home, get some sleep Emily, take care of those cuts," JJ felt guilty. If she hadn't pushed this case so far in Wyoming, if she hadn't been internally motivated , Emily wouldn't of been in Wyoming, wouldn't of been in the presence of the unsub when he decided to give Emily the good old 1, 2. Emily had held her own but not before he had left some nasty bruises on her face with a good cut from his ring.

"Ok, hey, do you want to go out tomorrow night once we get off? Get some drinks?" Emily knew that this agent needed to get out, see the fun side of society.

"Yeah sure. Sounds great," JJ knew Will wouldn't be happy but for once it was his time to be unhappy. She hadn't talked to the brunette agent in so long and that was part of the guilt she felt when she looked into Emily's brown eyes.