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The night sky was cloudy and the road was dark and hard to drive on. Gibbs kept his eyes in front of him, watching his headlights illuminate the trees that lined the street. Abby was asleep in the seat next to him, her head resting on his shoulder lightly. The taxi driver had both hands on the wheel, trying to stay awake. Gibbs eyes were glued to the trees, waiting.

"Pull over here," Gibbs finally instructed. The driver stopped the car in the middle of the deserted road.

"You sure sir? Nothin's out 'ere."

"Stop here," Gibbs told him with a reassuring nod. The car pulled over and Gibbs thanked the driver, purposely taking his time to pay so that he could see if any cars were coming up behind him. Even with the headlights off, another car could be seen miles off. "Abby." Gibbs shook her awake. When she sat up, she rubbed her eyes, smearing make up on her hand.

"Where are we?"

Gibbs opened the car door and led her out, waving off the driver. "Middle of the highway."

"What's here, Gibbs?"

Gibbs began to lead the way through the thick forest, "An old safe house. I haven't used it since…I think before DiNozzo joined."

"Does anyone know about it?" Abby asked.

"Just me and Je- just me," Gibbs replied. Abby nodded and followed him through the forest silently. The trees towered over them, creating dark shadows, and an eerie fog had set in around them – perfect of Abby's taste.

After walking about half a mile through the trees in the cold night air, they finally came upon a small house. Gibbs knelt down in front of the door, pulling his pocket knife out. He picked the lock with ease and held the door open for Abby.

"There is a bedroom down the hall, and a bathroom on the left," Gibbs told her, locking the door behind them and then locking the deadbolt. Gibbs placed a chair in front of the door for extra protection and then closed all the window curtains around the house. He handed Abby a gun. "You are to sleep with that next to you, do you understand me?"

"What if you wake me up in the middle of the night for something?"

Gibbs crossed the room and lit a candle, trying to just enough light to get around and nothing more. "If I need to wake you up, I'll come on and take the gun before I wake you. If anyone else comes, they will have to break down the door and go through me, or you will hear the window glass breaking. Take the gun, Abby."

"…okay, but I don't like this, Gibbs," Abby replied.

Gibbs kissed her forehead softly, "I know. Try to sleep. I'll be right in here."

Abby took the candle he was holding out to her and started to walk down the hall. She paused just before entering her room. "Gibbs," Abby said, turning toward him slowly, "you know how you're always talking about gut feelings?"

"Yeah, Abs?"

Abby opened her door slowly before continuing, "I have one now."

"Well, what is your gut telling you?"

Abby sighed. "Something really, really bad is going to happen."

Gibbs stomach tightened, his gut silently agreeing with hers. "Go to bed, Abby. I'll be right in here."

"I know. Night Gibbs," Abby said, walking into her room. Gibbs sat against the couch, wishing he had some sort of prepaid phone to call DiNozzo with. He knew he was forgetting something, but he couldn't put his finger on what it was.

"Thank you," Tony said, handing the driver money. He entered the hotel with Ziva at his side. "Room for two please."

"Name?" the desk clerk said. He could not have been more then eighteen years old, probably working to pay off college debts.

"Theodore Demono," Tony lied.

"Rebecca," Ziva added.

"Cash or credit," the clerk replied, taking the names down.


"You're in room 114, up the stairs on the left. The elevator is down, sorry." The clerk handed them keys.

"No problem, my good sir," Tony said with a wink, "Come on Becky."

Ziva gave the clerk a friendly smile before following Tony up the stairs. Once in their room, Tony stopped, "I love how the kid did not ask us if we wanted one bed or two."

"He seemed young," Ziva replied as she shut the thick curtains. "Tony, can you move that dresser in front of the door."

"Trying to make a fire hazard, Zee-va," Tony joked.

"Block out any unwanted guests we may encounter," Ziva replied.

"Ziva, relax. I have the key in my pocket."

"Tony, think," Ziva countered. "There are many cleaning ladies with all access keys and that desk clerk would not be hard to get a key from."

"Oh yeah. Those cleaning ladies probably have such thick accents they-"

"I have an accent." Ziva cut him off.

"Right! Well, um… okay so you want this dresser in front of the door?" Tony replied.

"Yes. Just slide it over. I am going to move this bed out of the window's shot range," Ziva said as she began to push the bed across the room. Tony got the dresser in front of the door and smiled.

"Okay, we're good."

Ziva nodded. "Do you want to sleep first or shall I?"

"Huh?" Tony replied, "Ziva, the doors locked, deadbolted, and has that little chain thingy put in. The bed is out of the window's range and the curtains are closed. We are going to rotate sleep too?"

"Okay fine. You sleep. I will stay up," Ziva replied. She turned on the television and put the sound on mute.

"You sleep first," Tony said, throwing her a pillow. "I'll wake you up in a few hours, okay?"

Ziva just nodded, taking a spot on the bed next to her. Tony watched a full HBO movie and was just getting into a second one when his phone went off.

"Hey McGoo, what's up? …are you sure? …where? …I'm with Ziva, I'll tell her… No I don't know why Gibbs phone is off – ohh. Mine was supposed to be too. Shit. Well he is with Abby, try hers. I'll tell Ziva and meet you at the hospital." Tony hung up quickly and turned off the television, leaning over to wake Ziva up.

"Ready to switch?" Ziva asked sleepily as she sat up. One look at Tony's face changed her phrase completely, "Tony, what's wrong?"

"Ziva, we have to get to the hospital," Tony said slowly.

Ziva looked him in the eye. She could tell by his expression that someone was seriously hurt. "Who is it?" she asked nervously.

Gibbs was playing with his lighter. He flicked the flame on, off, on, off. His gaze was focused on the wall in front of him, listening to Abby's heavy breathing in the next room. He almost pulled his gun when her cell phone went off.

Gibbs picked it up, ready to ignore the call and turn off her phone. He was silently cursing to himself, realizing that anyone could be on their trail because of this. He opened the phone and put his finger on end, the caller ID catching his eye just in time.


Gibbs answered the phone in a low whisper, hoping he would be able to let Abby sleep. "Gibbs."

"…McGee calm down. Breathe and talk slower…" Gibbs said into the phone. McGee was talking way too fast for Gibbs to understand. He looked up to see a very sleepy Abby leaning against the doorway with questioning eyes.

"Which hospital?" Gibbs asked. Abby stood up straight but Gibbs kept talking, "We will be right there."

As soon as Gibbs shut the phone, Abby dumped all her questions on him. "Hospital? Who? Is Tony or Ziva? We could have taken them with us. This is all my fault. I knew something was wrong. We could have taken them here with us. There is more than enough room!"

"It's not Tony or Ziva," Gibbs replied. He reopened Abby's phone and peaked out curtains while he called a taxi to pick them up. Once he was positive there were no snipers hiding in the trees, he unlocked the door and read his location to the taxi service.

"Thank you," Gibbs said, closing the phone.

"Who is it, Gibbs?" Abby asked again. Gibbs turned around, his eyes filled with an emotion Abby had never seen on him before. "Gibbs, tell me who."

It clicked. Abby recognized the emotion in his eye. It was fear.

"It's Ducky."